After peaking in 2007, NFL attendance steadily has declined

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The recent focus on reducing blackouts has obscured a more important stat when it comes to keep NFL balance sheets deep in the black.

Despite unprecedented growth of TV audiences, attendance at NFL games reached an all-time high in 2007.  It has consistently dropped ever since.

In 2011, the NFL posted the lowest total attendance since the league expanded to 32 teams in 2002 with the addition of the Houston Texans.  That year, 16,883,310 paying customers attended the 256 regular-season games.  The number climbed over the next five years, maxing out at 17,345,205 in 2007.

Since then, the numbers has dropped each year.  In 2011, the total paid attendance of 16,562,706 was lower than the prior year’s 16,569,514, even though the 2010 figure excluded the Giants-Vikings game that was moved to Ford Field after the roof of the Metrodome collapsed.

It translates to an average paid crowd of 64,698.  That’s the lowest per-game number since 1998, when 64,020 tickets were bought per game for 240 total regular-season contests.

Repeated shrinkage over the last half decade underscores the challenge the NFL is facing.  At a time when everything else regarding the sport is growing, the league has seen its paying customers steadily drop by more than 4.5 percent since 2007.

And so, on the subject of the various changes being made to make the in-stadium experience as good or better than staying home, the NFL isn’t being proactive.  The NFL instead is reacting to a troubling downward trend.

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  1. The consequences of 50 inch HD TVs, more television access (Direct TV package), and a better overall viewing experience.

    Why bother waiting in traffic, paying $10 for a beer, and potentially getting beat-up if your team is visiting when you can just stay home with some friends and have a better time?

    I’m sure this trend isn’t strictly with the NFL and affects MLB, NBA, NHL, and other sports as well.

  2. Simple arrogance on the NFL’s part. They’ve been gouging the fans for years because they could. Now they can’t. I’ll be going on my 3rd straight year without spending a single penny on NFL-related merchandise whether it be game tickets, team merchandise, or even a copy of Madden (I buy used on general principle so the NFL gets none of my cash….even indirectly).

    The league’s day of reckoning is coming. And I cannot wait for the league to take an entire Humble Pie right in the face.

  3. Stadiums are smaller now compared to 10-15 yrs ago…more luxury boxes and less bleacher seating

  4. It costs too much, and is generally a crappy experience unless you’re a loud drunk. More of an ordeal than anything.
    I gave up my season tix two years ago.
    Had enough of $30.00 mud parking and everything else.

  5. The problem is simple — ticket prices are too high.

    Basic economics. Bring the prices down to fill the stadium back up, especially in places where the team hasn’t been winning.

  6. Finally, we can stop bashing the small market teams. Jacksonville’s attendance falls squarely into that range. So, stadium issues will be the key to teams moving….not a problem in Jacksonville for the next decade plus…

  7. The solution is simple….Lower the ticket prices. I enjoy nothing more than tailgating with friends and going to a game and seeing it in person. However, when I have to pay $500+ to go see a game my comfortable couch, cheap beer and food, HD TV and the ability to walk 20 feet to the bathroom is the better option…Want to make my experience at the stadium better? Lower to ticket prices, stop charging me $40 to park my car, and dont make me take out a loan to buy a beer and food at the stadium.

  8. All I gotta say is that I like beer and plenty of it, but it costs too much at nfl stadiums.

  9. I can watch all the games on my flatscreen and buy a sixer of excellent beer for $10. Or I can pay $50+ for tix, $35 for parking (at my own risk), and $10 each for 16oz of crummy beer. It’s kind of a no brainer for me.

  10. You can thank the Bengals 🙂 but seriously it costs a small fortune to go to a game. You can pay for nfl ticket and watch ALL the games

  11. StubHub and other ticket brokers aren’t helping matters either…I can’t even purchase a standing room ticket without paying at least $150…Anyone else find it strange that somehow Stubhub ends up with an entire row of seats, I’ve been told that the NFL wouldn’t sell tickets directly to ticket brokers…I smell a giant pile of BS, I’ll be on my couch

  12. In 2007, FedEx Field had a capacity that was about 10,000 seats higher than 2011. Ralph Wilson has lost about 1,000 seats. Arrowhead has lost 3,000 seats. And there’s others. All in the name of adding luxury capacity.

    But I know others have added.

    Any idea if there’s more or less seats to buy compared to 2007?

  13. The average family has not been able to go to an NFL game since free agency started back in 1993… since then, the players have demanded so much money that it had to come from somewhere… which was off the back of the average fan.

    When I was growing up, my Dad took us to games often. It’s how I became such an obsessive die-hard fan… now, the notion of me takign my entire family (myself, wife, and 2 kids), isn’t even plausible… and I make way more money than my dad did growing up.

    The league & teams NEED to find a way to lower the prices of tickets, parking, concessions so that families can attend games again.

  14. File this under “duh”
    Yes, the NFL has the best sports product available at this time.
    But the prices for the stadium experience is crazy. For near a decade me & my wife had our vacation be a game. We can’t even afford that any more (also hurts that our team is over 3k miles away) but if you want people in the stands… Make it affordable to be in the stands.
    Don’t stare at the sun and ask me why your eyes hurt, moron.

