Adrian Peterson says “truth will surface”


Arrested for resisting arrest and accused of pushing an off-duty police officer, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has addressed the situation on Twitter.

“Thank you for waiting for the facts,” he said.  “Truth will surface.”

And the truth (or at least Peterson’s version of it) presumably will be different from the allegations against him.  Paraphrasing a bounty-related quote recently posted by Browns linebacker Scott Fujita, Peterson says, “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”

Of course, nothing stops Peterson from professing his version of the truth right now, on Twitter or elsewhere.  But he’s surely under orders from his lawyer(s) to not talk about the details, since anything Peterson says can and will be used against him within the confines of his potential prosecution.

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  1. AD has always been a class act. He’s one athlete I believe when he says the truth will surface in his favor.

  2. Here is what seems the strangest to me, how can you be arrested for resisting arrest? I’m not a law expert by any means, but aren’t people usually arrested for something, then also charged with resisting in addition to the original charge? There seems to be no original charge stated anywhere?

  3. The truth is they have you on video camera.
    So why would the club try and start something
    with “you” knowing all is being taped?
    Story/truth is the club was closed and instead of following the rules and leaving “you” became a jerk,
    and tried to start crap and a “off duty police officer” working as a security guard asked you to leave, But you had no idea that he was a “real cop” and tried to pull crap with him!
    Rich athletes you are NOT above the law! Stop acting like you are and stop playing the victim!
    Stop drinking and driving drunk, carrying guns, and going to strip clubs and thinking your “the man”!

  4. He was arrested for resisting arrest, after HPD dropped the assault charge. It’s on, Houston’s newspaper.

  5. “AD has always been a class act. He’s one athlete I believe when he says the truth will surface in his favor.”

    Since the rest of us don’t know him personally like you obviously do, we don’t know him well enough to know if he’s really a class act or not.

    And “Truth will surface” is what everyone accused of any crime says. Caveman lawyers were saying it 10,000 years ago.

  6. That quote from AP, was from Winston Churchill, and is maybe more true today. While I do not know all the facts, I would guess this off duty cop was powertrippin as most cops do today. There is some decent cops out there, but most I have talked to and dealt with have little man complexes. Maybe I am wrong, and AP was really acting like an idiot, however, I am biased against police, and I come from a law enforcement family.

  7. My friend and I were standing outside of a club when a fight broke out. We had nothing to do with it. A confused officer maced by friend in the face (thinking he was someone else) and then tried to arrest him (for fighting when he didnt). My friend kept trying to take his hands away to wipe his burning face, and the cop didnt like that, so he dropped him to the floor.

    Eventually, everyone the was outside the club (including the bouncers) verified that my friend had nothing to do with the fight. Did the cop apologize? No. Since he couldn’t arrest my friend for fighting, he arrested him for resisting arrest (trying to wipe his maced face) and disorderly conduct.

    Charges were dropped eventually (since he had good lawyer) but shows you how someone gets charged with “resisting arrest” w/out a real charge to go with it.

  8. Security footage will clear it up hopefully. What I gathered was that the off-duty cop/security officer told him he was under arrest and told him to put his hands behind his back. At this point AD probably thinks hes dealing with a bouncer still. Not a cop. Then a second On-Duty cop intervenes, and finally a third. It’ll be interesting to see if AD ever actually saw he was dealing with Uniformed Police Officers who identified themselves as such, and gave a lawful order. POTENTIALLY he thought he was dealing with Bar staff the entire time and not Police. Doesn’t give him the right to be a jerk though.If a bouncer tells me to put my hands behind my back and that I’m under arrest…. I ‘d chuckle and walk a away

  9. I’m not a Viking’s fan but I must say I’m on AP’s side here. The whole thing sounds fishy to me. Why was he being arrested? I would resist too if someone is arresting me for no reason.

  10. What a shame…. If it wasn’t for the Saints dirty and illegal tactics, this guy would have a Super Bowl ring.

  11. @Uncommon1: Pretty accurate, the only thing I’d add is that if the bouncer asked you to leave the premises (which they are fully within their rights to do), and you walk away (in a direction that isn’t the door) they’re fully within their rights to place their hands on you and remove you. However, they’re not allowed to become violent unless you initiate it.

    So, it’ll be interesting to see what the footage has to say, hopefully Adrian didn’t do anything wrong, but if not….well, hopefully he learns from this mistake.

