Broncos say iPad playbooks give them an edge


The Broncos have made the transition from paper playbooks to iPads, and they say that makes preparing for the season a different experience.

Broncos video director Steve Boxer told The Daily that new quarterback Peyton Manning has praised the move to the iPad, which allows players to see a play drawn up in the traditional Xs and Os format, then touch the screen and watch game film of the play being run.

Peyton loves it,” Boxer said. “He was one of the first guys I dropped video into an iPad for.”

Boxer works with the coaching staff to make sure every player’s iPad has all the relevant game film, and Manning said he sees the ability to carry around a tablet that contains all the film a player could possibly need as a huge advantage.

“It’s easier for the video guys to send it to all the different players, and it’s a great way to study for these guys,” Manning said. “There’s no excuse not to have the playbook and the game film to study.”

The iPads are now the go-to source of information for the Broncos. Not only do they have all the plays like a standard paper playbook, and all the video that players would watch in team meetings, but the iPad also has all the team’s schedules, travel itineraries, and a notification that pops up to remind players about their next team meetings. Some coaches may be concerned about players visiting unauthorized sites, but the iPad appears to be an increasingly important tool for NFL teams.

12 responses to “Broncos say iPad playbooks give them an edge

  1. I’m curious, is the IPad the official tablet of the NFL because there are any number of tablets out there that could do the same thing for less (not that the NFL can’t afford it).

  2. The iPad is certainly more convenient and up with the times, but it can be hacked by a desperate enough person or team. As we have learned with the NFL, any advantage is a necessary advantage regardless of how the advantage is obtained (i.e. spying, bounty, hacking?). Buyer beware.

  3. Well it potentially be a good thing but it also can be a distraction ask my 2011 Buccaneers that went 3-13 last year lol anyway good luck Peyton and company !

  4. chiefsnfl:

    Hate to do this to a fellow Chiefs fan, but: really, dude?

    An iPad is FAR more secure than a paper playbook. To get access to a paper playbook, all you gotta do is steal one. With an iPad, you have to steal one, AND bypass whatever software security measures are in place (which at the very least would include a passcode or password). Everything’s hackable, sure, but the idea that going digital makes you LESS secure is patently absurd.

  5. ” the idea that going digital makes you LESS secure is patently absurd.”

    Patently false. In order to steal a paper playbook, you have to actually find it. Stealing a playbook that has access to the internet is much easier. Anyone who is interested in such a thing (and they will be legion) will be locating the devices online and trying to hack into them. And if the players are allowed to go anywhere on the web, it’s pretty easy for one or more of them to go to a malicious website by accident.

    And all it takes is one.

    If the teams don’t implement severe restrictions for internet visibility, I expect to see playbooks posted online, for all to see, within a week after Opening Week.

  6. Seriously–why do you think credit card and bank account information gets leaked?

    Because it lives online. If it were in paper format, the only people who could steal it would be internal to the company.

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