  15. Also, if there are average food/beverage/parking prices available through the years for NFL stadiums — that, too, may correlate to the dwindling attendance.

  16. is it that difficult to figure out? the economy has completely plummeted since 2007 staying at home and watching every game on DirecTV or drop $100+ watching a single game pretty easy to see why the attendance is dropping…

    just sayin’

  17. Isnt stubhub part of the problem? Ticket goes on sale for $60 and instantly trying to be resold for $250. Stubhub started as someone that couldnt go to a game to now its tickets just going on sale to being resold. Food, beer, and parking are expensive enough that a ticket costs 3 times as much as soon as it goes on sale just to see the game live. Prices for everything is a joke. So keep your resold stub hub tix, your $30 parking, $12 beer and $10 pretzel and will watch the same game on tv for $15.

  18. Let’s compare side-by-side the ticket price inflation to dwindling attendance… If someone has figures, I bet we can show a direct correlation…

  19. Not to rain on any parades here but the 2008 season started as the economy tanked. The economy hasn’t really recovered a whole lot for your average American since then. That may be all the explanation you need for the decreased attendance. People have less disposable income, and the extra money they have is going to pay down debt in case they get laid off.

  20. kmkhaine says:Jul 8, 2012 10:22 PM
    Don’t stare at the sun and ask me why your eyes hurt, moron.
    Love that saying!

    Post of the month.

  21. bigfranky75 says: The average family has not been able to go to an NFL game since free agency started back in 1993… since then, the players have demanded so much money that it had to come from somewhere… which was off the back of the average fan.

    Sir, that is a nonsensical fairy tale aimed at villianizing the players.

    The owners and players have revenue sharing. The owners set the prices and a percentage of that, as part of the league’s overall revenue, goes to the players.

    You have the cart pushing the horse and that’s not how it works.

  22. Hmmm…I wonder if there’s a possibility that this potentially might perhaps have something to do with the economy.

  23. It’s simple in theory, drop ticket, concession, and parking prices and more people come to the game.

    Problem is they can’t. At least not until they get player salaries under control.

    It’s funny, so many people that complain about the price to attend a game defend the ridiculous sums paid to these. athletes. Not all. But even one is one too many.

  24. All of the above arguments are true. Too much money, and a crappy economy.

    But I think there are a few other reasons.

    First, fantasy football. There aren’t as many true fans anymore. People would really rather stay home and check their stats. And taunt the rest of their league online.

    Next, the league itself competes with itself. Most notably with the Red Zone. Where people can see the best parts of every game live. Drastically more exciting than spending $500 to get to a game.

    Third, have you ever been in the stands at an NFL game? Drunk idiots who think they are entitled to be idiots because they paid a lot of money to be there. It is not a fun place to take a family.

    The question is simple. IS there a way to fix all of this? The team owners are hardly going to cut prices for tickets,parking, and concessions by 50-70 percent to make to tolerable. They aren’t going to stop tailgating, or serving crappy beer to the drunks.

  25. Economy+ reeeediculous prices on tix+reeediculous prices on concessions+decline in public decency+mentality shift in the players+corporate bloat. A live game just isn’t that great of an experience anymore.
    The NFL is basically where GM was in the 80’s. It’s a process. The owners, the players all have a huge wake up call coming.

  26. The economy has had a big impact.

    But, also, when did the players elect DeSmith and start fighting the NFL just to be fighting. As I see it, all that DeSmith has really accomplished is to give the NFL a black eye and to turn off former fans. He should be working with the NFL to make the game better and attract more fans.

  27. Why would someone want to sit next to drunk a-holes spewing profanities? Why would someone enjoy peeing in a trough, and get sprinkled by someone else’s pee? Why would someone wearing a visitor jersey want to run the risk of having to fight their way out of the stadium and parking lot ducking beer bottles? Why would you enjoy paying $12 for a watered down beer? Mr. Goodell should go to a game with me like a regular fan it would open his eyes, and maybe we could fix the ” experience”.

  28. I’ve actually emailed for single game ticket information and was met with nothing but attitude by the Lions ticket sales. They were beyond rude – I told them to shove it and stayed home all year. This was during the 0-16 season when fans were wearing bags over their heads at the games. They lost over a grand in ticket sales to my group alone because they have no idea what customer service actually means…

    I haven’t been to a Lion game since.

  29. The NFL is pricing out it’s fan base. Simple as that. Sure supply/demand rules, but when you’re a working blue collar guy, to take a family to an NFL game costs more than a week’s salary – and I’m not even talking concessions. Crap, the concessions are mentally priced.

    Also, the home experience is WAY better with the direct tv redzone channel (Andrew Sciciliano is now the TOP guy in sports reporting in the NFL – he’s been the best for years – wonder when he gets time to take a leak). I’ve been doing multiple screens for YEARS for real cheap, for the top home experience that no live game can provide. Sure, I’ve been to live games, but the NFL is not regional like baseball (I don’t JUST care about the home team) – and also, the pace of the game due to commercials is almost unbearable in the stands. Hockey figured it out, the NFL can’t.

