Chargers marketing aggressively to Chiefs fans

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The Chargers don’t plan to take advantage of the ability to treat up to 15 percent of empty non-premium seats as sold for the purposes of the blackout rule.  Instead, they plan to try to fill them up with fans who root for the visiting team.


According to Arrowhead Addict, via Deadspin, the Chargers have sent a personalized email to senior editor Patrick Allen, inviting the “Arrowhead Addict’s” to purchase a block of at least 15 tickets to the November 1 game between San Diego and Kansas City at Qualcomm Stadium.

It’s unknown whether and to what extent the Chargers are employing a similar tactic for the team’s other home games.

The Chargers’ decision to actively market to fans that would be rooting for the visiting team won’t sit well with Chargers fans.  Then again, the Chargers’ decision not to take advantage of the reduced blackout threshold won’t sit well with Chargers fans either, especially if all of the non-premium tickets for one or more games fail to sell and the Chargers decide not to buy up the remainder at 34 cents on the dollar.

The good news is that the folks in San Diego will be less upset when the Chargers move back to Los Angeles.

49 responses to “Chargers marketing aggressively to Chiefs fans

  1. As a Charger fan, this is pathetic. You know your franchise sucks when you have to beg the opposing teams’ fans to buy your tickets. Just move to LA already, stop giving San Diego a bad name.

  2. I’m a packers fan and I bought bolts season tix last year. It was the most economical way of watching my fav team play in the city I live in. Plz just stop calling me, I am not renewing.

  3. As a Charger fan this does not surprise me at all. The silence in this town is deafening. They are getting ready to pack the bags and head to LA and they want every last dime they can get. Charger fans will get the last laugh when the cheap ass Spano’s falls on his face in LA and take the whole towns NFL fans down.

  4. The main problem is that nobody remembers what a “QUALCOMM” is anymore.

    I think its a kind of a penguin…..

  5. Chargers fans actually exist? I thought they were a myth like the city of Atlantis

  6. I always get “personalized” emails from Cowboys, Steelers, Ravens, Raiders, and Bears inviting me to buy tickets to games or packages to games. If you sign up for anything on the website, including Forums, you will get these emails.

    But if a rival fan wants to say it was specifically for him, and then Florio actually post it, be my guest.

  7. I thought it was the Seahawks that had no fans…I mean cmon it doesnt get much lamer than Seattle….

  8. This is pathetic! Being a Chargers fan I am embarrassed that they would do this. This tells me as a fan that the LA Chargers will very unfortunately exist in 2013. Spanos, you suck at owning and is the worst owner in the history of the league! If you move to LA, I hope you fall flat on your face.

  9. I thought the Seahawks had the weakest fan base…I mean hell theres more Packers,9ers and Bronco fans in the northwest then Seahawk fans…then again can you blame them …Seattle is the lamest city in America..

  10. You talk about all the reasons why “Chargers fans” should be upset about this.

    There’s a reason why the Chargers have to beg opposing teams’ fans to buy tickets. It’s the same reason they’re the favorite to move to L.A. That reason is……those “Chargers fans” (if they even exist) aren’t buying the damn tickets in the first place.

    They’ve got the perfect weather, and a large, relatively wealthy city, and a reasonably talented team, and yet they still can’t get 70,000 fans to watch them play. Yeah, it’s a crappy stadium, but you have fans in Buffalo, Green Bay, Chicago, etc. braving blizzards and sub-zero temperatures to sell out every game even during the years when the teams suck, and lovely San Diego, with over 3 million people in the metro area, can’t be bothered to watch their team in 70 degree weather.

    “Chargers fans” have absolutely no reason to be upset about anything.

  11. San Diego would be the perfect city. If only the houses weren’t so damn expensive, the rate of pay way too low, a fireworks show that lasts at least 30 seconds and those stupid Chargers.

    But at least we have beautiful women, great food and awesome weather.

    Go Raiders!!!

  12. Thats why they have NO Super Bowls. What an idiotic move. I guarantee they don’t offer that to The Raider Nation. We show up every year and out number the Charger fans in their crib. If they offer us that same deal it will be Oakland South. Ill still be there either way, all the way from the Bay!


