Saints LB Lawrence Wilson suspended, fined by league

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Here you go, a Saints story that has nothing to do with a bounty or a lawsuit.

That doesn’t mean it’s good news.

Saints linebacker Lawrence Wilson was suspended one game and fined an additional game check for violating the league’s substance abuse policy, according to Larry Holder of

The Saints signed Wilson this spring after a tryout, but that employment might not last long.

Wilson was a sixth-round pick by the Panthers last year, but they released him from the practice squad after he was cited for possession of marijuana after a traffic stop.

According to the report for that one, Wilson cried after telling an officer what he did for a living.

You get the sense he may have a few more tears, and perhaps another job that doesn’t involve the NFL soon.

9 responses to “Saints LB Lawrence Wilson suspended, fined by league

  1. Great article on a guy who was never going to play a down for the Saints. The horror that he had a little bud on him. Non-violent crime, doesn’t affect anyone but himself, and, most importantly, he’s non-factor player. Must be July 6.

  2. I wonder if they picked this guy up for some LB depth because of Vilmas suspension ? If so the Saints plans are not going so well.

  3. I hope the guy makes the team. Sometimes it takes something like this for a guy to turn his life around. Tears can be a good thing, they mean the guy realized his mistake and genuinely regrets a bad decision.

  4. The tears were from the first time he got busted for weed when he was a non factor with the Panthers. Wilson was a practice squader at the time. Once he got caught, he got booted. Jerry Richardson don’t play with drugs man…you will be gone in a heartbeat. Anger issues, first time DUI, etc…is ok around here, but drugs = bad.

  5. There are a lot of folks on this site genuinely concerned about the welfare of the Saints, (sarcasm). Not to worry, we are gonna be the same powerhouse Saints we were last season. Everybody’s gonna be watching the Saints, every game, every play, every snap, we are the NFL in spite of Roger Goodell, and his day is coming.

  6. brianbosworthisstonecold says:
    Jul 7, 2012 12:05 AM

    2 of that 3 have Super Bowl rings – well one has three. You can pretty much guess which one, hater.

    And those days are coming back.

    With a vengeance.

  7. For those of you outside the Carolinas, this guy got pulled over for speeding, and the cop found a little hippie lettuce in the car. He pulled the “I play for the Panthers” card, even though he was only on the PRACTICE SQUAD. The unimpressed cop wrote a ticket and Wilson got all teary-eyed. He was canned the next day. I guess he didn’t learn.

    While I agree that using grass should not be illegal, and that using grass is stupid because it doesn’t improve your body at all, as long as it’s illegal, don’t get caught in public with it. Just light up inside your own house, where you can melt into the furniture and pound all the Twinkees you can stand without endangering others, like you are when you light up and drive.

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