  12. Maybe he can just use legal tactics to delay the thing until he retires. That way he can avoid the suspension, that seems to be the vike way..

  13. I’m not saying Scott Fujita’s not quote-worthy, but I would say that I’m pretty sure AP was quoting Winston Churchill when he said, “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”

  14. Any Lions fan who gets down on Vikings fans for not affiliated with REAL Lions fans….Go Lions!

  15. My guess is that everyone overreacted and everyone is at least partially to blame for the situation escalating to this point. But I’d sure be interested in seeing the video. How did it only take 3 cops to tackle AP? There may be a future in the NFL awaiting one of these guys. Dude has dragged and/or dodged 5-8 of my Packers on multiple occassions. Or was it the night of sauce that slowed AP down?

  16. What’s worse than some paper pushing ego maniac?

    A paper pushing ego maniac hired to sit at a bar.

    Here in Chicago I see it all the time. Off duty cops antagonize drunks till they do something, then arrest them. Anyone that sees drunks at 2:30 in the morning knows it doesn’t take much. I quit going to a place because every Wednesday I went there, that happened. It’s not right, and peoples lives get screwed up because of it.

  17. Of course it will….every athlete who ends up in trouble like this always says the truth will surface!! They never do anything wrong….do they?

  18. There is some decent cops out there, but most I have talked to and dealt with have little man complexes.


    Here’s the difference between you and me. I talked to a cop once, when I was crossing the street during a Fourth of July parade. So, how often to you have to “deal with” the cops?

  19. This is a police officer who has decided to put him self at odds with a 100 million dollar NFL running back,… AP will SUE him an the rest of Texas behind this. This off duty dummy tried to bring down AP by his self.. Now thats funny. But the club owner is the real loser cause now NFL players with millions of dollars wont go to his club anymore

  20. The lack of knowledge by the typical post writer is amazing.

    Whether you’ve committed a crime or not if a police office tells you to put your hands behind your back and you don’t and he has to force your compliance you have resisted arrest. Period.

    There might not be another charge but the resisting arrest charge will exist on it’s on and will have to be settled through the criminal justice system.

    So no mater what you’ve sure you haven’t done, when a police officer gives you an order follow it.

    For all you brave folks who say you’d just walk away or refuse to cooperate, you would piss your panties if you had to spend a day in the shoes of the police officer who encounters real criminals and deals with life threatening situations in those instances. It doesn’t happen every day, but when it happens, and you get no warning, it is very real.

    The rest of you would piss yourself when you got to the city or county jail, much less the prison where the real bad guys live.

    Some of us have experience in these issues and the rest of you should stop posting about things you can’t even begin to comprehend because you’re making yourselves look like fools.

  21. I’d believe AP over any cop who jumps on his back and charges him with resisting arrest, with no charge stemming from the arrest that was being resisted.

  22. In my experience working at clubs in a few different cities the cops are always shaking down club owners for money and paid detail…. or else. If I’m owning a club…. I’m gonna side with the cops as a good business decision.

  23. this is prefaced by the fact that i am a viking fan and an AD lover.
    he has always been an idiot and though he has always been gracious to his fans has always maintained a certain level of entitlement. i would not doubt for a second that AD would get involved in a situation like this. innocent till proven guilty but im not gonna be disillusioned into thinking this is unthinkable behavior from AD.

  24. “Carl Gerbschmidt says:Jul 8, 2012 6:50 PM

    Maybe he can just use legal tactics to delay the thing until he retires. That way he can avoid the suspension, that seems to be the vike way..”
    Hey Gerbchit….which team does Anthony Hargrove play for???? These Houston police officers are damn lucky it wasn’t Aaron Rodgers wearing his skirt or they would be in trouble for “inappropriate touching”. How would’ve they handled a strip-search of Erin…..hmmmmmmm , interesting.

  25. thepvyharvin says:
    Jul 8, 2012 3:43 PM
    AD has always been a class act. He’s one athlete I believe when he says the truth will surface in his favor.


    He never said that the truth would surface in his favor, just that it would surface.

  26. ghjjf says:

    What a shame…. If it wasn’t for the Saints dirty and illegal tactics, this guy would have a Super Bowl ring.

