Toomer stands by his Romo-Eli remarks

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Given the opportunity to sleep on an assessment that caused some to wonder whether he was asleep at the switch on Thursday, former Giants receiver Amani Toomer on Friday stood by his assessment that Tony Romo is a better quarterback than Toomer’s former teammate, Eli Manning.

“I love Eli, and I respect the hell out of him as a person,” Toomer said Friday on ESPN New York’s Michael Kay Show, via WABC-TV.  “But I have to do my job, and I have to look at him beyond what the perception is because the perception doesn’t always go hand in hand with the reality.”

Toomer said that he was ready to declare Eli as superior to the Cowboys’ signal-caller, until looking at the numbers.

“I was all set — Romo’s no good, he’s a fourth-quarter choker — and then I started doing my job,” Toomer said.  “I started looking at the numbers.  I started looking at the statistics.  I started looking at the quarterback rating.  And I was shocked.  I was shocked at how good Tony Romo’s statistics really were.  This guy is really impressive.

“Then when I was on [SiriusXM NFL Radio’s Movin’ the Chains] and we were going over the NFC East, Tim Ryan, my co-host, said [Manning] is the best quarterback in the NFC East and the Giants were going to win the division.  And I was like, wait a minute.  All this information I had just gathered about Tony Romo, I couldn’t let him get away with it.

“So I said, ‘You know what?  Tony Romo, statistically, he’s the better quarterback.'”

It’s a fair point, but much of the debate depends (as Alex Smith knows) on the definition of the term “statistics.”  While relevant for fantasy-football owners, yards and touchdowns and interceptions and completion percentages and passer ratings have no relevance when it comes to winning games.

Or, more accurately as it relates to the Romo-Eli comparison, making a big play when the game is on the line instead of throwing an interception.  Or fumbling the placement of a game-winning, chip-shot field goal.

That’s why nearly 75 percent of you have disagreed with Toomer.  (The polls are still open below; technically, they never close.)  Manning has two Super Bowl wins.  He has authored some of the greatest clutch postseason performances in league history.  Romo may be the better overall passer, but Eli is the better overall player.

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  1. Whenever someone asks me to choose one quarterback or another, I ask myself one question: Which one would I rather have leading my team, the Chiefs?

    In this case, the answer is Eli Manning. I’d rather have rings than fantasy numbers, and Eli just gets it done with it counts.

  2. I love how nobody gives the Giants pass rush on those two SB teams any credit. They held a historic offense under 20 points in the 07 SB when everyone outside NY thought the Pats would put up at least 35 that game.

  3. Eli gets too much credit for what his coaches, his defense, his O-Line, and his skill players do. All QBs do to some extent.

    That’s not to say Eli is a poor QB – he’s obviously a very good QB, probably a top-ten guy easily – but “clutch” QB play is more predicated on “clutch” playcalling and “clutch” blocking and “clutch” running and catching than it is a marker of how good a QB is.

    If I had to pick one or the other for my favorite team, I really wouldn’t care after the past few years of a rapidly-aging Matt Hasselbeck and Tarvaris Jackson. I’d take either one in about two seconds, and so would the fans of half the other teams in the league.

  4. Does Toomer’s job include being able to interpret who has won 2 Super Bowls~~statisically Rhode Island is physically bigger than Alaska because of population density.

  5. Tony Romo also has a higher career QB rating than John Elway. Which QB would you rather have?

    Anyone who says Romo is either a liar or a mental defective.

  6. same argument can be made for the Emmitt vs Barry debate…Emmitt is clearly better and the best bar none…3 vs 0 and Barry totally the reason the Lions tanked in the post season…sarcasim off.

  7. Eli has two Super Bowl wins and two Super Bowl MVPs…Romo has a playoff win…good luck Toomer.

  8. The first 6 weeks of the season, the DAL defense was in the top-5, but they ended up 14th. It wasn’t Romo that choked the season away (1 INT in December). The Detroit game, maybe, but not the entire season. Late in the year, as the Dallas D began to falter, the Giants took off.

    Eli’s a winner, there’s no denying that. Romo’s most memorable playoff mistake is obviously the fumbled FG snap in Seattle. But, if you look at the entire game, and not just ONE play, the people around him failed miserably. (For example, why is the starting QB holding for FGs in the first place?)

    The only way for Romo to shake that loser perception is to win it all.

