Colt McCoy doesn’t know whether he’ll get a fair shot at starting job


Colt McCoy wants to finish what he started in Cleveland (is there a half-painted fence we don’t know about?), but he’s not sure he’ll get a fair shot at winning the Browns’ starting job.

Asked Friday during a youth football camp the money question about whether he’ll get a chance to earn his money as a member of the Browns in 2012, McCoy was candid.  “We’ll see, I don’t know,” McCoy said at his youth football camp on Friday, via   “There are a lot of things I can control and I’m controlling those things.  The things beyond that I try to do my best to not worry about those and go out there and do what I do on the field, that’s the most important thing.  Beyond that, I can’t do anything else.”

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the Browns want to replace McCoy; otherwise, they wouldn’t have used the 22nd pick in the draft on a 28-year-old quarterback.

In May, McCoy said he was told he’d get a fair shot to compete.  Perhaps he can tell based on the full offseason program that the Browns have a different interpretation of the term “fair.”

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  1. I’d say 21 starts over 2 seasons qualifies as a “fair” shot at being the starting QB going into this season….

    At least Brandon has the benefit of mystery on his side.

  2. What can we do to get this kid to shut up? Water torture? Pull out his fingernails? Make him watch “Friends”? Anything to stop the “Poor Me” media pity party.

  3. doggpound4ever says:
    Jul 7, 2012 12:12 AM
    they should keep him. you never know. we could need him. have you seen our schedule.

    Hahahaha, best comment and so true. When you play the Steelers and Ravens twice a year, you might need an extra QB.

  4. Simple case of “fair” not necessarily meaning “equal.” Will he get an equal opportunity to win the starting job? No. He certainly won’t get as many snaps as Weeden, or as much time with the 1st stringers, all that jazz. Is it fair? Yes. If he had been able to show any semblance of progressing into an elite quarterback, he would have earned those snaps away from Brandon. His back was already against the wall, being through two disappointing seasons without much growth to show for it.

    What truly wasn’t fair was expecting this kid to be able to handle a rookie season where his coach gave him the cold shoulder, and then completely missing any sort of adequate prep time for a whole new offense and scheme heading into his second year. That wasn’t fair.

    This offseason though? Yeah, that’s fair. You can’t argue he earned anything more than what he’s getting — an opportunity to turn heads and change minds about how this is not the best fit for him.

  5. Can someone explain how Weeden is “ready”?

    Seems that with his age, “he has to be ready” has turned into “ready”. He’s 28, that does not negate the fact that he is a Rookie.

    He has never faced NFL competition, and only played in college like the rest.

    I also think people are forgetting the defenses that roam that division. He is in for a very rude awakening.

  6. They Should keep him, but they won’t. And I have a feeling at some point in the season, they will wish they had. He ain’t never gonna be great, but he’s a better, cheaper backup than Seneca Wallace.
    I’ve been a Browns fan for 52 years. If there is a way to screw this up, they will find it.

  7. It also doesn’t take a genius to figure out that we’ll need him ready week 1. I can’t remember the last time we made it a full season with just 1 QB. Whether he starts or not, he’ll be playing. And I doubt he’ll just be taking a knee at the end of blowouts.

  8. With the talent that has surrounded McCoy, I think it impossible to judge his value. Of course,”The Whiner” Holmgen will be the one who decides. So far, Cleveland fans have been much too patient; Seattle fans must be snickering.

  9. If Colt McCoy was unquestionably the best quarterback on the Cleveland Browns, this wouldn’t be a topic for question.

    Nuff said.

  10. As a football fan, i know that every team s going to have ups and downs throughout its history, but man, it’s been a looong time since the Brownies have been anywhere near good. I don’t think a change of quarterback is really gonna help the Browns that much. This team needs a total offensive overhaul. Richardson was a good start, but they should have tried to sign Vincent Jackson, and a couple of other WR’s and a TE..

  11. Hikohadon, it’s not like McCoy holds daily press conferences. Other than ans. “No Comment” to every media inquiry he can’t control .

  12. What a shocker. A QB worried that a newbie on the team will get his job. Start the presses!
    Aaron Rogers,Manning and others don’t have this fear. Why? They’re good.

  13. Yes, of course…. The Browns used a 1st round draft choice on a 29 year old QB so that there could be a “fair” competiton for the starting position. Unless Weeden totally reeks beyond all reason , he is going to start. The Fat Guy In The Front Office did not draft him to hold on extra points for Phil Dawson.

  14. Let’s not throw all the dirt on the Browns’ front office for how they’ve handled Colt. As many previous posts have alluded, McCoy is not a premier quarterback in any sense of the word. If Colt was the end-all-be-all emerging from his college career at Texas or even if his “ceiling” was thought to be enormous then all the other 31 teams who had a shot at him not once (first round), but twice (second round) then he would be with another team right now. Let’s just put him in the quarterback corral and when his turn comes then we shall see.

  15. From everything I have read locally, McCoy has had his chances in OTAs and minicamp. But when you are a barely 6’1″, average armed 3rd year man standing right next to a tall, mature 28 year old, strong-armed, quick-releasing, and accurate rookie in Weeden, the competition has already been on. Colt must understand that.

    Also, from everything I have read, McCoy has been McCoy, and Weeden has not disappointed.

    So maybe McCoy starts the first preseason game, is pulled after the first series, and Weeden gets to run with the ones for two quarters to see how he looks against NFL competition? The Browns already know what McCoy looks like against NFL competition.

    By the way, congrats for rehashing the same story and getting me to comment on it.

  16. He may get a fair shot to come out of camp as the starter (doubtful but possible) but unless he plays like Joe Montana, at some point Weeden is going to play.

    That’s the reality of first round draft picks. They are going to get their shot, period.

  17. @kingcarlbanks brilliant plan. Lets just sign some random WR’s regardless of scheme and system, and throw some TE’s in too despite having FOUR on the team right now that deserve playing time.

    I don’t think V Jax was ever on the radar. Say what you will about how the Browns have run things since they’ve come back, I guarantee YOU sir would do more damage than anyone else has.

  18. Does it really matter? Until the Browns can find someone who can catch and hold on to the ball, it doesn’t really matter. (GM Heckert doesn’t think that is a NEED for the Browns. So, it looks like no help in the near future either.)

    With the monster they picked up for the Right Tackle position, at least Weeden will have a little more time than Colt had last year.

    It will be interesting to see what Richardson brings to the Browns, until the defenses load up the box.

    Same old Browns.

  19. Hikohadon, it’s not like McCoy holds daily press conferences. Other than ans. “No Comment” to every media inquiry he can’t control .

    Clearly he didn’t answer “No Comment” to this question, since his answer was “We’ll see, I don’t know” to the question if he’ll get a fair shot to start.

    Nor did he answer “No Comment” to Adam Schefter about the Browns draft-day QB plans.

    Dude – they drafted a 28 year old QB in the first round. You gotta KNOW what that means. If you’re pissed, demand a trade. Otherwise, shut it.

    I will agree that most of the problem lies with the media. There’s nothing else to write about with this team, so they try to manufacture some controversy with a backup QB that has name recognition (even if he has played like crap most of his NFL career).

    But it’s a non-story at this point. Colt McCoy will never be anything but a backup in this league. Time to move on, ye olde sports media.

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