Javon Ringer, Chris Johnson’s backup, wants a chance

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Titans running back Javon Ringer was drafted in 2009, the year Chris Johnson ran for 2,006 yards, which means there was never any chance of Ringer competing for a starting job. And in Ringer’s three seasons in Tennessee, Johnson has never missed a game, which means Ringer has never had an opportunity to be a No. 1 back.

But he’s hoping that opportunity is coming soon.

Ringer told the Detroit Free Press that with one more year on his rookie contract, he’s already thinking about the options he might have to become a starter somewhere else.

“Sooner or later, I hope to get a legitimate chance to prove myself,” Ringer said. “This is my contract year, so I’m hoping and praying for the best.”

As long as Johnson is healthy, Ringer’s chances to prove himself will be limited in Tennessee. And when he does get opportunities in Tennessee, he’ll need to do more to take advantage of them than he did last year, when he averaged just 3.1 yards an attempt, with 185 yards on 59 carries. So far Ringer hasn’t done anything to make any other team interested in paying him like a starter when he becomes a free agent next year.

8 responses to “Javon Ringer, Chris Johnson’s backup, wants a chance

  1. It’s very hard for a backup RB to put up good stats. Running backs need to play and get in the flow of the game. Running out for less than 4 carries a game isn’t going to cut it. He needs more of an opportunity.

    That being said, in an era where NFL teams don’t seem to want to pay starting RBs like starters, he certainly won’t be either. But considering his potential upside and very low mileage, he should get a shot somewhere.

  2. I think Ringer is still feeling that beating he took as a Senior at Michigan St. He toted the rock 390 times that year. That is way to many. He had a great year, but it may have cost him a chance to be a legit pro RB.

  3. Ringer is a good back and I hope he gets a shot somewhere but as a Titans fan I’ve got to hope CJ gets back to form more. Ringer can start and play well in this league though.

  4. CJ knows he has to actually run this season or he’ll be out. Plus CJ has hurt other RB’s chances of getting the big money because of his lack of performance last season.

    My guess is that this will be Ringers last season as a Titan.

  5. Actually, based on the way Chris Johnson looked last year, I’m thinking he and Ringer are pretty much on even footing. In fact, if there’s a better running back, it’s probably Ringer.

  6. I’m a huge titans fan but I like ringer more because he isn’t afraid to go up the middle and is also good on the screen play action, Chris Johnson never goes up the middle and once he slows down which will be very shortly his career will be over, running backs make their money when they can go up the middle on 4th and 1 and goal line not 1st and 10 in the 4th quarter

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