  9. Romo will never make a throw under pressure, like Eli did to Manningham in the Super Bowl. You can count on one hand the number of QBs in NFL history that could make that throw.

  10. To the poorly dressed Amani Toomer:

    When you glanced down at the stat sheet, did you happen to notice that ring on your finger?

    The only city you were relevant in now hates you.

  11. Funny all this Eli is more clutch talk. Wasn’t it just a year ago Eli turned the ball over 30 times and single handedly cost a ten and six giant team a playoff birth. He was real clutch against Philly one game he fumbled on a slide lol that cost tem the game and then all he needed was one first down in the game when djax stomped them out and his missed horribly. If he isn’t in a playoff run he is 0 f’er in the playoffs. In a playoff game against Philly I believe 3 times there was fourth and one and captain clutch failed. He was horrible in the green bay game they played like trash and cost them against new York. He was equally trash against the 49ers and tossed three passes that should have been picked off. His team carried him Bottom line and romo’s fails him bottom line

  12. The thing is though, if Romo has better stats than you can make a case that the Giants would be better off with Romo. In other words, the Cowboys failures and the Giants victories have more to do with the rest of the roster than the QB.

  13. He is right Romo is a better QB for the the first 3 and a half quarters but when the game is on the line Eli is better. I don’t think that is a very provocative statement and neither is Toomer saying Romo is better overall just that he is better when the game is not on the line.

  14. Toomers auditioning for Fox News’s “fair and balanced show” It’s a shame that Amani has to diss Eli to Make a name for himself in his 2nd career, especially when it was Eli who was the catalyst for putting a ring on his finger to bolster his first career

    You can make the argument that Romo is more consistent and also has better stats Bla! Bla! Bla!~ stats don’t tell the whole story about these 2 QB’s career’s.

    Playing the game is all about winning championships. Just ask Jerry Jones the what’s the difference between the Giants and the Cowboy’s?

    Eli Manning!!! Nuf Said

  15. Correction: the Giants defense get it done when it counts. Was it eli who.blocked that field goal against dallas to put them in the playoffs? He gets bailed out every time. Was it eli that held down Aaron Rodgers in that playoff game?

  16. romo is way better, its sad when dallas defense loses games and tony romo is to blame… he is not a 4th quarter choke, if u look at his stats he has higher qb rating in the 4th quarter and he throws less interceptions and more touchdowns when compared to his first thru third quarter stats.. romo does not play defense..hes not the one being burnt by cruz or missing tackles..

  17. Even stats can lie sometimes… Romo is a really good qb but he’s just not a winner when it counts. Hes just no Eli. If you put Romo on the giants team I dont think they win 2 suberbowls. Toomer wasnt doing anything wrong either, staying what he found out from looking at the raw numbers.

  18. The real question should be.. If Eli was on the Cowboys would they have won a Super Bowl? How much better off would they be? How about if Romo was on the Giants? They Cowboys have had a terrible secondary since Romo has been the Starting QB and no matter how great that position is, its hard to score points when your Defense is constantly giving up points and quick scores.

  19. Everyone who doesn’t know better is going to vote for the QB who’s team just won the Super Bowl.

    If you posted this pole a year ago or a year from now, the results would be flip-flopped.

    Eli is a mediocre QB. He’s not even top 5.

  20. For all the stat queens who are sure to tell us about how great Romo is, tell me when his great stats translated into a meaningful result in a game that mattered.

    You know, like say the playoffs or the SB…

    I will be waiting and here is my favorite stat about Romo – Tebow has a better playoff winning percentage…

  21. Whenever someone asks me to choose one quarterback or another, I ask myself one question: Which one would I rather have leading my team, the Dolphins?

    In this case, the answer is Tony Romo. I’d rather have a QB who can put points on the board and not have to rely on an outstanding defense.

  22. Last year when Eli said he was elite and as good as Brady…everyone laughed. This year, the hate-magnet Romo will win his Superbowl, and he will get the last laugh just like Eli did.

  23. romo is a compiler nothing more then this decades vinny testaverde puts up numbers dwindles under pressure

  24. NFL history is filled with great QBs that couldn’t finish the job…

    – Dan Fouts under Air Coryell – threw the ball up and down the field, didn’t win.
    – Dan Marino – got a taste, figured he’d be back, never returned to the dance.
    – Fran Tarkenton – plenty of numbers, didn’t win.
    – Jim Kelly – 4 straight Super Bowl trips, didn’t win.