    Also, for the price it costs to have MANY friends over, buy beer/food/direct tv – it’s WAY cheaper than it is to buy 1 ticket… Well, outside Cinci, Buffalo or other cities with fail arse owners.

    Who’d pay to watch their GREAT team that has an owner that cares about nothing other than being profitable. 8 dollar hot dog? I just hope that comes with a tuggy… Just sayin.

  30. When I was a kid growing up in Oakland I could save enough money during the season to see two or three games from my Paper Route! Now there are no more kids paper routes and that money wouldn’t be enough to park a car at an NFL game. Even if I did live near a professional team now I wouldn’t go to a game, it’s insanely more expensive but the game’s no better than it was then.

  31. Declinig attendance does not guarantee declining revenue. The league wants us to finance their stadiums while they sell seats to corporations that gamble with our home equities and pension plans. I could write more but I gotta get my two sons ready for their Pop Warner games…

  32. I love going to games, but as great as the viewing experience in my living room is, and as expensive as games are in person, it’s really tough to justify going to more than one a season

  33. As many other’s have posted, it costs way too much. The Rams vs Chiefs game in 2010 cost $350 a ticket ( i used saved money from afghan for this) for 5 people….So I flew there, paid the money to stay at a hotel, the ticket prices,then the absurd food and merchandise prices…

    I feel bad for Dallas fans. Jerry charges $60 for a 12 pack and $100 for a pizza for the suites? I can only imagine regular ticket fan prices..

    Stop being so greedy NFL,and you may get some fans back..otherwise I’ll pay for Direct TV, as if that price isn’t too high

  34. They should tighten up the blackout policy.

    Because if there is one thing people who barely care about crummy teams will do, it is spend $300 to see a game live because they can’t watch it on TV.

  35. billobrienschindimple says: At least not until they get player salaries under control.


    The owners pocket the first two billion every year, then the players get 50% after that.

    If that’s not control I don’t know what is.

  36. The answer for the NFL is simple – Sunday Ticket will cost $800 a season starting in 2014. If they can’t gauge you with ticket prices, they’ll gauge you on TV.

  37. What’s sad is it is the average Joe who pays for these new state-of-the-art palace stadiums and then the owners price them out of the stadium by having PLS’s, more luxury boxes and sky-high ticket prices along with concessions that would buy a week’s worth of groceries for most, parking that would pay for gas for a week for most. Owners want the the fancy places but are so out of touch with what the average fan earns that it is a no-brainer yet the owners and the NFL can’t seem to figure it out.

  38. Yes, Tiki is flabbergasted, while Drew Brees wants an explanation.

    The cost of attending 2 games is about the same as a decent 40-55 inch HDTV. You also need to remember we are talking about a Sunday event. I like to hang around the house on Sunday before returning to Monday’s grind. Going to a game becomes too much of a time commitment.

  39. Since nobody else will do it, I’ll play the villain.

    Prices increased. Ticket sales dropped. As long as the revenue generated is greater than last year owners could care less. There are more luxury boxes, club level is bigger now than ever, and many more companies buy tickets to schmooze. Those people matter more than Joe Blue-Collar because they’ll spend $500-$1000 a game vs the guy in the nose bleeds sneaking a pint of Jack in his sock. The culture of the stadium is not what it used to be in your gran pappys day.

    So unless THOSE people/companies stop spending big money? You’re more likely to see Goodell and Harrison embrace in a hug than prices drop.

  40. People are willing to pay ridiculous prices for tickets, parking, food and drinks as long as they are seeing a quality product.
    There are simply too many terrible teams in the NFL. Both the Bengals (9-7) and Broncos (8-8) qualified for the playoffs last season without a single significant win.
    The Steelers (12-4) beat just two teams on their schedule last season with a winning records. The Patriots (12-4) didn’t have to beat any team with a winning record in the regular season to make the playoffs
    Thirty-two teams are about four too many. A reduction of teams would strengthen the talent pool for the rest of the teams.
    In all my years of watching the NFL, I’ve never seen worse offensive line play. It’s terrible. There just aren’t enough quality players to go around.

  41. If the owners cut the prices of the game tickets, then they have to roll back all the salaries. They are there to make a profit and I don’t hold that against them.

  42. Post after post in thread after thread on this subject, it’s clear what FANS keep saying. The biggest complaints are the price of attending a game from the ticket to concessions to parking. Any first year student of economics will tell you that the cost benefit ratio of paying to attend a game has become not worth it.

    The NFL will have to drastically lower prices to compete with the experience of HD TVs at home or a bar. The NFL charged billions to the networks and patted themselves on the back. Did they not think that the networks would not produce the best possible product with multi camera angles, super slo mo, better announcers, stats, and graphics?

    Somehow, I think the NFL and the greedy multibillionaire owners would rather go bankrupt rather than drastically lower prices. Players wouldn’t take a pay cut either.

