Russell Wilson isn’t worried about his height


Doug Flutie thinks the NFL has a bias against short quarterbacks, but Seahawks rookie Russell Wilson has yet to see anything like that.

(Maybe he needs to get on his tiptoes first.)

In the latest edition of our pal Michael Robinson’s The Real Rob Report, Wilson talks to the Seahawks fullback about Wilson’s (lack of) height, after being goaded a bit by the host.

“What do you say about people who say you’re too short, Shorty?” Robinson said.  “Because you are short.  Let’s just honest.  You’re a short little dude.”

“I don’t worry about the critics,” Wilson said.  “I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to play in the National Football League, and I know that I’m just going to push my talents as far as I can go.  And then wherever the Lord takes me, and I know He’ll take me a long way, it’ll be great.”

If there’s a bias, the Seahawks don’t have one.  They selected the five-foot, eleven-inch Wilson with the 75th overall pick in the draft, and they’ve thrust him into a three-man competition for the starting quarterback job.

Still, Wilson doesn’t see the situation as a competition with his teammates.

“I think the best way is you’ve got to realize who you’re competing against,” Wilson said.  “We’re not competing against the Seahawks, we’re competing against other teams and competing against ourselves to be the best.  We’re competing against all the other great quarterbacks in the National Football League to win a lot of games.  That’s what we’re about, we’re about winning the Super Bowl.”

We love the kid’s attitude.  And we think that a lack of height can be overcome by a quarterback with the overall skills to do it.

Flutie didn’t get a fair shake at the NFL level until he showed multiple times over that he could dominate the CFL.  Wilson looks to be getting an NFL opportunity from Day One, and it’ll be fun to see what he does with it.

18 responses to “Russell Wilson isn’t worried about his height

  1. Always liked this kid, and I think he’ll make the most of his opportunity to play in the NFL.

  2. Russell “the muscle” Wilson is going to be a stud in the NFL I think. Just not sure if it will be with the Seahawks with Flynn there.

  3. I’m 5’10” and I never got the opportunity to pursue my dream of being an NFL quarterback, but I can’t honestly blame that on my height. So, I’ll blame it on my agent. I feel better.

  4. He threw alot of alley-oop passes in college for big gains. In the NFL those same passes are picked off. If he wants a 10+ year career in the NFL he needs to find a more appropriate position. QB is a team’s most vital position. You simply can’t be average at QB for any team without being replaced after just a short while.

  5. Michael Vick is untall himself, his inconsistent success is for numerous other reasons though including his effed up grey matter.

  6. woodyg apparently never saw Wilson play in college. I can’t speak to his play at NC State, but he was awesome against much better competition than the ACC at Wisconsin. No ally-oops and very few ints. Only 1 fumble all year. He has everyting any coach would want in a qb, except height. There are a bunch of taller NFL qb’s who you wouldn’t want on your kid’s flag football team, who, for whatever reason, stay on NFL rosters. T-Jack for example.

  7. Some fool said he threw alley-oop passes in college. That person never saw Russell play a game. I saw every snap of his college career and I saw a bona fide QB. His overall game is better than Luck and RG3. RG3 throws a slightly better deep ball, but Wilson’s IQ trumps them both.

  8. The guy played behind the massive Badgers’ o-line. He shouldn’t have any trouble seeing anything

  9. He won’t have to worry because of the sound of his progress compared to Tarvaris Jackson and Matt Flynn’s.

  10. I’ve seen Brees at training camp and he might be 6′ in cleats and a helmet. It’s not like either Brees or Wilson haven’t dealt with this their entire careers. If Wilson gets in the right system (Brees wasn’t a superstar in SD) and gets the chance we will find out soon enough if he has the tools to compete. Height (or lack thereof) won’t be the issue.

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