    John Elway was considered a great QB, but he wasn’t labeled “immortal” until he won his Lombardis. As a QB, you have to bring home the hardware, or as they say in baseball, you’re just a compiler.

  25. Toomer is definitely an expert on analyzing statistics! Oh wait…he got paid to run and catch a ball. I’m going to get back to searching the internet for pictures of Romo celebrating his Super Bowl victories…

  26. Good to see Amani has the back of the guy who got him a ring…oh, wait, he has the back of a guy who will never have one.

  27. Ask Toomer if he woke up and was the proud owner of an NFL framchise, who HE would hire to play QB? I’d bet Romo wouldn’t be on his top 5, but Eli would likely be on his top 2.

    Ask Toomer if he thinks Romo could have made the throws he caught in 2007 in the NFC Championship game vs Pacs?

    As Dion Sanders would say “C’mon maaaannnnnn!!!”

  28. Rings say more about a team, than a individual player. The Giants Defense has been way better than the Cowboys. Remember it could have just as been Dallas in the playoffs the race was so close. Tony is the better player, Eli is on the better team.

  29. Eli doesn’t have Jason Witten or Miles Austin!!!

    Plus, throughout Eli’s career he had Plaxico Burress, Amani Toomer, Jeremy Shockey, Kevin Boss, Hakeem Nicks, Steve Smith (the current Ram), Mario Manningham, and Victor Cruz.

    None of those guys are the double-coverage drawers like Terrell Owens and Jason Witten. With either of those two doubled someone can catch it!!!

    Plus, Romo looks to giddy on the field and needs to be accurate with a punctured lung (no joke, look at the Redskins and 49ers games)!!!

  30. To all you people saying Romo is better in the first three and a half quarters and Eli is better in the last seven to eight minutes, how the heck, then, did Eli accrue almost 5000 passing yards last season?

  31. OK, sick and tired of the “defense won those SB, not Eli” crap. Name ONE SB winning team whose defense was not either great OR playing great! The lone exception to the rule is the Rams, and they were playing a D that was just as bad as their own. Even when Payton won, his D played great in the run to the SB.

    Two SBs, two game winning drives, two MVPs. If he had ANY last name but Manning, he would be hailed as one of the best all time at this point.

    Last,there are lies, damn lies, and statistics. That says it all.

  32. I think you have to consider the OC that is calling the plays for both of the QB’s in question. I think we all know the majority of the time OC is sending the plays in for these 2 QB’s. So isn’t it more who has the better OC and not so much who the better QB is?

  33. mrksams says:Jul 6, 2012 10:08 PM

    Romo is terrible always has been! He is probably the #1 quarterback of all time in choke rating!

    Let’s not get carried away here… Favre is the #1 all time choke QB hands down… and coincidentally he’s also one of the most clutch QB’s of all time.

    I don’t like any of these three. But, I take old favre, texts, waffling, Saint’s blaming and all over these two clowns.

    If the QB list is “of all time” neither Eli or Romo belong there!

  34. The championships have more to do with the overall team not the individual player. The Giants have had the better team and Romo has been the better QB.

  35. If Romo had an elite intellect to match up with his elite qb skills, Toomer might be onto something.

    Fact is that Romo isn’t all that bright. Nor is Toomer.

  36. Really? ‘Touchdowns have no relevance on winning games’? Really? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard here in a while.

  37. Eli has had defense and running game ab ok offensive line. In Romos 4 years he had one decent defense, no O-Line which led to no running game. Have yet to have a 1000 yard rusher. Eli has had that. He knows what a team is. Room should not have to score after the two minute warning cause te defense can’t stop a stupid crossing route or an obvious deep ball or let a 3rd and 5 RUN for 12 yards to get the first down.

  38. This is nothing more than a real sports vs. fantasy sports argument.

    Very disappointed in Amani for sticking by this story, he could have said “fantasy-wise, I’d take Romo”…and I’d be fine with that…

    Oh well.

