Troy Smith isn’t giving up on his NFL future

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There’s no easier way to point out the differences between the NFL and college football than by pointing to the list of Heisman Trophy winners.

College football’s biggest award doesn’t always go to the best player in the country, but it always goes to a player who has reached the highest levels of success at the collegiate level. Names like Jason White, Eric Crouch, Matt Leinart and Danny Wuerffel are all reminders that success at one level guarantees nothing at the next level.

Troy Smith’s name belongs on that list as well. The former Ohio State quarterback is unemployed again after getting cut by the Steelers, making it three teams that have moved on from the 2006 Heisman winner who spent last season as a backup in the UFL. As mentioned in Thusday’s one-liners, Smith told Bill Lubinger of the Cleveland Plain Dealer that Pittsburgh’s decision isn’t going to stop him from keeping the NFL dream alive.

“We’ll just keep plugging and plugging,” Smith said.

Smith told Lubinger that Mike Tomlin told him that he was capable of starting in the league and that they were cutting him in June to give him a chance to sign with another team. Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome, who drafted Smith, says the same thing about Smith’s ability to play in the NFL. One has to take such comments with a grain of salt since neither Newsome, who signed Curtis Painter this offseason, nor Tomlin had any interest in actually having Smith play for them.

With injuries a fact of life, Smith may get another shot at wearing a NFL uniform and holding a clipboard. Anything beyond that seems like a real long shot after six years of shrugged shoulders from most corners of the league.

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  1. Ozzie Newsome usually drafts well. Troy Smith and Sergio Kindle are two recent blemishes on his record. Good thing Smith made plenty of money playing for Ohio State.

  2. Troy had the starting job locked down in B’more until he got sick and Flacco won the job.
    But for him to not be able to make an NFL roster is ridiculous when you think of all the bum back ups that keep getting recycled.

    Here is a list of bums that have jobs:
    John Beck
    Kyle Boller
    Josh and Luke McCown( or the McClown brothers). This is really a joke.
    Dan Orlovsky (on one play dude ran out the back of the endzone for god sake)
    JP Losman
    Matt Leinert
    Derek Anderson
    Mark Brunell
    Tom Bradstater
    David Carr
    Jimmy Clausen
    Kellen Clemons
    Jake Delhomme (c’mon man)
    AJ Feeley
    Rex Grossman
    Sage Rosenfels

    And Donavan McNab and Troy smith cant crack a roster?

  3. Im sure Smith can be a backup for someone..this is awful that he hasnt been able to stick in either Baltimore, San Fransisco and now Pittsburgh, considering the backups that each team has now and the current backup qb situations around the league.

    hopefully, someone will give this guy a cant tell me that guys like Caleb Hanie, Tim Tebow, David Carr, the McCown brothers, John Skelton, Charlie Whitehurst or Curtis Painer are better than Troy Smith?

  4. “He can start in this league,” from Newsome and Tomlin is coachspeak for, “Hey Browns, please sign this guy to a multi-million dollar contract.”

  5. I think the Eagles should give him a shot. He would be an upgrade over Kafka and Edwards.

  6. He said he would crawl from B’more to Cleveland to play there, so the good news is it’s a shorter and less burdensome effort to get there from Pittsburgh.

    For the OSU fans who say you can’t tell them he is not as good as the Curtis Painters of the world, it remains to be seen if Painter or any of those other guys actually make a roster this season (i.e., have a football job), but anyway, that’s exactly what Ozzie Newsome, Jim Harbaugh, Mike Tomlin and every other NFL GM is saying. Actions speak louder than words. Somehow, I trust their judgment more than an anonymous OSU fan’s.

  7. Troy Smith actually did a good job in Baltimore. Not excellent, but sufficient enough he was going to be the starter till mono sidelined him and Flacco got the start. Then he spent time in San Fran playing QB musical chairs with Alex Smith, so obviously he wasn’t totally without ability. He probably will never be a starter anywhere, but he is a serviceable back up, especially compared to some……CURTIS PAINTER! He is AWFUL! I can’t believe the Ravens are that stupid!

  8. “Anything beyond that seems like a real long shot after six years of shrugged shoulders from most corners of the league.”

    Bet Troy would be happy to finally read someone say he’s left most corners of the league shrugging their shoulders.