  43. Lots of good arguements. In addition to those stated, I think there is also a link to the NFL’s crackdown on Tailgating. Most lots at most NFL stadiums don’t open until 4 hours before kickoff. This is exactly what the NFL & the Owners want. The NFL wants less Tailgating because of liability. Owners want less Tailgating because they want people eating & drinking less in the parking lots and more inside their stadiums.
    As a season ticket holder…..I used to go to 6 – 8 games per season. We would make an entire day out of it. It was a great chance to catch-up with friends, out of town fans, etc…. With the restrictions on Tailgating – – – I now go to 4 – 6 games.
    It is nearly impossible to Tailgate (when the parking lot opens 4 hours prior to kickoff). Noon game in Chicago. Parking Lot opens at 8 a.m.. Hundreds of cars showing up all at the same time (because you can’t even line up before 8). By the time you park, it is 8:15 – 8:30. Setting up takes 30 minutes for a small Tailgate and up to 45 minutes for a larger Tailgate. Now it is between 9 & 9:30. That leaves less than 2 hours to Tailgate, grill, play bags, visit with friends, etc…. Beacuse you need to start cleaning up around 11 a.m.. That leaves 30 minutes for tear-down / clean-up and 30 minutes to walk to stadium, wait in line to get into stadium, pass through security, go to the restroom and hope to make it to your seats by kickoff.

  44. Lets see, I could spend:
    $75.00 to sit in nose bleed
    $25.00 to park
    $15.00 for 2 small domestic beers
    $30.00 for a team hat or t-shirt
    $5.00 for 1 hot dog
    $5.00 for a game program
    $15.00 gas to and from game

    $170.00 total for one person to attend a NFL game and have a pretty good time. That’s the cheap way to go.

    OR, I could spend:

    $12.44 dollars for NFL Sunday Ticket per favorite team game ($199.00/16)
    $15.00 for 12pack of local organic beer.
    $30.00 for baby back ribs and snacks.
    $11.75 for a copy of “Quarterback of the Future” by Mike Florio for bathroom reading.

    $69.19 total for one person to watch a NFL game in the comfort of their own home with some pretty stellar bathroom reading. Not to mention you can invite your friends over to watch the game with you. That’s ballin out for a Sunday afternoon at home.

    That’s a $100 difference. The NFL better wake up or we will keep seeing the numbers decline at the stadiums on game days. Why spend all that money and put yourself through all the trouble of traffic and parking when you can have a better, less expensive experience right at home?

  45. Since this has been a rising success. Let us put TWO teams in LA that cant agree on Water restrictions together and see what happens in the same stadium.

  46. the experience of going to a game is great and I would rather be there rubbing elbows with fellow football fans as opposed to watching at home. The fact is that is simply too expensive to attend. $100 for a decent ticket, $30 for parking, $50 for a few beers/food vs. watching at home for a fraction of that. Not a tough choice.

  47. You should figure it out yourself. You are the bosses. You can make billions fortunes. Is it life cycle exist?

  48. TV revenues and game attendance aren’t true zero-sum games (attracting new TV viewers can lead to new stadium visitors), but certainly the expansion of the TV market has reduced some of the appeal of attending live games for a portion of the fans.

    But also, the NFL has simply sucked at pricing games. They’ve spent the last two decades or more steadily raising the prices in stadiums, since with a (more or less) fixed number of seats the only way to increase revenues is to jack up prices.

    The NFL owners need to realize that game attendance isn’t a constant growth business the way TV has been – every time you raise the cost of attending a game (that includes concessions and parking as well as ticket prices) faster than wages increase, you are pricing some of your fans out of the experience.

  49. Time and again when this type of story is reported, the comments loudly and clearly tell the NFL what the problem is. It’s the PRICE… the P R I C E ! It’s TOO HIGH…WAY TOO HIGH. QUIT LOOKING for a reason you like. Quit blaming it on flatscreen TVs…IT’s THE PRICE.

    Recently there was another story on this site regarding what the NFL could do to boost attendance. Guess what the ‘plan’ was to help…was it lower the price of tickets, concessions, and parking? No. Was the ‘plan’ get rid of seat licenses? No. The genius plan was to make sure there is a Wi-Fi connection at all the games.


    Product marketers and researchers BEG for and pay dearly for the kind of input to solve problems we are giving you for free! The price of your product it TOO HIGH…*WAY* TOO HIGH.

    Dear NFL owners and Mr. Goodell…we used to be your personal geese that laid golden eggs for you. We geese are exhausted and we’ve passed the maximum output of those eggs.

  50. There are a combination of factors: higher ticket prices during an economic downturn, improved home viewing options and television technology, the DirecTV package in sports bars, and several other factors that have improved the fan experience away from the stadium.

    The number one reason (in my opinion) that the NFL suffers from declining attendance is that attending an NFL game sucks. The TV timeouts that are so convenient at home slow the game to a crawl for live fans. The over-consumption of alcohol leads to rude and sometimes dangerous fan behavior. The recent assaults at 49ers games were surprising only because it wasn’t a Raiders game.

    Spending fifty dollars for a ticket to a game played in a stadium where safety is a question seems stupid.

  51. They could make their tickets more affordable…but I guess jacking their prices to pay for hundreds of millions of dollars in renovations that they think will draw in fans but are actually unnecessary seeing as the fans can’t enjoy the renovations if they can’t afford the tickets is the right way to go. Right?

