Gronk surfaces on new dating show


Taking a page from the Ochocinco playbook (not the one he couldn’t figure out), Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski recently showed up as a contestant on a new dating show, The Choice.

The FOX offering, which has survived five episodes without the dreaded phone call from Rita Kierson, features multiple celebrities who choose to go out with non-celebrities of the opposite sex.  Gronkowski appeared with reality star Rob Kardashian, comedian Finesse Mitchael, and Olympic gold-medalist Steven Lopez.

According to FOX 25 in Boston, one of the female contestants described Gronkowski as a “frat boy.”

Regardless of whether that’s an accurate description, Gronkowski definitely has not been reflecting the “Patriot Way” in many of his off-field endeavors.  Though he has yet to find any trouble (or vice-versa) away from football, he tends to do things that coach Bill Belichick presumably would prefer Gronkowski not do.

From the shirtless photo with a porn star wearing his jersey to the shirtless dancing after the Super Bowl loss to an uncharacteristically shirted appearance on a dating show, Gronkowski’s ability to do what he wants away from the field presumably speaks to the team’s high opinion of the things he does on it.

9 responses to “Gronk surfaces on new dating show

  1. I saw him on the show. Now how do I put this nicely….he is quite the character off the field. No doubting his skills on the field but I still prefer Jimmy Graham

  2. I’m not sure what this has to do with the Patriot way in order for it to be against it. The Patriot way is do your job and follow a string line of answers when asked about the Patriots and football in general.


    He gets beat by a couch potato/school teacher in the biggest game of his life, blames his ankle, and then dances it off that night to DJ Pauly D.

    And now this?

  4. Gronk is a good player on the field, but has two left feet otherwise. Anyhow, he is 23, rich, and enjoys life let him go ahead.

  5. Did he have douchey game with cheesy lines like: “Hey baby, you wanna honk the Gronk?

  6. Gronk is an extremely popular, positive influence on the entire organization. He has a huge, gregarious personality and everybody likes him. There is no issue here and there is no issue with the Patriots management. The reality is that this little blurb/”article” is nothing but a fabrication designed to create controversy because the writer has nothing better to do right now.

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