Strahan chimes in on Toomer’s Romo-Eli talk

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Former Giants defensive end Michael Strahan has a theory as to the reason for former teammate Amani Toomer’s belief that Tony Romo is a better quarterback than Eli Manning.

And, no, it’s not a tumor.  It’s medicinal.

You gotta check his house for bath salts,” Strahan told the Hill & Schlereth on ESPN Radio.

Strahan, who hadn’t heard Toomer’s comments before they were played for him on the air, called Toomer’s opinion “surprising to hear.”

“To me, I just look at what people have done in their careers,” Strahan said.  “When it comes to the numbers and the things they’ve done to excel and where they are right now.”

Strahan thinks Eli gets less respect because of his demeanor and the fact that he’s not showy.

“But you know what?” Strahan said.  “Numbers don’t lie.  People do.”

The numbers that matter most are winning, and Strahan says that winning has made Eli more confident.

The real question is whether a team would prefer to have Eli Manning or Tony Romo as its quarterback.  Given their respective accomplishments, it’s hard not to lean strongly toward Eli.

29 responses to “Strahan chimes in on Toomer’s Romo-Eli talk

  1. I’d take any of the good QBs from the 2005 draft over Romo. Ben, Eli, and Rivers have all accomplished more and are younger than Romo. What a draft class that was for QB’s. 4 super bowl rings and Rivers is basically Dan Fouts

  2. This is getting old now. Eli is the real deal. Plain and simple. If you don’t like Eli, focus on your teams QB and see if they will ever win 2 SB’s.

  3. On top of have having 2 rings, Eli flat-0ut owns Romo and the Cowboys.

    4th quarter last game of year 10 minutes left and Giants up by 7. Last two possessions

    Eli- 2 scoring drives
    Romo- 3 and out then sack, fumble, turnover and season over for Cowgirls. Classic Romo choke can’t get a score when he needs it

    enough said

  4. Induviduals dont win Super Bowls…teams do…Toomer is right…And the Cowboys will never win a Super Bowl as long as Jerry Jones is picking the players…Eli should and probably does consider himself lucky that he doesnt play in Dallas with that mess of a front office.

  5. Romo’s a very good QB that can’t win the big one because of him or his team. Eli took two teams from wildcard (all road games except vs ATL) to 2 Superbowl wins and 2 MVP’s. Eli’s got no swagger but he’s got game and some bling.

  6. As a NY Giants fan all I care about are championships. I don’t care how we get them, or “if Eli is elite” or “if he’s a HOF’er yet” or “Eli or Romo” b/s. Ben looked horrible in his 1st SB and was ok in his 2nd SB. Doesn’t matter though, he still has the hardware. Romo has some catching up to do if he wants to be considered anything more then just a 10 qb.

  7. “But you know what?” Strahan said. “Numbers don’t lie. People do.”


    That might be the smartest thing Strahan has ever said.

    I’d personally take Eli over Romo because of how Eli plays in the games that actually matter. 8 playoff wins with a staggering 5 of those wins coming on the road (including 2 wins in Green Bay – no other QB has more than 1). 2 Super Bowl MVPs and 2 SB wins over Brady, a first ballot hall of famer. 15 TD passes in the 4th Quarter last season. Even Eli haters have to concede that these are impressive accomplishments.

    Sure, Romo puts up better numbers, but he has a better supporting cast on offense since taking over in 06. Stats are for fantasy owners; wins and rings are what this game are truly built on.

  8. Even HARDCORE Dallas fans would prefer Eli.

    That includes the Owner. Not sure about the GM though…lol.

    This is about Toomer trying to be relevant.

  9. Eli is very mediocre MOST of the time but turns it on during the playoffs. He reaaly needs to thank his defense for giving him a chance late in the year

  10. Eli is probably crying the entire time he ruminates about this crucial issue in his cursed life, especially as he dusts off and adjusts the SB rings and game-day MVP awards and replica SB trophies over his fire place and wonders why he can’t be as fortunate as Tony.

  11. I see Mike has a clue and dosent want to get the Barber, Shockey, treatment from Giants fans. Not to mention the pure fact of him being right

  12. Quarterbacks don’t play against each other, they play against the other team’s defense.

    I think that defenses would fear facing Eli Manning more than Tony Romo at this point since Eli has shown the ability to win big games. Particularly games in which the Giants have had to come from behind.

    Romo just hasn’t shown that ability on a consistent basis.

  13. Romo had FOUR 4th quarter comebacks last season, and 2 of them came within a week of breaking a rib and puncturing a lung.