    Then I’ll continue to watch from my couch. My TV has a pretty nice picture and cost about as much (three years ago now) as two Eagles games would cost me. I can deal with listening to Joe Buck verbally fellate the Cowboys every week.

  52. Wow. These are shocking statistics. It’s almost as if — and I know I’m out on a limb here — but it’s almost as if something happened to the economy after 2007. Like it…recessed, and the effects of this “recession” are still being felt to today.


  53. Soon, we’ll be back to the days of SB I (The AFL-NFL Championship Game), where the cameras had to stay low to avoid showing the empty seats toward the top of the stadium. The stadium experience is now reserved for the corporations who use the tickets to “influence” their key customers, then write it off as a business expense.

  54. Does this take into account things like the redskins removing seats “to add a party deck,” cause ya know, dan snyder wants to make less money and improve fan experience…

    Anyway, the point is some teams have removed seats and while they might (definitely) have done it because people werent buying them, the nfl would have less seats to sell and therefore less attendance…idk, its late…im thinking aloud

  55. How about trying to win the fans back with football..not adult flag goodell.

  56. They just cant match the convenience of staying home. Doesnt most of the revenue come from TV deals and commercials as well as revenue sharing? So whats the big deal with lowering the ticket prices a bit to motivate some people to go to the game. Plus id rather stay home when the third world coutry known as the raider nation descends on Qualcomm its lots of fun having my car surrounded by 20 convicts as I drive through the parking lot. Plus those commercial breaks are brutal when youre at the game it kills the momentum and excitement when the players have to stand around the field for three minutes at a time

  57. Had 49ers season tickets for 30 seasons. Saw Montana, Lott, Rice, Young. But after 10 crappy poor seasons, I had seen enough. 30$ to park in a mud lot, the worst stadium in the NFL, bad season after bad season, 10$ beer and after the snail crawl out of the lot, avoiding a D.U.I. going home. I got the ticket, HD flatscreen, no longer have to miss the morning games, fantasy football going all day, free beer. Need I say more.

  58. When I try to buy tickets here in Seattle, I either have to buy a 5-game pack, an entire season, or I’m referred to the NFL ticket exchange. The first two options are prohibitively expensive for my budget (and I’m solidly middle class), and the third lets be start at $77 per ticket to hope to get seats where the players are visible and look bigger than Lego miniatures. To cure the problem of bad views, teams invest in megatron TVs screens to replicate the experience I could have in my own living room?! Seriously?! At least I have my option of several bad beers for less than $10 each, and hot dogs that cost more than an entire 10-pack in the grocery store.

    Gee, I wonder why ticket sales have gone down in the past four years. You want me in the stadium instead of watching on TV? Cut your ticket prices in half and we can talk about it. Cut off my TV, and I’ll find something else to do with my Sundays. Those are the NFL’s options.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the game, and have great memories of watching home games from the stands back when tickets were competitively priced with other entertainment options like movies and theater presentations. Yes, I’d choose to pay more for a game than either of those options, but when it costs me $400 to take my family out for one game, I could spend the same taking them for a weekend in the mountains, and for half that I could get a babysitter for the kids and have a real great night on the town with my wife. I can’t think of any reason I’d consider dropping that kind of money on a 3-hour game I can essentially replicate for free at home.

  59. It sucks that the owners charge so much for tickets but they don’t have a choice. Here in the future scalping is so easy. With the internet and digital tickets scalpers can buy and sell tickets at an alarming rate. If the teams charged lets say $50 for 50 yard line tickets scalpers would purchase as many as they can and then sell them for $300 on Stub Hub. Its not as good as being part of it but watching games on on TV has been really amazing the last five or so years. Unfortunately games cost a ton to go to but for me it was worth every penny to be there with my brother watching VD catch the game winner against the Saints. Sharing that moment in my life with 60,000 other humans was an amazing escape from the digital existence.

  60. Haven’t been to a live game since 96. I checked prices for a couple different games two months ago and stopped after about ten minutes. I am in total disbelief how out of touch the league is with the everyday fan.

  61. While the attendance has gone down, I would bet any amount of money that total revenue from ticket sales has gone up since. Way Up.

    So the only problem is….the NFL is losing head count and is fearful of telling the networks that they’re going to lose viewers…by blacking out games.

    Let’s see how they wiggle out of this mess.

    Internet Access in your seat? What a joke. Try something else fellas.

  62. For those that enjoy the stadium experience, they’ll go. I’ve had Charger season tickets since 2000 (that “wonderful” 1-15 season). I’ll still go because I like watching a game in person.

    The people that have been forced out are the casual game attendees. Those are folks that would go to one, maybe two games a year. Ticket prices jumping as they have, many can’t afford to go.

    Lastly, I wonder what attendance is like in those areas with new stadiums. Throw in four figure PSL fees, and it’s impossible for some to conitue to go.

  63. In related news……..63.8% of Americans between the age of 18 and 62 have a job.

    Let’s stop kidding ourselves about this economy – it is impacting everything, including the NFL!

