Mario Henderson has lost more than 50 pounds in three months

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Chargers offensive lineman Mario Henderson is listed at 6-foot-7 and 300 pounds, which demonstrates just how far from reality listed weights can be. But while Henderson may never get down to 300 pounds again, through hard work this offseason he’s as light now as he’s been in a very long time.

Henderson’s weight problems really got out of control last year during the lockout, and when he showed up to Raiders camp he weighed in at 383. The Raiders cut him, he spent the 2011 season out of the NFL, and when the Chargers signed him he was almost 390.

But three months later Henderson is down to 333, a stunning drop of more than 50 pounds in three months, which he says is a result of not wanting to fail the Chargers when they gave him his second chance at the NFL.

“People say, ‘Well, you know, he got out of shape.’ OK. I understand that. I’m a man. I’m going to take full responsibility for that,” Henderson told U-T San Diego. “And at the same time, I take responsibility for losing all that weight and getting that opportunity to get looked at, to come back. Like I said, I can’t blame nobody but myself. Now, I’m working hard.”

Now that he’s getting back down toward his ideal weight, Henderson believes he can be the kind of player he was in Oakland, when he started all 16 games in 2009.

“I’m not saying I’m a great player, but I’m average, and I can play in this league,” Henderson said. “I have no one to blame but myself. I can’t blame the coaches. I can’t blame friends, family. That was all my fault.”

If Henderson is taking the blame for getting himself out of shape, he deserves credit for getting himself back into shape.

12 responses to “Mario Henderson has lost more than 50 pounds in three months

  1. Watched this guy play for the Raiders. He is not average, he is well below average. False start, holding, sack…false start, holding, sack… Philip Rivers should fear for his life.

  2. his footwork is awful,

    and the chargers still have 0 rings,

    and the “tough” guys are gonna show up in Oakland this Monday Night Opener with some powder blue jerseys…

    MNF in oakland, Chris Berman doing the game, its gonna be a zoo,

    no way chargers make it out alive, on or off the field.

  3. He’s not going to be a starter. He’s going to back up Jared Gaither, a role for which he is probably well-suited. He acknowledges his own limitations, which is refreshing.

    Welcome Mario.

  4. “… Henderson believes he can be the kind of player he was in Oakland, when he started all 16 games in 2009.”
    We assume you mean the guy that gets flagged every other play for a “false start” or “holding” penalty?

  5. This chump started 16 games for us in 2009 because we had no other options. Our line was poor at that point. Things have changed. This guy doesn’t do anything very well. Odds are he’ll see playing time as injuries always happen, though. Hey, I won’t complain about. Oakland will work this guy twice, if he plays.

    I’ve been saying it, and I’ll say it again. The Chargers line play will be poor this season and will be one of the big reasons this team goes nowhere again. The left side of the line, which was rock solid just a couple years ago is a mess. Please don’t mention Gaither again. There’s a reason he’s been let go by two teams (right in mid season last year by the Chiefs no less), and the Raiders never even gave him a chance in training camp last year he looked so bad. I can’t wait to see Matt Shaughnessy work Gaither over twice this season. At left guard, Dielman is gone. Hardwick is still at center but another year older. Vasquez at right guard is the best player on the line at this point, but that isn’t saying a a lot. He an average NFL lineman, nothing more. Who’s going to step in at right tackle is anyone’s guess. I’d love to see Henderson take it (that would just cement this as one of the worst starting o lines in the league), but it will probably be Jeromey Clary. Clary is below average at best. As far as back-ups, Brandon Dombrowski, you know the guy an overrated Kam Wimbley worked for 4 sacks last year on Thursday night, is still there as one of the main guys to get plugged in if someone goes down. Wow. That’s bad and scary for the Chargers, if he gets any significant playing time.

    I dare anyone to explain to me, using football knowledge, how this is a good line. Rivers is going to be under pressure, and throwing more picks than last year, as a result of this bad line. Mathews isn’t going to have much room to show off what a supposed elite back he is either.

    This team will be fighting with Denver for the bottom of the West.

  6. Boy, I thought the Rams line had issues…Chargers are keeping this guy around? Poor Rivers, he’ll be lucky to last the season…

  7. The diet he likely used is a high fat low carb diet with restrictions of no soda, sweets, fried foods, etc. See the movie “fat head” for proof of the perfect diet

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