    So you are that certain the Vikings could have beat the Colts…

  27. The fact that HPD immediately dropped the assault charge SPEAKS VOLUMES.

    It is safe to say that there was no push, and that they were trying to arrest him on completely false pretenses, which could explain why there may have been some resistance.

    Also, a couple of people here need to check themselves. Peterson was out having dinner and drink with family members. He did nothing wrong. Unless you consider asking for a bottle of water as you leave a bar a beat down and arrest worth offense.

    Frankly, I hope the Houstan PD gets slapped with a massive lawsuit if there was no push. (Which I’m 99.99% sure there wasn’t.) How many people in Houstan have been falsely arrested and imprisoned for a “push” that never happened? If the answer is one or more, Peterson needs to send some lawyers down to Houstan with guns blazing.

    Hang em high!

  28. Here is the “Truth” that has surfaced about the Vikings long history.

    Why the Vikings are the most inept team in professional sports history

    ** 4 Superbowl losses

    ** 5 straight losses in NFC Championship games

    **Gary Anderson who had just completed the first perfect regular season in NFL history (not missing a single extra point or field goal attempt the entire year), missed a 38-yard attempt with less than 2 minutes remaining in NFC championship game that most likely puts Vikes in Superbowl in 98.

    **in 2003 Arizona’s last second touchdown on 4th and 28 against Vikings eliminated Vikings from playoffs. The moment of Arizona’s touchdown was actually the first moment the entire season in which the Vikings hadn’t led their division. The Vikings became the second team in football history to miss the playoffs after getting off to a 6-0 start

    **The “Hail Mary” pass Drew Pearson caught against the Vikes in 75 NFC championship to give Dallas the win in the final minute.

    **Jim Marshall’s wrong way run

    **The Herschel Walker trade in which Vikings gave Dallas three 1st rounders, three 2nd rounders, plus a 3rd and a 6th rounder in addition to 5 players. Walker lasts only 3 seasons in Minnesota
    ** In 1999 the Vikings select Michigan State Defensive end Dimitrius Underwood with the 29th overall pick. Underwood spent one day in camp and walked out. It was eventually shown Underwood suffered from mental Illness. The ineptness of the Vikings comes into play because his coaches at Michigan State warned NFL scouts that he was not mentally stable enough to play in the NFL.
    **Vikings despite being favored, The Vikings lose 41-0 in NFC championship game in 2000.
    **Green Bays Antonio Freeman makes one of the all time great miracle catches in overtime to defeat Vikings in 2000
    **2003 In yet another move of ineptness the Vikings are on the board in the first round of the 2003 draft with the 7th overall pick. The Vikings missed the deadline to make the pick. Meanwhile, the two teams immediately behind Minnesota on the board Jacksonville and Carolina rushed their cards to the podium in New York and made their picks before the Vikings.
    ** With 19 seconds remaining in the 2010 NFC Championship game the Vikings call a timeout on 3rd and 10 at the Saints 33 yard line. They had one timeout remaining, so the smart money was on them running the ball and hoping to gain four to five yards — thus setting up an approximately 45-yard field goal as time expired to win the game. On that next play the Vikings are penalized for 12 men in the huddle. The penalty pushed them out of FG range and most likely cost them a trip to the Superbowl. See below for nail in the coffin on the next play
    **2010 Favre`s 3rd down 4th quarter interception with seconds remaining vs Saints in NFC championship puts New Orleans in Superbowl.
    * Between 1986 and 1990, nine Vikings were arrested for drunken driving, and receiver Buster Rhymes was treated for cocaine dependency.

    * In 1988, citing “overwhelming negative response” from the public, the Vikings released convicted sex offender Mossy Cade.

    * In 1994, Joey Browner is charged with third-degree rape in Minneapolis. Charges are later dismissed.

    * In 1995, running back Keith Henderson pleaded guilty to three counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct.

    * 1995, Star Minnesota Vikings quarterback Warren Moon is arrested in Houston and charged with misdemeanor assault after he slapped his wife, choking her “nearly to the point of unconsciousness.” Moon is later acquitted after his wife refuses to testify. A few months previously, Moon had been charged with sexual assault by a Vikings cheerleader in a case that was settled out of court.

    * That year, Moon allegedly struck his wife in the head with an open hand and choked her to the point where she almost passed out, according to police in Missouri City, Texas.

    She did not press charges and, although the case went to trial anyway, Moon was found not guilty.

