Alex Smith says 49ers’ interest in Peyton Manning is motivation


The last time we saw 49ers quarterback Alex Smith on a golf course, he was caddying for coach Jim Harbaugh.

Then, Harbaugh spent some time watching Peyton Manning on the practice range, and Smith wondered if that would be his permanent job.

Smith said Thursday the 49ers flirtation with Manning (or not, depending how diabolical you are) would serve as motivation for him this season.

Smith said there were no hard feelings with Harbaugh, but admitted it was “a little awkward,” via Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee.

“Certainly there are a lot of forms of motivation,” Smith said. “I guess that’s there a little bit as far as motivation.”

Smith will be playing later this month in the American Century Championship in Lake Tahoe, one of a handful of quarterbacks on hand.

Tony Romo, Carson Palmer and Aaron Rodgers will be there, giving Smith a chance to measure himself with other golfers in the only way appropriate.

28 responses to “Alex Smith says 49ers’ interest in Peyton Manning is motivation

  1. I hope Alex doesn’t try to be something he is not with this extra motivation. If he just starts slinging it, it could cost the team a clutch of games. Know your role Alex Smith.

  2. Not that he can complain much anyway.

    Manning is a HOF, and Jim pretty much revived Alex’s career.

  3. Alex Smith is at best an average QB in this league. He went 13-3 but that was the defense carrying the offense. His motivation should be to get better to help his team, not because they went after Peyton. Manning or no Manning work hard at your craft to improve!

  4. What interest in Peyton Manning? Surely you’re not referring to the interest that Harbough denied ever existed in the first place? I guess his QB didn’t buy into that “um, no, *I* broke up with *HER!*” desperation any more than the rest of us did.

    And I like Alex Smith, but he needs to get past the sulking and self-described “awkwardness” already. There are only a handful of teams in the league with QBs as good or better than Peyton; the remainder of the teams owed it to their fanbases to at least explore the *possibility* of signing #18. A couple other of QBs readily acknowledged that when a free agent of Peyton’s caliber becomes available, teams are duty bound to kick the proverbial tires. It’s too bad that Alex Smith doesn’t have that same attitude.

  5. It took you 7 years and some outside stimulus to get you motivated? No wonder the team has won a grand total of 1 playoff game during your tenure. Absolute Loserville.

  6. He also said “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and dog gone it people just like me.”

  7. As long as alex smith is the 49ers QB they will never win a super bowl. Its a shame cause they may just be a decent QB away from winning one. But he sucks! So they never will!

  8. 3 tds and rushing td in the saints playoff game…doesn’t seem game manager to me.

  9. harbaugh and alex handled this whole situation like a couple of amateurs …..and continue to do so.
    just let it go alex

  10. So being the first pick in the draft isn’t enough motivation? It wasn’t enough for a clown like JaMunches Ruffles, but Smith still has a chance to prove he’s at least better than Sam Bradford.

  11. bh49ers says: Jul 5, 2012 3:10 PM

    Alex Smith will be elite this year, just watch….

    He’s had the benefit of the doubt long enough, surely it was about time he played decent football (last season). Elite is not what it used to be……If a QB throws for a TD in his first few games he’s all of a sudden elite……..

    I think players should strive to be consistent each week. forget about being ELITE…….

  12. bh49ers says: Jul 5, 2012 3:10 PM

    Alex Smith will be elite this year, just watch
    Based on what?

    We’re not talking about a rookie or a 2nd year guy, he’s been around for quite some time now.

    All of a sudden, he’s going to be “elite”?

    Wow. SMH.

  13. I’m pretty sure that Alex “let the Peyton thing go” as soon as he signed a 3 year deal people. Everyone acts like he just ran up to a reporter and said “hey the Peyton thing is motivating me”, reporters ask him these type of questions. Alex and the 9ers will be fun to watch this year. He was a lot better last year with a shortened off season, you mean to tell me no one thinks he’ll get even better. The dudes not a complete dud. Just has had a few bad breaks, literally.

  14. I think alex actually has a very good chance at being “elite” Lets’s look at the facts here.
    He’s been working on his mechanics during the offseason with the same coach that brady and brees have used.
    He has a ton of more weapons in the passing and even check down game.
    He has a coach that has revived his career and gave him confidence by going to the playoffs and playing the best game of his life.
    He is now solidified in this team. For the first time he is considered a leader of this team not only by his coaches but by his teamates.
    He will have more control on the line of scrimmage then in any previous year to call audibles and blocking assingnments.
    This means not learning a new system. As far as im concerned this is alex smiths second year.

  15. overzealous niner apologists and speculators….always good for a chuckle… was everyones fault but alex smiths i know i know , like he never had a chance to work on mechanics with a personal qb coach or something. stop it stop it stop it!!! he will be average at best.

  16. @nepaseahawk

    coming from a seahawk fan who has seen some of the greatest QB’s ever to play in the NFL & witnessed multiple superbowls won by seattle right??? oh my bad i meant san francisco HAHA the best talent to ever play for seattle was chris warren & steve largent & that is talent that couldn’t even make it on the 9ERS ring of honor, you seattle fans are truly hilarious!!! enjoy shining up those NFC west titles because thats all you will ever have!!

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