Ex-Buc says Raheem Morris had the wrong style for a young team

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In 2010, when Raheem Morris led a young Buccaneers team to a 10-6 record, the conventional wisdom was that Morris, the youngest coach in the league, was a perfect fit for a young group of players. Then the Buccaneers slumped to 4-12 in 2011, and all of a sudden the stories about Morris’s inability to bring discipline to a young bunch that needed it were rampant.

Jeff Faine, the Buccaneers’ starting center during Morris’s three seasons as head coach, says Morris’s approach only works with veteran players who already understand how to conduct themselves as professionals.

“Coach Morris will be a head coach again, but he’s gotta be a head coach of a very veteran team that can handle the style that he brings,” Faine said on 1010 AM, via JoeBucsFan.com.

Faine, a free agent who was released by the Bucs in March, has no hard feelings toward the team for cutting him. Faine said Greg Schiano’s leadership style is “desperately needed” in Tampa Bay, and he said he thinks the Bucs made the right decision to cut him, move Jeremy Zuttah from guard to center and upgrade at guard by signing Carl Nicks in free agency.

“I can understand the decision. They made an investment in Carl Nicks. Looking into the future and trying to build through youth, and I think it was the right decision,” Faine said. “I’m going to be playing for two, three more years, and they’re looking to build something to last.”

The Bucs thought they were building something to last with Morris, but in the end, he turned out to be the wrong coach. Even the players who liked him say that.

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  1. No offense to Bucs fans…from an outside perspective, you’ve got lots of talent, but your real problem is that Josh Freeman isn’t good enough to win on his own. Which is what you need in the NFL on certain Sundays.

  2. Ironic how when “players play well”-the coach looks good, he’s a player’s coach, a messiah and all that but when the “players don’t play well-, it’s the coach’s fault.

  3. Freeman scored 15 of his 16 TDs while the team was behind (11 of them when the team was behind more than 9 points). Which proves my point. Freeman isn’t good enough to turn a game around. Or even keep one from getting out of hand. If Freeman has another down year….it might be time to bring in someone to compete with him. imo.

  4. I wish Raheem the best of luck. I agree that this is Freeman’s year to shine. Last year of his contract and playing for a new coach, he needs a great season or the Bucs need to find another QB to go to the next level. Go BUCS!

  5. When Freeman ad-libbed they had a chance every game. Its because of him that they went 10-6.
    When Olson tried to make his own play book in the off season instead of using Grudens pieces is when mass confusion set in on all. Such stupid predictable routes, no separation was possible IMO.

  6. You know that adage about QBs getting too much credit when things go well AND too much blame when things go wrong? I think that applies even more for coaches than QBs. I’m not claiming Morris was a ‘coach of the year’ candidate by any stretch, but these players are (very well-compensated) adult professionals who should be able to muster up discipline and motivation on their own regardless of the head coach’s style and personality. The “well, we’re a YOUNG team!” thing, as if the Bucs are comprised of a bunch of pre-teens, always feels a bit like an excuse to me.

  7. I’m pretty sure Freeman has single handedly won multiple games, as a matter of fact believe he’s had as many come from behind 4th quarter victories as Brett Favre had in his career.

    The problem with Freeman is the bucs had no deep threat to stretch out defenses. If you combat the shrinking of the field and smaller windows to throw in with a 23 year olds shabby footwork and in accuracy into those small windows u get those awful numbers.

    To correct a problem like that….You Sign the BEST DEEP THREAT IN THE GAME.

    Freeman is winner, he’s younger the Sam Bradford for Christ sake.

    GO BUCS!

  8. Nobody remembers how easy their schedule was when they went 10-6, only that they went 10-6.

  9. so ur blaming the coach for kids not acting like professionals?? how about the GM for drafting a bunch of knuckleheads in the 1st place. def not the coach’s fault, Faine is an idiot. wouldn’t be surprised if Morris takes over in washington

  10. Freeman also had his whole O give up on him later in the year. He was trying to do too much and that’s when you turn the ball over tryIng to force it. With a great deep threat and true number 1 in VJ, a humbling year for willams, a promising 3 in benn, a great receiving back to check down to, plus better protection….I see freeman back in the Probowl.

  11. I seem to remember Freeman pulling off his fair share of come from behind wins, maybe not last year, but I’m pretty sure he had a handful in his first two seasons…meh, maybe i’m wrong.

  12. No kidding. Wow, what an insightful comment. We will see if a veteran team responds to Morris.
    Freeman, now has VJ to throw to. Let’s see how this has been helps the Bucs. Williams may be a head case.
    8 & 8 if lucky.

  13. To not have a true number1 receiver, a VERY predictable play book, no speed on offense, a incompotent coaching staff, and being down by double digits by the end of the first quarter. The guy had no shot to succeed last year and I don’t care who you are or what you coach, stats are not for losers, they tell you who you are.

  14. All you have to do is watch the first press conference (introducing Raheem) to know he would not be successful…. If you get a chance, look for it. It was like a crystal ball showing you the future……

  15. With respect to Freeman, Faine didn’t make a single block all year. The year before when Faine was hurt, Freeman improved drastically. The best QB’s even have difficulty behind a bad O line.

    Raheem will never be a head coach in the NFL again. His big mouth will prevent it. He is not one of the elite 32 as he thinks and is better suited for the CFL, DFL, or even FFL.

  16. What I get is, teams with great players usually end up with coaches who also are termed great because they won. Especially in LA and Boston.
    In reality, most of the great coaches won with lesser players because they really could coach. Lombardi.

    How hard it is to coach a team full of stars put together by the GM. My dog could coach the Heat.

  17. Freeman was not the problem in Tampa I expect him to have a year closer to 2010 numbers this year. There was no speed on offense anywhere last year.

  18. Has anyone asked Morris what he learned from his coaching experience?

  19. As much criticism as Morris takes about not being a disciplinarian, I’m amazed that how little authority he had is ever discussed.

    As I understand it, not only were all of his assistants hired for him (both coordinators didn’t even make it through the first year)) and the OC didn’t even get out of training camp before the front office realized he was clueless, but he also had no input in anything to do with replacing any of them. So when fans were calling for a new offensive direction, his hands were tied.

    Therefore, I wonder how was he supposed to be a “disciplinarian,” when it sounds like he was essentially hired to be a stop gap replacement for an ineffectual Gruden at a 5th of the cost until they could retool from the old core of the team who all got cut before they clipped Gruden. They have obviously given Schiano a greater footprint in the organization that was never going to be part of Morris’ job description as he was the place holder/baby sitter for the young team while they fielded one of the youngest teams in the league.

    Considering that and all of the other front office blunders, it’s pretty amazing that he got that overestimated collection of “talent” to a 10-6 record. Also, from Doug Williams’ account that Morris was the one person standing on the table for Josh Freeman and looking at Mark Dominic’s many questionable personnel moves, I think your problem might go a little further up the food chain than Morris.

  20. Why do I have a feeling that two years from now we’ll be reading about how Bucs players think Schiano is too hard on them, that they need a ” players coach” who can relate to them ?

    Awful lot of chatter from guys who quit on Morris and lay down like dogs at the end of the season…..perhaps they could maybe shut up, work hard for the new coach and earn some respect, rather than offer half-assed indictments of the coach…..

  21. I think the Bucs stack up well against other teams in the league, they just happen to be in a division that you have to put up 40+ points on offense to win! I don’t think Freeman will ever be that caliber of a QB. The only alternative is to build a DEF as tough to score on as the 49’ers were last year, are they doing that? Freeman=McNabb, always good…never great.

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