    * In 1995, the Star Tribune reported that the Vikings paid $150,000 to head off a sexual harassment suit against Vikings assistant coach Richard Solomon, coach Dennis Green’s closest friend on the staff.

    * In 1996, James Harris, Minnesota Vikings defensive end, pleads guilty to third-degree assault for beating his wife.

    * In 1999, safety Orlando Thomas was disciplined by the NFL after pleading no contest to the misdemeanor charge of simple battery on his wife.

    * In 2002, receiver Randy Moss knocked a traffic cop to the ground with his car, then was charged with drug possession. He later reached an out-of-court settlement with the officer.

    * In 2002, two women claimed to be sexually assaulted at the team’s Arctic Blast fundraiser.

    * In 2004, linebackers E.J. Henderson and Michael Nattiel and tight end Steve Farmer were arrested after officers said they saw the players assaulting a man outside the Tabu nightclub in Minneapolis.

    * In 2005, running back Onterrio Smith was suspended by the NFL for a year for violating the league’s substance abuse policy, two months after being caught at an airport with The Original Whizzinator, a kit designed to circumvent drug tests.

    * Also in 2005, coach Mike Tice was fined by the NFL for scalping Super Bowl tickets, and defensive tackle Kevin Williams was arrested on charges of domestic abuse.

    * Wide receiver Kelly Campbell driving a stolen SUV high with a stolen and weapon, with 16 grams of marijuana

    * Daunte Culpepper’s SUV involved in drug arrest

    * Former running back Ted Brown was indicted by a Mille Lacs County grand jury in late 2003 on first-and third-degree criminal sexual conduct charges after an incident at a team function on Lake Mille Lacs. He remains free on bail.

    Brown is charged in a February 2003 incident during the Vikings’ annual Arctic Blast event at Eddy’s Resort. Prosecutors allege that Brown forced sex on an intoxicated woman who was unable to consent.
    *Koren Robinson getting a DUI
    * Tommy Kramer DUI
    * Donald Igwebuike involved in drug trafficking
    * Robert Tate threatening to have the mother of his child beaten up by his cousin
    * Kenny Mixon not 1, not 2, but 3 DUI’s while with the team
    * Former Executive Mike Kelly getting a DUI going to bail out players at the Arctic Blast
    * Denny Green Sexual Harassment Allegations
    * EJ Henderson DUI * *While every team makes draft blunders I especially like this one. In 2005 the Vikings passed on Aaron Rodgers … twice. Once, to draft wide receiver Troy Williamson at No. 7 and again at No. 18 picking defensive end Erasmus James. Neither lived up to their hype and even more noteworthy both aren’t on the roster
    * January 2011 Vikings De Everson Griffin being arrested 2 times within 3 days. He was Drunk in public and then 3 days later was tased by the police after trying to run away after being pulled over for suspicion of felony battery.
    * 2010 Vikings trade a 3rd round draft pick to Patriots for WR Randy Moss. Moss is cut 4 games later

    *Oh, yeah, that whole sex boat scandal too.
    *2011 Former Vikings qb Warren Moon came up with this genius quote regarding Auburn QB Cam Newton. ” A lot of the criticism he’s receiving is unfortunate and racially based, Moon told Freeman. “ thought we were all past this. I don’t see other quarterbacks in the draft being criticized by the media or fans…”
    *2011 September 2011 Vikings safety Tyrell Johnson arrested for suspicion Impaired driving
    *2011 October Vikings Cornerback Chris Cook was arrested on two charges: domestic assault and intentional attempts to inflict bodily harm on another. Misses October 23, 2011 game against Packers because he was still in jail.
    *2011 With the arrest of Minnesota Vikings cornerback, Chris Cook, on charges of felony domestic assault/strangulation and fifth degree domestic assault, the Vikings have managed to pull into first place as the most arrested team in the has been tracking NFL player arrests dating back to 2000 and offers a great database for looking up the NFL’s tax subsidized misfits.As of 10/14/2011, Sign on San Diego’s database had the Minnesota Vikings tied for #1 with the Cincinnati Bengals, which was gain (in a negative way) for the Vikings who were two arrests behind Cincinnati (32-30) back in July 2010:
    *Dec 2011- Vikings DB Benny Sapp has been cited for fifth-degree assault and careless driving, both misdemeanors, after a run-in with security at Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis.
    *April 2012 The Minnesota Vikings have signed Jerome Simpson, the former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver recently convicted on a felony drug charge.The contract was completed Thursday, hours before the Vikings began the NFL draft..Simpson was sentenced earlier this month to 15 days in jail, three years of probation and 200 hours of community service plus a $7,500 fine and court costs. He previously pleaded guilty a prohibited act relating to controlled substances. Authorities said they tracked a shipment of 2 1/2 pounds of marijuana to his Kentucky home in September and that they found another pound of the drug inside the house. Simpson will be suspended for three games under the league’s substance abuse policy.
    * July 2012 Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is arrested for resisting arrest and accused of pushing an off-duty police officer

