Mark Herzlich: Giants still have bitter taste from regular season

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Super Bowls have a way of wiping the record clean of everything that came before.

Trent Dilfer and Doug Williams’ biographies don’t start by calling them draft busts and Scott Norwood’s entire career has been boiled down to one missed kick. The Giants have some experience on that front with each of their last two championships coming after middling regular seasons that left them as underdogs in many minds when the playoffs got underway.

Linebacker Mark Herzlich doesn’t want the way the season ended to obscure what went on during the regular season. In an interview with WEEI in Boston, via, Herzlich said that the team is holding onto the memory of the four-game losing streak that caused many people to leave them for dead after 12 games.

“I think that as amazing as last year was there is still a bitter taste in our mouth from that four game stretch where we lost. Everyone really remembers that feeling all too well and playing just for survival just to get into the playoffs and just to do that type of thing, that’s not where we want to be at half way through the season. We want to put ourselves in position earlier to get that playoff spot and then to repeat what we did last year at the end of the season.”

Bill Parcells famously said that you are what your record says you are, something Eli Manning alluded to earlier this offseason. The Giants seem to agree and that means they are a 9-7 team trying to do better this time around because they know that nothing is guaranteed to teams with 9-7 records in the NFL. It’s the right frame of mind for a team that wants to avoid complacency this season.

4 responses to “Mark Herzlich: Giants still have bitter taste from regular season

  1. Overcoming adversity: puling yourself along your boot straps when things look bleak. The Giants demonstrated this perfectly.

  2. >Trent Dilfer and Doug Williams’ biographies don’t start by calling them draft busts

    Because calling Williams a draft bust would be insane. He won more games his rookie year than the franchise had won in its entire previous history, then took them to the NFC championship his second year. The Bucs went to the playoff three times in his five years there. They did not have a single winning season without him at QB in the first 20 years of the franchise’s existence.

  3. I love it. Business as usual. Stay humble, grind it out, play hard, and good things will follow…Oh yeah and after Eli and the G-Men get the 3rd ring after back to back superbowls please remember to keep sending the hate our way. We love it.

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