    Time to shine the rings…………………………………

  39. How come when Eli wins MVP’s U wanna look at the offense coordinators playcalling? Kevin Killdrive is the only reason Toomer can unrealistically say wat he saying. Eli will march down the field get into the redzone and Killdrive will call 3 running plays and settle for a FG. then at the end of the game when we need a TD they’ll say Eli go win this game. Meanwhile Jason Garrett gets scared when Romo has the ball in late game moments. Romo is a World beater against Washington, Cleveland, Miami, and St Louis. Wat did Romo do against Both NY teams, New England, Detroit, and Philly? I kno wat Eli did versus New England, NYJ, Dallas, Atl, GB, and SF.

  40. Toomer must have a Tumor. Why am I reading this . When its all said and done its how many SB’s you have unless your name is marino.Think about it ,if romo were to retire what would he get remembered for ?

  41. I’m an Eagles fan and can’t stand either team, but to compare choke artist, overrated, stat fluffer Romo to Eli (who looks like a moron) who is clutch, a quite leader, and doesn’t have stupid people making excuses for him… is insane!…. I don’t like admitting it, but if you think Romo is better than Eli, you can also make the case that Vick is better than both…. It’s that stupid… Stop already, Tony Romo will be the reason why the Eagles and Giants will continue to own the NFC East…. Most overrated qb in the NFL

  42. “warhol63 says:
    Jul 7, 2012 12:09 AM
    The championships have more to do with the overall team not the individual player. The Giants have had the better team and Romo has been the better QB.”

    I agree to that on some level, but Eli and Aaron before him showed that they can win when players around them drop like flies (of course, in their respective SB runs).

    Romo is definitely a better regular season QB, but where does that get you? What is the prize? MVP of the league or SB winner? Yes, still bitter about the loss to NYG and admitting Eli has what it takes.

  43. both times the giants won the super bowl they were the 6 seed in the playoffs. eli can carry you to a 9-7 record and in the playoffs his defense shows up to win the super bowl. neither time was it eli who won the super bowl for the giants. in 07 they held the best offense this league has ever seen to 14 points and this year to 17. it wasn’t like eli lit up the patriots defense, it was more of his defense stopping the pats. i think eli is a great quarterback, but it’s hard to say that the giants wouldn’t have won those two, if not more, had they had romo. and i still to this day think if the giants kept rivers instead of romo we’d be looking at a dynasty. instead we have a team that never wins a playoff game, but when they do they take it all the way. again, much respect to eli, but hard to argue that the qb with the most turnovers in the league the past 3 years (look it up) is better than romo.

  44. “While relevant for fantasy-football owners, yards and touchdowns and interceptions and completion percentages and passer ratings have no relevance when it comes to winning games.”

    This has got to be the dumbest thing Ive heard. It is not as dumb as Florio picking the Skins v. Steelers Superbowl matchup from a couple seasons back when the dreadful skins went like 2-14, but it is a close second.

  45. Really Toomer ? You just had to dig out some numbers before knowing which one of the two is the better QB? You don’t watch football ? C’mon man!!

  46. “While relevant for fantasy-football owners, yards and touchdowns and interceptions and completion percentages and passer ratings have no relevance when it comes to winning games.”

    Several of those characteristics have very significantly positive correlations with winning games. To say they have no relevance is rhetorically fun, but factually wrong.

    The fact that so many people feel more comfortable relying on “clutch” characteristics, which have been proven time and time again to be complete nonsense, than basic statistics that are flawed but effective, boggles the mind.

    Eli Manning is a nice guy and an above average quarterback on a team with a stellar defensive front that has driven the bus to well-earned Super Bowl victories. As a quarterback he’s just not nearly as good as Tony Romo. Why does that matter so much, though? He’s clearly good enough, and with the other weapons the Giants have, that’s all that matters.

  47. Its as simple as this . Tony Romo has a grand total of one career playoff win . On the other side of the coin , Eli Manning has won two Super Bowls . I think that pretty much says it all .

  48. warhol63 says: Jul 7, 2012 12:09 AM

    The Giants have had the better team and Romo has been the better QB.

    This is proof that there is something very wrong with the school systems of this country. Are stats the only thing that matters to you? Do you guys even WATCH THE GAMES, or do you just wake up extra early on Mondays, grab the newspaper, and pleasure yourselves while looking at the box scores/stats?