    I`m sure there are things I missed but this is why

    I believe the Vikings are the most inept team Professional sports history

  29. This is an estimate, but I would say this is probably the 20th story about an NFL player in trouble with the law since January 1, 2012. This League has a serious problem.

  30. Also consider the fact that the owner and employees have far more reason to speak out against AD than for him. Admitting that the other “employees” were the aggressors could open up liability to AD’s lawers. Just sayin’…

  31. doug1grohlin says:Jul 8, 2012 7:39 PM

    Here in Chicago I see it all the time. Off duty cops antagonize drunks till they do something, then arrest them. Anyone that sees drunks at 2:30 in the morning knows it doesn’t take much. I quit going to a place because every Wednesday I went there, that happened. It’s not right, and peoples lives get screwed up because of it.
    No, people’s lives get “screwed up” because they go out to bars until two in the morning, get trashed, and act like a-holes even to cops.

    It’s not the cop’s fault that people behave in a way that gets them arrested, moron.

  32. mountaindont says:Jul 8, 2012 10:17 PM

    Here is the “Truth” that has surfaced about the Vikings long history.


    You left out at least one… they lost to the KC Chiefs in SB IV despite being overwhelming favorites… although in hindsight that was a very good KC team loaded with stars and with a really good coach.

    However, what you’ve forgotten is that fans don’t care about all of that crap. They care about next year. It’s always been that way and always will be. Mental illness is horrible thing to have, but sports fans in general have it when it comes to their teams.

    You, as a Packer fan no doubt, know this because if you’re old enough to remember the 70’s and 80’s you understand what inept means.

  33. As long as he didn’t re-injure his leg. Who cares. This hardly registers as reportable.

    And “mount-a-goat” above should have his cut and paste privileges taken away.

  34. vikingsfanintexas

    Oh Yes I recall the ineptness of the Packers in the 70`s and 80`s. It was hard to watch. However, you could go all the way back to the Packers birth in 1919 and not be able to put together a list as complete as the one I posted about the Vikings. In fact I doubt you could make a list about any pro sports team that would match the Vikings in the Past 30 years.

  35. Loyalty through heartbreak says something about a people. It’s harder to be a Vikings fan than a packer or steeler fan, amazing they brag about accomplishments they didn’t actually earn. I salute viking nation(which also includes the twins and timberwolves mind you) for loyalty through hardship. Definitely toughens you up. I feel a kinship to browns fans as well. Go on and brag, understand we are better sports fans, we stay true through it all.

  36. Whoever said that you can have a resisting arrest charge on its own is WRONG. Don’t just say stuff and think that by blurting it out its correct. Its not.

    Read the Resisting statute, it has to be a “lawful arrest” first… in this situation its almost always Disorderly Conduct.

  37. What I do know, “vikingsfanintexas” is that when I take a sanctimonious posture and/or pretend to be someone’s overbearing father, I make sure to nail the grammar and 2nd grade spelling rules.

    Everyone reading this thread thinks you’re corny and full of crap.

  38. Unlike most athletes today, Peterson deserves the benefit of the doubt. He’s one of the good guys.

    That said, nothing good ever happens after 2 am, especially at a nightclub.

  39. mountaindont : Drew Pearson cheated. And he should be ashamed pf himself gor getting that ref hit with a bottle.(I don’t really believe that, by the way. The bottle thing Pearson definitely cheated).

  40. Life isn’t fair sometimes, but you need to recognize your surroundings to know when to pick your battles. Resisting no matter if you’re at fault will never result in a positive ending. If a cop/security officer ask you to leave after closing, and for some unimaginable reason you find yourself getting cuffed, then you respect the law. After the dust settles, battle your stance then. Violence is never the answer whether your at fault or not. If the truth will come out, then you should have never resisted the order to leave. Respect your law officers and stop putting out there that they are all corrupt, and have this “little man complex” as one of the other comments stated. 99% of the police officers are good people protecting their community, and we all should thank them for their service.

