Lions lighten the workload of Kyle Vanden Bosch

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Being the veteran leader on Detroit’s defensive line has its privileges. But for Lions defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch, the privilege of less work at practice is something the coaching staff has to force on him.

Lions coach Jim Schwartz said Vanden Bosch, who will turn 34 this season, was given time off last year to keep him fresh for Sundays, and the Lions were pleased with the results and have continued emphasizing keeping Vanden Bosch fresh in the offseason and will do so in training camp and the regular season.

“We cut him out of practice on Wednesday last year . . . just to take the wear and tear off of him,” Schwartz said, via the Detroit Free Press. “We did the same thing this off-season and we’ll have a plan for training camp. We saw good results from that. He had one of the best years of his career last year and he means a lot to us and we need to keep him going.”

Schwartz said that for players who have proven themselves as hard workers over long NFL careers, there’s no need to drive them too hard.

“I think Kyle has proved that to me, to you, to the fans, to the janitors here, I think everybody knows what kind of guy he is,” Schwartz said. “We’ve just got to do whatever we can to keep him on the field . . . things like that will help veteran players like Kyle Vanden Bosch.”

And having players like Vanden Bosch healthy for 16 games will help the Lions.

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  1. KVB is a workout fanatic, he had neck surgery a couple of years ago and he was lifting within days even though I believe he had been put on injured reserve.

    He’s also a great veteran influence on the younger guys at least in getting them to work hard. Everyone likes to bring up the fact that there were “character concerns” with Fairley before he was drafted but forget that most of those concerns were over his work ethic. Since getting to the NFL Fairley has shown to be very immature and stupid when away from the field, but he’s also shown that he’s willing to work. With his foot injury last year he wasn’t able to practice a lot, so he hit the weight room hard and bulked up a lot. I think KVB is a big reason why you see positive things out of players like Willie Young, Lawrence Jackson and Cliff Avril.

    I can’t say if he’s a good leader off the field and away from practice, but when they’re together and working out there is no one better.

  2. ….and Avril will make 10.6 million for 3 sacks more last year, and your point is?

  3. $5 million dollars and 8 sacks isn’t bad for someone of KVB’s character. The Lions need his veteran leadership in that locker room.

  4. They should lighten his load entirely. This guy is such a liability on the field and the Lions have better options currently on the roster.

  5. I just hope he keeps wearing those demonic red contact lens when he plays. Those things are way cool.

  6. Kyle is one the most dependable and one of the most motivational players in the NFL this league needs more players like him the Lions need more guys like this, he would bend over backwards for the guys he plays with, yes giving him a break that is well deserved.

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