  64. If not for the tailgating, half-empty stadia would be the norm. The NFL is best seen on TV. The stadium experience is better for college. Overpriced everything along with thousands of annoying jerks make sitting at home with your friends and family and a big tv well worth the money and aggravation at the stadium.

  65. Parking spot one mile from the stadium = $25
    Ticket to see the Redskins play live = $80/person
    Hot Dogs = $7.00/each
    Soda = $5.00/each
    Cost of gas to and from the game and to sit through the massive traffic jams = $10.00

    Watching my favorite team from home and skipping all of this:


  66. Collective answers to this problem:

    1. Lower ticket prices
    2. Add wireless routers so people can stay connected with the outside world (and their fantasy teams). The games last almost 3+ hours, while we watch only about 12 minutes of actual game play. Thats almost 3 hours of downtime that many fans prefer to be occupied.
    3. Get the drunken vulgar fans out of the stadiums. This problem generally isn’t an issue at baseball or basketball games, but no family with young ones wants to be subjected to a drunken raider fans rant when they are on their way of dropping to 4-11 on the season…

  67. For the price of 1 game ticket 200 bucks you could get NFL Sunday ticket and watch all the games all season from the comfort of the couch and not pay out the ear for beer, parking, food, tickets,gas and other costs.

  68. Honestly, I’d rather be at a sports bar watching my team (and 5-8 other games) than sitting in traffic, paying $20-$40 to park, dealing with the weather, being crammed into a small, uncomfortable seat, having no audio or instant replay, having to slowly exit the stadium by foot only to be struck in more road traffic, and then drive all the way home. The option to purchase directv, sleep in until kickoff, and then watch the game on a 70″ hdtv destroys the live option.

  69. What exactly did the NFLPA get out of the lockout?? Also remember what it was ALL about (hint: $$$.. & billions of it).

    Roger Goodell has butchered this game in ALL 3 phases of it. So whatever scrap of the game is left to watch, you do so in the privacy of your own home. How many freaking rule changes has there been under Goodell? I mean rule changes as low as having to name it under a specific players name, REALLY??
    Personally, he’s God awful in terms of managing a league that once thrived under Paul Tagliabue. I would pay a fortune to attend any game prior to his departure. Just my 2 cents!!

    They don’t even give you lids for a drink!!!
    You’ll be lucky enough to survive the crowds of people bumping into you until finally getting down to your seat, only to look down at a half-empty cup. Either way it’s washed down from the amount of ice inside that same cup of soda or whatever.
    It’s bullshiz!!

  70. Based on the comments above, as well as the typical whiny whiny posted by most PFT readers, NFL fans must be just a bunch of super coddled milk toast nancy boys.

    Oh, beers cost too much. I need announcers to tell me what I’m seeing. It’s too hard to follow my fantasy team. That terrible man over there was rude!

    Meanwhile, the real teams have real fans waiting in line for season tickets.

    Can’t wait to see some real fans in the Super Dome… Visitors and locals. The rest of you can keep crying.

  71. Everyone is right. It’s all about price.

    Instead of adding bells and whistles to the game day experience that nobody cares about in a futile attempt to justify the exorbitant prices, just lower the prices. If the price is not affordable, people don’t care what you do in-stadium. Attendance will have to drop some more before the NFL would ever take such a drastic step, but it’s coming.

  72. Please, forget going to games with ridiculous parking fees, terrible seats for the average Joe, in addition to high cost food and beverage stadium prices, excluding driving/waiting times to enter and exit stadiums. I believe in cookouts, cheap drinks at home on big screen tvs. I’ll save my $ for the playoffs at best…

  73. Let’s see here,
    The cost for season tickets, parking, and two beers per game for the Lions: $2400/per year.

    The cost for my 60″ HD TV with surround sound, which also works for hockey and baseball: the onetime cost of $1600.


  74. Hmmm, what could have happened in 2008 to cause declining attendence? Might it have something to do with the collapse of the global economy. I don’t know, maybe really high ticket prices, combined with the deepest recession since the Great Depression might just have something to do with it.

  75. Option 1) Spend tons of money to upgrade the stadium experience to be better than watching at home with no guarantee of success.

    Option 2) Lower ticket prices and guarantee sellouts.

  76. If the NFL wants to put more fans in the stands , then stop raising ticket prices every other year . The average middle class family has been completely priced out of going to an NFL game . A family of three is looking at hundreds of dollars to attend one game . Between tickets , food and parking theres no way a family can afford to go to a game anymore . Besides if youre a DirectTV subscriber you can get the NFL Sunday Ticket package and watch every game every Sunday from the comfort of your couch . Bottom line , the NFL did this to itself .

  77. The NFL is alienating portions of its fanbases. The nearest NFL team to me is 2 hours away, my favorite team is 6 hours away. A family of 5 would cost me a minimum of 500 dollars for tickets by the time I add in gas etc, I am over a grand for a trip to an NFL game. It’s much more cost efficient to take the kids to do something else on Saturday and then by some chips and soda and watch the games at home.


    After paying your jacked up prices for tickets and parking we deserve to be able to eat and drink in peace!

