One-second delay proves that replay should be expanded

Falcons president Rich McKay, who also chairs the NFL’s Competition Committee, recently said that the expansion of the instant replay system to include all scoring plays expanded the length of games by an average of one second per game.

And that’s the best argument in favor of further expanded replay to include more plays within its umbrella.

After further review, the stuff I said on the subject during Thursday’s PFT Live wasn’t total and complete garbage.  But why take my word for it?  Make your own assessment as to whether it’s total and complete garbage.

Or perhaps just partial garbage.

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6 responses to “One-second delay proves that replay should be expanded

  1. The networks already show EVERY play three or four times, so the NFL should hire some new Replay Watchers and review all the plays along with the audience. That way they can catch every single blown call, holding and out of bounds call.

  2. They need to find a way to change the “whistle was blown, play was dead” stuff. I do appreciate the fact that refs have been waiting on the whistle to allow a play to conclude, therefore making it reviewable. However, often times they can’t even come to a unanimous ruling when the whistle is blown. None of them want to find themselves under scrutiny for blowing a call, but they’re human, it’ll happen and the fans know that. And that’s what replay is for.

  3. Maybe the total time of games on tv but the actual time the game is on has shrunk. With the ridiculous amout of commercials along with the idiotic promos and sponsoring everything from the stadium itself to the blades of grass on the field is completely out of hand. When you watch a 2 1/2 hr game and there is an hour and a half of garbage it’s just sad.

  4. The idea of replay being a positive addition seems quite apparent. The most important facet of ANY call made by an official is whether or not it is correct and accurate. Clearly replay adds in a positive way to the chances that the right call occurs more frequently, which is of critical importance, given the fact that the rendering of an incorrect decision can have far -reaching and unnecessary negative results, up to and including making or not making the playoffs, keeping or not keeping one’s current employment situation, etc., etc. I hope replay is not only retained, but expanded as well.

  5. Great. More delays and breaks in the action. I’m all for getting the call right, but I hate the seemingly ever more stops in the action while some zebra takes a year to review a call. It’s getting harder to watch the games.

  6. I personally like the NHL’s style of replay. You have a war room, since there is usually at most 10 games on at a time (usually less), you can have someone at NFL Films watching the games, when a scoring play or turnover play presents itself they start re-watching it immediately, if there is even a remote possibility it is wrong on the field the war room beeps in and stops the game and determines the correct outcome. Challenges and booth reviews in 2 minute warning go to the war room as well. No having the ref act like a mechanic and look under the hood crap. This would streamline the process and make calls more accurate and would probably cut down on the number of people needed as well.

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