  9. I kinda feel bad for the guy. I can almost bet my bizzalls that it’s the ole “He doesn’t fit the prototypical elite QB physical stature mold” thing. Ohio State was an easy team for me to hate on but the dude could ball. Being listed at 6 ft tall is considered diminutive for pro qb’s and I just think the dude is getting the shaft for it. Keep on “pluggin'” TS! One more thing… Curtis Painter f’ing sucks as do most of those dudes on the above lists compiled above. CFL???

  10. I’d rather the Steelers have kept him on and cut Batch and Dixon, two supposed backups that Tomlin has zero confidence in and refuses to start when they situation requires it.

  11. We all know why Smith, along with McNabb and JaMarcuss Russell, can’t get a job in this league while the bums that the guy listed above all have jobs. It’s the same reason people that say Brees should hold out for every nickel while complaining that guys like Ray Rice, Matt Forte, and Mike Wallace should shut up and sign their tender despite being woefully underpaid. Nothing has changed, and yet the Commissioner is too busy taking out personal vendettas on players that dare question his authority.

  12. The reason Ozzie doesn’t want to sign Troy Smith is because he knows the outcry to move on from Flacco will only get louder. And they have Tyrod Taylor already who could probably do just fine with that team if given a chance.

    The reason Tomlin doesn’t need Troy Smith is because he has Roethlisberger and like he said… It’s being fair to Troy giving him a chance to learn whatever offense they run on another team. Unlike the Ravens who waited until the week before the season started to let him go.

  13. Didn’t he get a shot in San Francisco under Mike Singletary? He couldnt keep the job, you dont get many chances in the NFL, he may have blown his last one.

  14. Bum qb’s or not. All those guys made the nfl and no one on here posting has even came close.

  15. @tsizzlehotpiss

    Sergio Kindle is a huge disappointment but Troy Smith was a 5th round pick. How the heck can he be considered a blemish on anyone’s record? You don’t draft guys in the 5th round to be your star QB. You draft them to be cheap warm bodies. Smith served his purpose in Baltimore.

  16. marvin216 says:

    AJ Feeley was a beast as a backup for the Eagles. He is by no means a starting QB and never really was (sorry fin’s), but as a guy to take over for a 3-4 game stretch or a spot start here or there he is up there with Frank Reich. Came just short of beating the undefeated Pats the first time they lost to the Giants in the SB and he took an 0-6 Rams team and beat Brees and the Saints in ’11.

    Can’t really call him a bum. Not Montana, but he shows some Montana Magic on occasion which is what you want from a vet backup QB.

  17. @tsizz… T. Smith was a 5th round pick. How many qbs drafted go on to start and succeed in the nfl? The aswarm is Brady, Warner, Unitas and few others

    @ the poster who insinuated that this is a race issue. Enuf already! Bree’s is a qb and ray rice and forte are running backs. Totally different position and therefore contract issues. If it were Vick or newton they would get the same treatment as Bree’s. Stop looking for racism in every nook and cranny of every comment. It puts u in the class of al sharp ton and jessee Jackson – race mongers

  18. If you are an undersized QB like Smith you need to either be pin point accurate (Drew Brees) or able to run like a RB (Mike Vick). Sadly for Smith, there isn’t any part of his game that is “great” thus he has struggled to adapt to life in the NFL. I see him getting a camp invite and maybe even a 3rd QB slot for the right team but that is the ceiling for him in the NFL.

  19. Hey (marvin216), I know where you are going with that list of QB’s, but please let’s get past that. Don’t put a label on teams because they decide who they want as back up QB’s. Bottom line, he’s had his shot and could not stick with a team. Your list, and hidden agenda is really getting old. I’m sure this kid may get a look at someone’s training camp, and if he doesn’t make a roster, it’s because he’s just not good enough. That’s it, nothing else to be considered.

  20. I’ve got to agree with many of the others. Smith in his few starts looked MUCH better than some of the guys out there like Rex Grossman, TEBOW or anyone who started for the Seahawks last season who keep getting jobs.

    NFL just doesn’t make sense sometimes.

  21. Stop with the race card crap! To play QB you need a brain … learn how to read defences and your playbook QUICKLY … that why JaMarcus , McNabb and Smith can’t get a job as a backup.

  22. I would take Troy Smith over Bruce Gradkowski here in Cincy. Troy has a career 78 rating. Not bad for a backup. Gradkowski’s career rating is 65.8. Ugh.

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