    Throw the dog a bone, Roger! I dont mind spending $40 on food and beer, but I at least want to walk away from the game feeling full and drunk!

  79. Wow. I read every response. Incredibly honest and relevant.

    Normally a company pays a marketing research team (I work at such a company) big big dollars to come up with some nonsense strategy on why there’s a problem and the best ways to combat it.

    Save your dollars, NFL. Just read these comments. Seems pretty relevant, direct and simple to me.

    Throwing in ‘tv screens into seats’ and ‘adding wifi’ will only be putting perfume over the bad smell.

    Lower tickets prices. Don’t take advantage of your parking monopoly. Have a stricter drunk policy.

    Do this, sounds like you’ll be well on your way to fixing your problem.

  80. When people buy up tickets and you go through ticket master you pay through the nose…NFL stop this practice and sell at face value. Stop the the high price of drinks and food.

  81. have a friend, tried to plan Steelers trip this fall..He will only go in sept or oct. well we got online right when Steelers tickets went on sale, 3 minutes later Redskins game sold out. I got 4 for dec 9, but he said why am i going to Pitt in dec and possiblly be cold when i got a huge tv at home, beer cheaper, restrooms line shorter, etc..I agree.But the thrill of being in stadium is special. that being said i do a baseball trip to Kansas City every year, i can get tickets to 2 or 3 Royals games-including Frank White Suite which cost 115 which is all u can eat and drink cheaper than scalping for a decent Steelers ticket. Kauffman Stadium is amazing, tailgating is amazing.. Especially this year with the Sunday ticket at 199, why go to a game…seriously…

  82. steelersfaninny-amen… i really am still bitter at steelers for their alliance with ticketmaster.I used to be on waiting list, u ALWAYS got tickets if u mailed your order form in quickly..used to be 3 tickets for 3 games, ended up 2 for 2 games..then they went to ticketmaster..sure love paying over 11 per ticket in fees…….i got on at 10 et, bye 1003 some games were already sold out..of course i could pay 50k for a psl in lower thanks, lol…..why when i go back home, go to Pirates games, the Penguins and Steelers have priced the average family out…

  83. I live halfway between the Bucs and the Fins….why would I spend good money to see them play live when I can sit in my living room watching them on HDTV and have the option of turning the channel when they stink?

  84. Prices for tickets go up as contact is reduced. The rule changes are ruining the game yet they are more expensive to watch. I’ll stay at home thanks.

  85. Plus I can get a case of beer and a pizza for the price of a beer and a slice.

  86. Too dam expensive. Tickets only seem to be available in the secondary market(stub hub) which drives the prices up even more. Parking food and drink at the game coupled with the recession is just not affordable to the average fan. Not to mention the obnoxious drunks. Was at a game in Baltimore a few years back and a bunch of drunks sat right behind us. They ended up spill’n beer on us and a brawl almost ensued. Worst part about it security let them stay. I’ll never go back to that dump of a city and stadium ever again. TV works for me. Honestly since the beginning of free agency my interest has waned drastically. I miss the days when a roster could stay in tact for 5 plus years of your core guys and not see them go play for a rival. I get it they have a right to make more money but from a fan perspective it hurt the game.

  87. The game can not survive with only the true fan supporting it and as the fan that enjoyed the stadium experience started staying away the league is in trouble.


  89. We live in the Denver market & last year, when it was all said & done, I spent $350 to take my 6 year old and his short attention span to a game. The concessions were actually reasonable but the ticket/parking prices were ridiculous! For half that price, me, my wife and my son watched an Avalanche game and the experience was 100x better.

    Football: NFL Sunday Ticket
    Hockey: Go to the occasional game

  90. This is actually a good trend in my opinion. It signals the end of the NFL threatening to move to different cities unless they build them near billion dollar stadiums. Soon they will have to build their own stadiums, or at the very leas,t be expected to kick in more of their own money. Then watch and see how profitable those “old, broken down stadiums” can be once the owners have to replace their own stadiums!

  91. Right after the 18-1 season in 2007, the Patriots raised prices, and the top price went from $135 to $190 per ticket…a 41% increase! Of course, all the other ones also went up.

    Then most people pay a third party a mark-up on top of that. It has just become too expensive, and I have not gone since 2007.

  92. The nfl has gone to bed with stub hub and ticketmaster both of witch push the price of a ticket out of reach for the average guy. If i wanted decent tix it would cost me 600.00 just to get in the door with my family. That along with a 5 hour drive and hotel and food costs makes going to a game a financial burden. I think being there is great, a lot of fun. Not at this price though.

  93. only hedge fund managers & people with Swiss bank accounts/money in the Caymans should be able to attend games. it is their right!

  94. I make plenty of money but wouldn’t waste it on an NFL game at the stadium when the experience is just so much better at home…

    The only way I go to any professional sporting event is if someone else is paying!

  95. my thoughts are pretty much what everyone else is saying…make it affordable! Quit paying these guys so damn much! I don’t care to pay these guys’ salaries. It’s only entertainment, nothing more. If the NFL fell of the face of the earth tomorrow, sure, I’d be a bit bummed but other than that nothing in the world changes and life goes on. It’s strictly entertainment and waaaaayyyyy to expensive considering that.

