Kenny Stabler’s troubles mount, owes IRS $265,000

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The troubled life of former Raiders quarterback Kenny Stabler isn’t getting any better.

Stabler recently lost his home to the IRS, but a federal judge has ruled that wasn’t enough to pay his debts, and he still owes more than $260,000 in unpaid taxes, plus a penalty of more than $5,000, plus interest.

It sounds as if the government may never get all that money, as Stabler’s monthly payments will be based on his income, and Stabler’s attorney, Robert Galloway, told the Mobile Press-Register that Stabler’s income is limited to occasional appearance fees at NFL events.

He’s pretty much retired,” he said.

Stabler was seen as a colorful character during his playing days, when he was selected to four Pro Bowls in the 1970s, won the 1974 MVP and led the Raiders to the title in Super Bowl XI. But that colorful character has had a sad post-NFL life, with three divorces and three drunk driving arrests, the last of which cost him his job as a commentator on Alabama football broadcasts.

31 responses to “Kenny Stabler’s troubles mount, owes IRS $265,000

  1. It looks like Kenny will never actually settle down, and that’s too bad.

    Hell of a player though, a true money QB.

  2. Feel bad for the Snake, but if he has no income it will be easier to settle with an offer and compromise with the IRS.

  3. And football owes him a spot in the Hall of Fame.
    If Bob Griese is in so should Snake!
    Good Luck Snake!

    Al Davis Forever!!!
    Just Win Baby!!!

  4. I’m no angel myself I enjoy beer as much as the next guy,but it goes to show if you can’t handle it and know when to stop it will destroy your life

  5. Income limited to appearance fees for NFL events…how come he doesn’t have a pension from the NFL. Not saying he is without fault or personal responsibility but it is a damn SHAME that Jamarcus Russell has made probably $25 million or more than Stabler.

  6. I hope his attorney is a better attorney then he was a LT.

    Oh, wait…Galloway. At least Kenny was left handed and would see it coming.

  7. not just stabler,

    but all NFL great players who may have issues like this,

    where are all the ex-teammates and fans to help them out?

    I have a hard time believing if Al were around he wouldn’t make this go away quickly, Madden always said if you only got 1 call to make for anything, you make that call to Al Davis.

  8. It’s kind of hard to feel bad for someone who loses his job after 3 DUIs, and who made enough money at some point to cheat the government out of a quarter of a million dollars.

    It’s not like he was taken advantage of by lawyers and handlers like a lot of athletes….it sounds like he created these messes.

  9. Actually – for all the money had made (well – he was before the really big contracts) – a quarter mill owed to the IRS ain’t that much. Not like some Hollywood stars anyway.

  10. Funny how when an athlete has money troubles or falls on hard times, fans come out of the woodwork and say “it’s so sad, someone should help these poor guys”, but if it was some average schmoe that made poor decisions, they’d say “well, he should have gotten his life together…too bad, so sad!”. MY question to you is if your life was on the rocks, which pro athlete would come by and help you out? There’s nothing to feel bad about, these people are just like you and I, and they make bad choices as well. They just have more options to get out of them than most of us. I don’t feel bad for people that are irresponsible with their money, their possessions, or their body. Live and learn, just like you and I have had to do.

  11. i love that athletes continue to forget to pay taxes. like they never heard of them before…

    “Ill take this big fancy house”

    10 years later:

    “taxes what are those??? Never heard of them”

  12. tfbuckfutter says:
    Jul 6, 2012 8:20 AM
    It’s not like he was taken advantage of by lawyers and handlers like a lot of athletes….it sounds like he created these messes.
    “It sounds like”, those are the key works in your statement.

    What they really mean is, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  13. Kenny Stabler just one of those good old boys that couldn’t get past acting like teenager chasing women and drinking, but to me the best football ever played in the NFL bar none was the Raiders and Steeler games, they were rough hard nose football. I was lucky to seen them all some guy name Terry mean Joe man from Mars the stork a punter Ray guy I could list them all but those two team had allot of talent they all came to play hard, there was after game drama from these guys, the only drama was on the feild. wish it was like that now days, oh king Goody two shoes wouldn’t have enough paper to hand all the fines out to this game. They came to play

  14. A lot of these old football players are pretty stupid for lack of a better term. But this is one of the guys I lived to see when I was a kid. Being a Cleveland guy and knowing what football means to my town I’m sure there is a lot of love for Kenny somewhere. So I’d be willing to donate a buck or two to help him if he could get on the NFL network and tell them to replay his games and tell us he needs a buck or two..

  15. Can we all just agree that if you are from Alabama and make more than $45,000/yr that there will be a government-appointed czar that can help these people manage their money?

    It’s not fair to give those people any amount of squanderable assets and then expect them to manage the money appropriately.

  16. How many hits did Snake take for your entertainment? He didn’t have the Air helmet and he probably played through more concussions that most of you naysayers can count.
    I am not excusing poor financial decisions, but I would bet that the beating he took during the game and practices probably turned the guys brain to Jello. Three divorces says he is not a great judge of character, or has some major issues. The guy needs help, not pity or being slammed. How many of us would take the beating he took for 60-70k a year?
    Aside From Roger Staubach (real Estate magnate) and Terry Bradshaw (Broadcaster, talking head), how many former greats are actually doing well financially?

  17. Kenny is just a Good Ol’ Boy who likes the sauce and never got a good education. He may have gone to college, but I think we all know what the deal is with the football factory schools…. particularly in the old days. Once football was over, he was lost trying to find himself from that point on and never actually succeeded. Who knows, all 3 wives may have been mega-biatches for all we know… but that’s probably not the case. They probably got tired of his drinking, the lingering IRS debt, house forclosures etc…. and decided they didn’t want to live a life heading in the wrong direction. Kenny’s biggest problem is probably his drinking. It prevents him from doing the positive things he otherwise could do and which would set him back on a path of positive achievement. Now, at his age it just becomes all that much more difficult to do. I’m guessing Kenny will not change. It sure was fun to watch him play for the Raiders back in the day though. He was as cagey a QB as there ever was. Great QB.

  18. MVP, superbowl champion QB, 4 time pro bowler, sounds like a hall of famer to me. Get him in.

  19. Perfect loser to rep the Raiders! Can barely read and write and lives in a trailor!

  20. A Hall of Fame player. Add him to the list of players not getting in because they played for Al Davis and the RAIDERS.

    Sucks he can’t get it together.

  21. Kenny , I’m a mover I’d be honored to move you,
    If you live in Texas , Homesteaded property can never be seized, like when you are in the pocket , nobody ever got to you, I’ve seen and listened to how you straightened out all the Crimson Tide shortcomings they had for many years ,Joe Willy is alot like you in many ways , in NY he’s not appreciated , they really don’t know football,,, I promise you Texans do appreciate men like you,

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