Steven Jackson feels the difference with Jeff Fisher running Rams

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When the Rams drafted Steven Jackson in 2004, they were one of the elite teams in the NFL, and Jackson thought he was in for a lot of winning in his NFL career. But as it turned out, the Rams were heading toward a huge decline at the time, and Jackson still hasn’t been on a team with a winning record. That’s why Jackson is so excited to have a coach he thinks can change things.

Jackson says an offseason with Fisher has shown him that a new coach can bring a new attitude to a team.

It’s quite a difference,” Jackson said, via “Nothing against what I’ve had before coach Fisher, but you can definitely tell a difference in leadership, a difference in confidence. It’s not so much of on-the-job training. I’m just impressed by what he’s assembled with assistant coaches around him. We have very credible coaches that are teaching me and some of my teammates. It’s just impressive, what they’ve been able to accomplish in some of their own careers.”

Jackson said he’s certain that the Rams, who are 15-65 in the last five years, have found the coach who can stop the losing.

“It’s very refreshing to have a coach that has that kind of résumé and brings that kind of credibility,” Jackson said. “You can just feel it. It’s quite a difference. I haven’t felt this way since the 2004, 2005 years, where now it’s more so ‘when’ is it going to turn around, not ‘if’ it’s going to turn around.”

For Jackson, who turns 29 this month, he has to hope the “when” is some time soon enough that he can be on a playoff team while he’s still in his prime.

11 responses to “Steven Jackson feels the difference with Jeff Fisher running Rams

  1. Steven Jackson has always been and remains to be very under the radar superstar in the NFL. Definition of stud. Hopefully SJax will be rewarded with team success after years of getting his body pounded and being the horse for the Rams.

  2. Father time is against Jackson at this point in his career. Great guy to watch run the ball, Seahawks and 49ers defense much more dangerous then in years past also……………

  3. The coolest thing for Jeff Fisher these days? He’s actually allowed to fulfill his job description. Gone are the days of the team’s owner over-riding him and the GM to take a local kid with the team’s No. 1 pick. Gone are the days of the owner choosing his starting quarterback over his much better judgement. So Jeff Fisher, how does it feel to finally be a REAL head coach?

  4. Jeff Fisher was to the Titans what Tom Coughlin was to the Jags. And yes, Fisher will be to the Rams what Coughlin is to the Giants.

  5. Must be a fast learner. Even before he first snap. He must be really worried about hanging around another over paid year. Injured by when half the season is over.

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