    Toomer said that Romo, STATISTICALLY, is the better QB, and he’s right. When is the last time you saw a game where there were people standing on the sidelines with pencils and paper, adding up the numbers, and when the clock hits 00:00, the QB and/or the team with better stats was declared the winner of the game? Yes, Romo puts up better numbers. Its the rest of his game that leaves him in the dust. The decision making, the mental toughness, the physical toughness, the leadership….in short, all of the intangibles that stat hoors cant comprehend, because they don’t understand anything but numbers and fantasy football wins.

  49. Hey Giants fans, where was Romo drafted? Eli? The bottom line if he played for any other team than the Cowboys, the media would be in love with Romo. Not like I put a lot of stock into Jaws QB rankings, but how many in the top 25 were not drafted?

  50. Toomer missed the boat on statistics. I believe Romo s number 2 all time in QB rating behind Steve Young. Anyone focusing on pure statistics would make the same mistake. Young is not number 1 and Romo is not number 2 in all time best QBs. Who would take Young over Montana? Forget Eli, who would take Romo over Peyton and Brady. With the game on the line, winners lift their play and their team regardelss of what their statistics were for the first 58 minutes of the game. Romo does not do that when it matters. Eli set an NFL record for 4th quarter TD passes and is the all-time playoff road victory QB. Analysts need to analyze, not read the stat sheet.

  51. the g-men are the better team/organization. Jerrah the GM (teehee) was in such a rush for that Franchise QB that he way overpaid and is stuck with Romo aka the chokemeister. loud mouth clown as D-coordinator and Timeout Garrett on the sidelines equals disaster. ‘boys are a joke from the top down. They will never win SB with Romo as starting QB. Eli is money when it counts.

  52. I didn’t know being a holder came into consideration for judging how good a quarterback was you tard

  53. Oh also didn’t know Eli played defense too on won those super bowls. This whole post is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read

  54. Talk qb ratings, passing yards whatever stat you want. The only stat that matters to me is wins and losses.
    I’m a Giants fans. Romo could throw for 10,000 yards for all I care.
    I just want my team to win Super Bowls.

  55. As a Giants fan, I’ve seen every one of Eli’s games since 2004. He will drive you crazy at times and make decisions, like throwing left handed, that you wouldn’t see from most rookie QBs. But I don’t think there is another QB in football I’d want in a big game or a big spot. That performance in the NFC Championship game was a thing of beauty even though his stats weren’t great. The Giants offensive line was overmatched and he was hit and driven into the ground on virtually every play. Yet, he still managed to make big time plays. Not many QBs could have taken that type of beating and not gotten rattled. That is why there aren’t many QBs I’d want in place of him, and Tony Romo isn’t one of them.

  56. I think lost in this whole who is better is Eli was a number one overal pick who cost the giants rivers merriman and keading. Played college ball in the sec and has a father who was an nfl qb and a brother who also is a qb in the nfl. Then there is tony small time school small time competition playing on the nfl’s biggest stage in Dallas and went as an undrafted free agent. His 4thquarter stats are great his overal stats are great his stats when trailing are equally as good as anyone’s. Difference is romo’s supporting cast isn’t as good as Philly or the giants or green bay

  57. Eli manning gets way too much credit, and because of that is overrated to an extent. He and romo are both very good qbs, and they both have strengths and weaknesses. It’s just that I can’t stand the Eli fans who act as if all of Eli’s bad games in the past have never even existed and make him out to be some sort of god as they do with Aaron rodgers and drew brees. All of you hate to admit it, but remember. Pre-Super Bowl XLII you showered the Ole Miss product with boos, you demanded his release, but after that fateful night on February 3rd, 2008 Eli Manning is your up-and-coming HOF QB. Then 2008, Giants have a great year and you stand by your words. 2009 is no different… In only the first five games, and then you go back to your pre-Super Bowl XLII selves. 2010 is a little more of the same. And then the Dallas game of 2011 comes around and Eli helps you win when down, but so did JPP. So did JPP, but all credit goes to Eli.

    Tony Romo fans can be the same, too. But as a Romo fan and Cowboy fan, I have faith in my quarterback. Even after Seattle ’06, Bufallo ’07, and Detroit ’11, I still stand by Romo and don’t demand his release. If the cowboys were to win a Super Bowl within the next five years, they would need Tony Romo to do it.

  58. Timid cast isn’t as good as elis…. When have the giants gone 13-3? I’ve done the math. The Dallas defense has been better 3 out of the last 5 years and rushing team has been. Better two of the last 5 years for u stats nerds. Also the giants have more yards because they run more. Eli also has less td passes because the giants run the ball when in the red zone and when up by as little as 3 points. Dallas is throwing all over the place with a 2 td lead and 3 minutes left padding romos stats.