  41. Don’t really care much about the AD story, but I gotta give props to any Cave Man Lawyer reference. I’m sure the facts about this case “frightens and confuses” him.

  42. Probably an off duty cop acting tough at the bar and when AP called him out he had his buddies arrest him for “assault”. What a joke. Time for the boys in blue to move on from the small man syndrome, most of us have seen or experienced it at some point, and its pathetic.

  43. nflfollower says: Jul 9, 2012 8:50 AM

    Probably an off duty cop acting tough at the bar and when AP called him out he had his buddies arrest him for “assault”. What a joke. Time for the boys in blue to move on from the small man syndrome, most of us have seen or experienced it at some point, and its pathetic.


    Probably another pro athlete acting as if he is above the rules/law, and pumped out his chest in front of his boys. Time for these athletes in purple to move on from the elitist pro athlete syndrome, that most of us fans have seen or read about at some point, and yes they are pathetic.

  44. 1: The lack of knowledge among readers here never fails to amaze me.

    2: The history of the Minnesota Vikings has nothing to do with this incident. Nothing. period.

    3: This would have gone un-noticed and eventually swept under the rug if it hadn’t been a high profile NFL player.

    4: None of us has enough information to make a judgement of any kind, short of: let’s wait and see how it plays our.

    My money’s on AD. The kid has everything, money grace and style, nothing pisses off people with inferiority complexes more.

  45. The “truth,” AP, is that you were out somewhere you should not have been, at a time of night you should not have been there, doing things you should not have been doing while attempting to recover from major ACL and MCL tears and surgery.

  46. “thepvyharvin says:
    Jul 8, 2012 3:43 PM
    AD has always been a class act. He’s one athlete I believe when he says the truth will surface in his favor.”


    Is this the same class act who compared playing pro football to slavery?

    Is this the same class act who was busted going OVER 100 mph on the freeway?

    I’ll reserve judgment on what happened here, but AP does not deserve the benefit of the doubt because he is a “class act” – he deserves the benefit of the doubt because all the facts haven’t come out.

  47. When you are a club owner an you get LUCKY enough too have a 100 million dollar NFL running back walk into your club…You only have one job an thats to make him HAPPY an keep him happy…. FOOL hes going to spend lots of money an be the cause of more people coming in that night…. But the best part is AP IS TELLING OTHER NFL MILLIONAIRS that he had a great time at your club. The owner is the real loser because he let that off duty dummy bring a bad name to his club

  48. Here’s a shocker Adrian: those are real policemen – albeit off duty they are still cops with badges. Pushing one who identifies himself as a police officer is a no no in case you weren’t aware of it.

    I bet your entourage was there with cameras photographing your take town but did they get the part where you started the fight????? Bet not. Oh, and I’ll bet the cops were white guys.

  49. If Peterson was arrested for resisting arrest, what was he originially being arrested for? The charge of being arrested for resisting arrest means that the officers were attempting to arrest him for something else.

  50. Any moron without a life could come up with a list on any team, including the Packers, like mountaindont did on the Vikings. The difference between him and the rest of us is that we have lives and spend our time on better things. Well, that and we actually post stuff people read.

  51. @purpleguy

    So true so true.
    * Don`t forget that I live in my Mom`s basement. *That I`m a mouth breather and a inbred *I had to have made some grammatical or spelling errors in my post that you should have pointed out to show my lack of education. *Next time please change around my screen name into something juvenile
    * The ever popular gay references
    You know just the typical comments Vikings fans make when they can`t defend their inept franchise

  52. This will probably be chalked up to a big misunderstanding on both sides, and AD will probably get his hands slapped. Do I think it right, not sure, but AD has been a stand up kind of guy since he came into the league, except he has a led foot!:) BTW PD in bars is not that rare. I was with a band for many years and seen my fair share of bar closings, and they often did walk through but rarely did anything and if they did it was at the bars’ request. Most of the time the bouncers tossed them out, but most of them were skinny 22 year old guys, not someone like AD, so I can almost understand how they went overboard on this. Until the misunderstanding is cleared up, both are at fault.

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