No progress between Steelers, Wallace


To no surprise, the Steelers and receiver Mike Wallace remain at impasse.

Len Pasquarelli of the Sports Xchange reports that “there has been no progress, and, in fact, very little negotiation” between the team and the player, who is a restricted free agent.

There’s no reason for any progress to be made, because there’s no specific date before the launch of camp on which the two sides would move toward their bottom-line positions.  Unlike franchise players, who have a July 16 deadline for signing multi-year deals with their current teams, the Steelers and Wallace can work out a long-term contract at any time before the Tuesday after Week 10 of the regular season.  And if Wallace signs his one-year RFA tender before that in-season deadline, a multi-year deal can be done at any time thereafter.

Of course, not signing the one-year offer represents Wallace’s primary hammer for a long-term deal.  But the Steelers have yet to show an inclination to give Wallace the kind of money he wants.

Wallace reportedly will sign the tender when he “has to.”  The question remains when he believes he has to.  Technically, he can hold out of training camp and the preseason and still get the full $2.77 million for 2012.  But if he does that, he’ll be woefully unprepared to function in a new offense led by former Chiefs coach Todd Haley.

But once Wallace signs the one-year tender, his leverage for a multi-year contract disappears.

And while the Steelers didn’t use their own hammer on June 15, the day on which they could have cut his offer by more than $2 million, don’t look for the Steelers to blink.  They know Wallace will want to have a big year as he approaches unrestricted free agency or the franchise tender.  If they sit tight, he’ll likely eventually take the money early enough before the September 9 trip to Denver to ensure that he won’t be lost in Antonio Brown’s dust.

Then again, some would say that’s already happened.

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  1. He not worth it! his game is only speed. Desean Jackson can turn a 5yard out into a 50 yard TD I havent seen this guy show those kind of ability. Its over the shoulder catches or nothing.

  2. They would love to keep Wallace but they just don’t pay the kind of money he is asking for to anyone. You have to give them credit for making the right decisions on Burris and Santonio Holmes. Antonio Brown, Emanuel Sanders and a high draft pick next off season will be fine. At that point Brown can decide if he wants to go the route of Vincent Jackson & Wallace or be more reasonable and stay on a good team.

  3. He drops too many easy passes. They need to put their money into Brown and you can’t overpay two guys at one position, especially WR. With the proliferation of the spread offense there is an abundant supply of WR coming out of the college ranks every year.

  4. Mike is messing with the Giant Steelers. I’m sorry #17 but u will NOT Win this battle..the steelers will pay whenever they feel its ok for them. If you don’t show up, they will find someone else just like u. They’ve done that before and its worked for them in the past. So dude just sign and play for your own good…

  5. i like wallace, but AB is more versatile.

    that said, wallace takes the top off of defenses and we dont know what AB can do vs #1 corners. though wallace hasnt exactly lit up #1 corners either at least it leaves AB vs the #2 corners and he can exploit them.

    wallace still isn’t in larry fitz’s catergory though. that much is known.

  6. Brown is the more complete receiver and the Steelers know it. Wallace is a great talent no doubt. He’s still up and coming and young, but no question Brown is the better route runner, has better hands, better agility, better awareness, better leader and isn’t too far behind Wallace in straight line speed.

  7. You do not hose the Steelers:

    Plaxico Burress
    Joey Porter
    Greg Lloyd
    Alan Faneca
    Santonio Holmes
    Eric Green
    Willie Parker
    Leon Searcy

    It goes on and on. When it is your time to go, it is your time to go. Mike, count your many splendid blessings, sign something fair and get to work so you avoid a life of “shoulda coulda woulda”.

  8. “Hose the Steelers.”

    Why do fans always take the side of owners when it’s well known these people make money hand-over-fist just because of that shield.

    That being said, Wallace has been a top 10 receiver in the league and I don’t blame him for wanting to be paid as such.

    He wants a long term contract with your team.

  9. notdoingwork says:
    He not worth it! his game is only speed. Desean Jackson can turn a 5yard out into a 50 yard TD I havent seen this guy show those kind of ability. Its over the shoulder catches or nothing.
    I don’t think he’s worth the $ either…but you have no idea what you’re talking about. He goes over the middle…he takes screens and breaks them upfield…he has very good hands. All these perceptions by people out there are wrong. His only negatives are he pouts and he gives little effort to blocking

  10. The real deal is simply this, the Steelers don’t negotiate with players that are not there. Never have, never will. Ask Hines Ward, Jerome Bettis, Alan Faneca and the list goes on and on and on.

    IF, Wallace shows up, signs his tender, THEN and only then will the Steelers begin any serious negotiations with him.

    IF that happens, a deal will get worked out within a week. If not, he will be gone. Don’t be shocked if you start reading about trade rumors in about 2 weeks.

  11. Wallace cannot be afforded because their GM paid out all these old timers on restructured contracts, sucks.

  12. Didn’t Wallace get the message… the one from the other 31…. you know the message that said
    ‘you’re not worth it!’

    He didn’t get squat from any other team and he’s a free agent (restricted or not). Take the deal on the table, play the best you can this season and then see what your value is at that time.

  13. It’s laughable how fans from other teams come to a steelers fan board and make negative comments(hating). I don’t have the time or energy to go to other teams board and make negative comments. As for Wallace, i think the steelers are being wise to not overpay this guy for being one dimensional. Let’s have him sign this one year tender and see if he’s really committed to winning or more committed to money and being another wideout diva.

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