  13. The people of San Diego better get off their wallets! I am personally sick of this, as a lifelong fan from Winnipeg, Canada I understand what it is like to lose a team, & it it hurts. I have been to SD may times & it is a beautiful city & very rich… I don’t understand what that city is thinking? C’mon man! The people have a voice, & & if they don’t speak than I’ll follow the LA Chargers… I am a Chargers fan, not a fan of giving up

  14. say what you will about the nineteen owners but before last season I haven’t seen candlestick packed for Years, yet the owners and their ad partners haven’t let a blackout happen since before I was born. I dunno if that’s class or just good business?

  15. Give them a couple years and they’ll load up with more talent for Norv Turner to blow.

  16. Any team that has a group sales department sells to visiting teams fans. If the home team fans don’t want to buy you have to find people who will buy tickets.

  17. Stay classy San Diego… as your team leaves. Should have built a football stadium than an empty Pooper Scooper park. The Bolts are way better than the Padres. The only time either has a full house is when the SF GIANTS and all their fans take over that lame park, or when the Raiders and their convicts and gas station attendants show up.

  18. I’m on the team’s side. If you don’t want them marketing to other fans then sell the damn games out. The Chargers are consistently competitive, and crappier teams than yours sell out routinely.

    By all means watch the game at home if you can’t or don’t feel like shelling out the bucks. But if you sit at home in front of your HDTV you lose the right to complain about enemy fans in the stands.

  19. Cowboys training camp in Oxnard, Ca. draws more fans than a Chargers regular season game…

    Get the U Haul ready Rivers…

  20. Oh man, I can’t remember a time where I “thumbs upped” all the comments before I posted my own. Funny funny stuff here boys.

    I have a few diehard Charger fans as friends and I didn’t hate the team before I met my friends… They turned me into a Charger hater so please, please pull the plug on SD, it would make my year and provide me with a decade’s worth of trash talk at the very minimum.

    Disclaimer: I live in LA and want a team so badly as long as it’s not the Raiders.

  21. The mindset of management is off kilter, you just don’t do something like this in the big leagues.

    This is bush league all the way.

  22. If the NFL (Goodell) is actually concerned about poor attendance around the league, it would contract a few teams. Thirty-two teams are about four too many.
    Fewer teams would mean fewer players, which would increase the talent pool for the “other” 28 teams.
    There are simply too many bad teams in the NFL. The Patroits advanced to the Super Bowl last season without having had to beat a team with a winning record.
    The Steelers were another team with a ridiculously easy schedule in ’11. The Bengals (9-7) and the Broncos (8-8) also both qualified for the postseason without having had to beat anyone of any significance.
    The NFL (Goodell) is charging too much money for bad football.

  23. Let me say this again. LOS ANGELES WILL NOT SUPPORT THIS TEAM! This is Raider Town.

  24. Saying they could move “back” to LA is really a stretch. I guess the Saints could move “back” to San Antonio some day as well lol.

  25. as a chiefs fan i find this a amazing. the bolts have clearly been the class of the afc west for almost a decade. plus without a doubt are lucky enough to have a blue chip qb. and yes rivers is the best in the divsion bar none! sorry donkey fans.

  26. Moving to LA would be the stupidest move for the franchise, not only would you alienate the fans in SD but you would have a hard time developing any kind of fan base in LA….might as well be Oakland South

  27. What right do Chargers fans have to be angry at the team for simply trying to sell the tickets their so called fans aren’t buying?

  28. This should surprise no one. The team is in it to make money, and when you don’t show up, they’re going to go somewhere else. They’re getting paid either way. Funny thing is, the ones who refused to go to games are going to be the ones who cry the loudest when the team is gone.

    No wonder Eli refused to play there…

  29. “Spanos, you suck at owning and is the worst owner in the history of the league!”


    Modell. Not even even close nor worth discussing.

  30. Nice to see Florio has finally moved on to another team to take “moving to LA” jabs at. Actually, its not. Its still as tired as when he was doing it with the Jags.

  31. The people of San Diego don’t even care. They’re all at the beach and gripe if a cloud blocks the sun for for more than 30 seconds. Maybe they can give amnesty to the hoards of illegal Mexicans already there and they will go to Chargers games.

    Actually….. scratch that. They won’t go unless our government pays for it.

  32. I don’t blame the Chargers for marketing their tickets to fans of other teams. The Chargers have the best sales pitch in the NFL:

    “Norv Turner is still our head coach. Come to Qualcomm and watch your team win!”

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