Tebow takes up MMA training


Like a growing number of NFL players, Jets quarterback/personal punt protector Tim Tebow has decided to spend his non-football time engaged in MMA training.  Unlike many of the players who engage in MMA training, Tebow hasn’t engaged the services of FOX’s Jay Glazer.

According to TMZ, Tebow is working out with the “legendary” Gracie family (who are so “legendary” that I hadn’t previously heard of them).

The extent of Tebow’s MMA training isn’t known.  And it’s also not completely known whether it’s effective, especially for a quarterback.

After all, Matt Leinart once did it.

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  1. Crawl out from that rock you live under Florio. The Gracie family is indeed legendary whether you have heard of them or not.

  2. The Gracies are indeed legendary. Surprised you actually haven’t heard of them?

    I don’t know what Tebow stands to gain by learning to choke a guy out with his gi, but what do I know?

  3. not surprised you haven’t heard of the Gracies thats just 1 more sport you know nothing about.

  4. Gracie jui jitsu anybody? Royce gracie and family are some of the corner stones of UFC. Royce basically built UFC, winning championships before the boxing like weight classes. Gracie’s are true legends of ufc and jui jitsu

  5. Tebow thought he was getting into MMA when he signed up with The Legendary Gracies. But now he’s trying to balance on a high wire, while two tiny girls dance on his shoulders.

  6. “After all, Matt Leinart once did it.”

    Yeah, in a hot tub full of bimbos doesn’t really count…

  7. Royce Gracie shocked the world when he entered early UFC events (the ones with basically no-rules, and no gloves) looking like somebody that does taxes for a living. At a time when all anybody wanted to see was guys getting their faces pounded in, he would cling to his opponent in awkward positions and force them to tap-out when only die-hards knew what tapping out was. I wasn’t one of them. I was more of the face pounding variety and was flabbergasted when this scrawny guy was dominating the ranks with head punches designed to frusterate the opponent rather than incapacitate. I think you just showed the world how uneducated you are on MMA Mr. Florio.

  8. There’s a difference between Tim Tebow’s work ethic and Matt Leinart’s work ethic.

    Say what you want about Tebow, you have to respect and love the man’s commitment and work ethic to better.

    I wish more athletes had that level of determination…

  9. How bout hitting the playbook or throwing to your receivers since thats where you need the most work?
    Is he trying to be the next great QB or another chizeled Brady Quinn?

  10. This has nothing to do with preparing for football. There are a lot of aggressive amoral questionable looking women in the NY/NJ area so Tebow is just doing what it takes to prepare to protect his VCard.

  11. The Gracie’s are legendary if getting some guy in a headlock in a boring pseudo-sport is exciting to you.

  12. Saying you’ve never heard of the Gracies is the MMA equivalent of saying you’ve never heard of Jerry Rice.

  13. Yes… Choke holds.. Ground striking… Arm bars.. Leg locks.. That’s the kind of training you need to be a punt protector. So when Sanchez gets pulled Tebow can punch his way to the endzone!

  14. Not that there is a problem with MMA, but training jiu-jitsu (submission grappling) is completely different than MMA, which incorporates BJJ, wrestling, boxing, muy thai, etc. People are trying to make this an edgier story when there is nothing remotely dangerous about training BJJ. Then again, I guess that’s just the Tebow effect…

  15. Jared Allen is big on the MMA training as well, he says it loosens him up.

    And besides Ken Shamrock or Brock Lesnar, Gracie might be the biggest name in MMA… certainly the best known trainer anyway, even if you set aside the Gracie name as competitors… and training is what this article is about.

    Basically there are two schools of fighters in MMA: the wrestlers and the brazilian jiu jitsu guys. Gracie is the top name in jiu jitsu.

  16. Let me see, a guy who is a stand up guy, hasn’t been in the police blotter and does nothing but try to win; and the media just can’t leave him alone. Why all the hate and mocking of Tebow?

    from a Ravens fan

  17. mr florio,
    you should investigate the story of helio gracie, it’s very interesting and quite impressive

  18. Will he be wearing one of those crappy “Affliction” or “Tapout” shirts now?

  19. Shocker… Florio talking about another topic he knows nothing about.

    In all seriousness though, it seemed like most of Glazer’s guys got hurt or had crappy years last year. So I’m not sold on mma training for football players yet.

  20. The Jets haven’t been relevant since Broadway Joe- One of their Qb’s training with an MMA legend isn’t changing that. As a GIANTS fan, I love it. Keep the Jests in the paper, let them garner all the media attention. When the season starts, and the fans are chanting for Tebow Time, Sanchez may need that training to get out of GIANTS STADIUM alive. Let the QB battle begin. Sanchez now has a leg up, he might have garnered enough knowledge to beat Tebow in at least one category. (wait….maybe 2, he did have that underage girl last year) In the meantime, the G-men are looking to add a ring to the thumb.

  21. I just can’t wait for actually football news again. Who cares what he’s doing with his time? It will definitely help him with conditioning and learning better body control, concentration, and quite a few other things. A lot of athletes have trained in boxing, ballet and many other endeavors to increase their football prowess. I would prefer an article that asked what he is doing to improve his pitching…I mean passing motion.

  22. MMA training is the best conditioning on earth and will make you tough as nails. He will get into camp in better shape than 98% of the league.

  23. Jui jitsu is a very technical martial art and if trained by the the right person can most certainly help improve those tangibles needed to become a well rounded football player. Much like ballet for balance. This will improve over all focus and that’s something dangerous for a focused Tebow to be on that football field

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