    And to those talking about supporting cast and bringing up last year when eli had 25 picks(brees had 22, but that goes unspoken because its brees) people forget Cruz was .lost before the season, smith was gone before the season, manningham missed at least 8 games, nicks missed at least 8 games, barden was done for the season, hiding was gone for the season. Count that. That’s 6 receivers deep injured and manning still managed 31 tds and a 10-6 record. He didn’t even have guys from his back ups in as his starters, they were using guys off the streets. When Romo can do that we can talk

  59. @giantsfanlewis, You said you wanted to see Romo use guys off the streets. Do you mean like…

    -Patrick Crayton (7th rd pick)
    -Miles Austin (undrafted)
    -Sam Hurd (undrafted)
    -Laurent Robinson (street free agent)
    -Kevin Ogletree (undrafted)

    Did you catch the DAL/WSH game in Dallas this year? Dallas O-line sucked. No running game. Dez Bryant and Miles Austin were both hurt. Romo had WRs that didn’t even know the formations. And this was one week removed from a broken rib.

    I won’t argue with you about what Eli has accomplished. I’m just saying, if you looked at what Romo did, in similar circumstances, you might have a little more respect for him.

  60. Duke calhour
    Radius reynaud
    Define tomas
    Derek hagan

    Those were the giants starting wrs for for much of the season due to nicks and manningham missed parts of the season. The only one with a name in the NFL is hagan and even he isn’t known by most NFL fans

  61. Before this year I probably would have lead slightly towards Romo but Eli was a top 4 QB this year beyond doubt while Romo was only top 10 with some really bad moments.

  62. I usually agree with, or mildy disagree with, Florio on most of his postings. But this statement is so ridiculous and stupid I had to respond: “While relevant for fantasy-football owners, yards and touchdowns and interceptions and completion percentages and passer ratings have no relevance when it comes to winning games.”

    Really Mike? Your QB throwing multiple INTs and completing less than 50% of his passes has NO RELEVANCE when it comes to winning a game?? You want Dilfer on your team as your starter?? You want Ryan Leaf as your starter?

    Of course those statistics are relevent to winning. Why do you think the more prolific QBs get the big contracts? Why was Dilfer cut after WINNING A SB?? For crying out loud, you’re a professional.

  63. citizenstrange says:
    Jul 6, 2012 10:13 PM
    I guess you could call Toomer’s remarks ” Romo-erotic!”

    COME ON!


    This was hilarious!

    Now to the serious stuff. I guess, all this Romo hating and Eli hating is off base. When it comes down to it, STATISTICALLY, Tumor is right. If you put Eli’s numbers against Romo’s, there would be no comparison.

    But in the world of sports, especially in the NY market, the question is always “what have you done for me lately?” So, if we are going to go with that, and I am not quite sure, if urgency or time is of the essence in Dallas, Eli has essentially brought himself and the Giants two rings and he still has a good few years in him. But looking at Romo and his good numbers, his career is not over but nearing it’s latter part and still has nothing to show for but one playoff win. I dunno, I will have to go with Eli. Quite a few QBs have shown great numbers but have had the bad luck of not winning it all, maybe Romo will fall under this category.

    I can tell you this though, most, if not all, Giants fan will agree, they would not rather Eli have Romo’s numbers but no rings, but I’m quite sure there are quite a few Dallas fans that would give up Romo’s number, with the quickness, if he can have a ring or two.

    Tumor can say whatever he want and claim he’s just doing his job but people, and fans specifically, know whats up.

  64. Everyone talking about Romo’s “stats” seems to be concerned with only one stat: Super Bowl Wins. If that is the measuring stick, then Ely is on par with John Elway by way of them both having 2 SB wins. He’s better than Peyton, and he’s head and shoulders ahead of Jim Kelly, Tarkenton, Fouts, and Marino. If you want to take stats out of the equation, then take them all out. You cannot be selective as to which come in and which stay out. I prefer to keep stats in the equation, and Eli has had one standout statistical year; Romo has had 4. Yards, touchdowns, interceptions, and qb rating are all individual stats that go toward telling who is a better QB. Super Bowl victories tell the tale of a well-rounded TEAM.

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