    The “Romo isn’t clutch” line is a silly misperception based on his team’s lack of playoff success. In other words, a justification for underrating a QB who consistently puts up outstanding numbers.

    Better team: it’s been the Giants.

    Better QB: Tony Romo. Compare their numbers and see for yourself.

    Football’s a TEAM sport. The Giants D shut out the Falcons, then made Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady look downright mediocre in the 2012 playoffs.

  14. I wouldn’t even put Romo in as a top 10 QB. Wins are all that matter, Romo can have his garbage time stats but in the end he’s just a QB who’s won 1 playoff game in his 6 or 7 year career, despite being the top seeded team more than once.

    Romo has been overrated since he stepped foot onto a football field back in 06, the fact he made a pro bowl his first year despite throwing 19 TDs to 13 INTs shows that. At least fans are catching on to Romo and realizing that he isn’t that good, he hasn’t made a pro bowl since 2009 and is 32 years old. He won’t improve as a player anymore, at least not in the current offensive system he’s in.

  15. Stats are misleading. Use the ‘eye test’ to determine who can really play. Romo is basically Alex Rodriguez…. Plenty of talent but wilts in the spot light. Eli is Derek Jeter… Stats might not be as good and might not be quite as gifted an athelete, but EVERY PLAYER and EVERY FAN that isn’t biased would want Jeter and Eli over ARod and Romo with the season on the line.

  16. I’m not a fan of either Romo or Eli, but in my mind its a no brainer. Eli has proven that he can win the big game. Romo hasn’t. That gives Eli the edge without question.

  17. I believe they are both great qbs, but Eli is just money when you need him to be. Romo, not so much. But dude has a way of plowing blonde singers though..

  18. Every year all the “experts” say Dallas is the most talented, or the Eagles will win the Division.. Giants defense sucked this past year according stats, running game also stunk according to stats. You can’t use Romo stats, and not look at Giants defense stats/as well as running game and then make an argument that Eli is on a better team. The stats don’t agree with you.

  19. chazzmon says: Jul 7, 2012 2:27 PM

    Romo’s a very good QB that can’t win the big one because of him or his team. Eli took two teams from wildcard (all road games except vs ATL) to 2 Superbowl wins and 2 MVP’s. Eli’s got no swagger but he’s got game and some bling.
    Giants won the division last year – they were not a wild-card team. Wild-cards don’t get home playoff games unless there’s a 5-vs-6-seed conference championship.

  20. I am not a Giants fan by any means. I agree, this is a very silly comparison. Eli has 2 SB wins under his belt and is a great clutch player when the game is on the line. Please start giving respect where respect is due. What else do you want Eli to do?

  21. redguy12588 says:
    “…Rivers have all accomplished more and are younger than Romo.”

    The argument goes, “SBs are everything”. If that is true then Rivers has accomplished the same as Romo in a longer career.

    Also, Romo is the 2nd ranked NFL passer of all time. To claim that he has accomplished less than the players he is ranked above is incorrect.

  22. toppdogg51 says: “Eli has 2 SB wins under his belt and is a great clutch player when the game is on the line. ”

    This is the statement that everyone uses but it is absolutely false. Take a look at Manning’s playoff stats before this last year. You’ll see that Romo out-performed him. You’ll also see that Manning has LOST playoff games. The statement that he is “a great clutch player when the game is on the line” is false. Unless you consider those OTHER playoff games meaningless.

    Also, “clutch” Manning threw THREE pick-sixes in a playoff loss a few years ago. Romo gets blasted for his two pick-sixes in the early season Detroit game last year, but Manning outdid him WHEN THE GAME WAS ON THE LINE in the playoffs.

  23. The “head to head” comparison is like-wise bogus. Romo throwing against the Giant’s D and Manning throwing against the Cowboy D is meaningless when comparing QBs.

    Measured against same opponents (both of them throwing against the SAME defenses) during the regular season last year and you’ll see that Romo outperformed Manning.

  24. For the record “Clutch” Eli has never thrown a pick 6 in the playoffs, let alone 3. You are refering to the game against the Vikings in his second or third year. To compare Eli and Romo is like comparing apples and oranges. They are both well above average Qb’s. For their careers, statistically Romo is better… in the regular season. As for team success/playoffs… 5 vs. 3 yrs in playoffs, 3 vs. 2 division titles, 8 vs. 1 playoff wins, 2 vs. o superbowls. Also which quarterback which you want the ball in his hands with a opportunity to win the game? As a Giants fan im happy that Eli was able to put up a great year statistically and win a championship while doing it.

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