  96. Nothing can replace the stadium experience, as far as the energy and immersion into the game.

    However, that experience is not worth the price of being there.

    Ticket price: Entirely too high. Even for sitting in the upper bowl, the cost is often over $40 per ticket, and you barely see a thing.

    Concession price: Absolutely ridiculous price for what is essentially really poor service and goods. Watered down beer, stale popcorn, and who knows what’s in that hotdog.

    Parking: Probably the biggest rip-off around. $50 to park for about four hours?! That’s ridiculous, and the cities should control that. No way should any company/person be allowed to gouge someone like that.

    Given all of this, and the fact that you don’t have to deal with rowdy fans at home, why would anyone choose to attend a game?

  97. sdl65 says:Jul 9, 2012 7:28 AM

    Too dam expensive. Tickets only seem to be available in the secondary market(stub hub) which drives the prices up even more. Parking food and drink at the game coupled with the recession is just not affordable to the average fan. Not to mention the obnoxious drunks. Was at a game in Baltimore a few years back and a bunch of drunks sat right behind us. They ended up spill’n beer on us and a brawl almost ensued. Worst part about it security let them stay. I’ll never go back to that dump of a city and stadium ever again. TV works for me. Honestly since the beginning of free agency my interest has waned drastically. I miss the days when a roster could stay in tact for 5 plus years of your core guys and not see them go play for a rival. I get it they have a right to make more money but from a fan perspective it hurt the game.


    Want any cheese with that whine bro?

  98. Just bought my season tickets for the Vikings for under $300!! Many of you might scoff at that but we are a very entertaining team to watch with some great home game match ups this year.

  99. What else happened circa 2007? The housing market collapse. Look, I love my NFL football, but if it is between paying the mortgage and going to a game, guess where my priority is?

    As far as the attendance levels being at a 10 year low last year. Look, what did you expect? Nobody knew if there was going to be a season as late as late July last year due to the lockout. People took their entertainment dollars that they usually allocated for NFL tickets and invested them into other entertainment avenues. The offseason lockout last year really turned off a lot of people.

    And as many other mentioned, the viewing experience is so much better at home. NFL Stadium crowds have become too corporate. And going to an NFL game, if you buy the cheapest ticket available, drive an average of 60 miles round trip, pay for the cheapest parking available, and then but one food item and one drink while there, you are talking about a one day investment of $150-$175 NFL Sunday Ticket this year is $199!!! I can watch a whole season of NFL football for the price of going to one game.

    I think we are headed to a Pay-Per-View only football television experience very soon. No more games on FOX, CBS, NBC, ESPN, or NFL Network. All games will be available on a Sunday Ticket package only through all cable companies and satellite venues. This is the only way the NFL can counter act the loss of their live audience.

  100. I agree with the comments about ticket prices being too high. But, add to that equation the loud, obnoxious, belligerent drunks who are invading stadiums now. Yet stadium staff don’t seem to cut off those who’ve had too much and police are slow to respond to those who start fights. Thanks, but I’ll watch at home.

  101. It costs a family of for in the neighborhood of $500 to attend one game. Your rank’n’file fan just can’t afford that. Drop ticket prices. Drop concession prices. Stop making going to a football game a “luxury” affair and get Joe Fan back in there for a reasonable cost. Right now staying home is not only a more attractive option, it’s the ONLY option for most fans. Our bank accounts can’t handle live games anymore.

  102. I refused to pay $20 to park, $10 for a cold pretzel, $110 for a ticket and sitting in bitter cold for what?

    To watch dysfunctional members of society hit each other?

    Our country is imploding, jobs are scarce and all people give a chit about is football, basketball and baseball.

    Boycott sports and save your money!

  103. All of you disgruntled fans should come to Buffalo! (but only if you cheer for Buffalo). Tickets are $50. Beers are $6. Jerseys on sale for under $100. Talented, fun-to-watch team. I’m a Canadian that drive 2 hours, has to navigate the border and can’t bring food into the US, so I shop in Buffalo on my way through.
    You make a day of it and the whole day is $100 or less. It’s “old time” NFL football. We get used to losing but have a fun time watching and see great teams come and go. If more franchises were like the Bills, the league would be a better place.

  104. $150/per ticket
    $20-$40 to park


    $199.99 for the DirecTV Sunday Ticket on my HDTV
    Free parking at my house
    $12.99/case of Keystone
    $10 The Law of Pizzaplicity (2 DiGiorno pizzas)

    Hmmm a no-brainer for me

  105. What’s amazing is that there is all this comments about the prices of the in-game experience being way too high (price gouging in my opinion), and still 16,562,706 people attended these games.

    16,562,706 !!!!!

    There is the problem. Regardless of how ludicrous it is to attend a live sporting event nowadays (I cry whenever I pay $25+ for a parking pass that use to be $5 no more than ten years ago), people still go to these things.


    Stand up for something once in lifetime and don’t buy tickets. Spend your $200 per person entertainment dollars on something else. Make the owners lower their prices. Instead of saying “Why did I just buy my kid a $30 hat and a $5 box of popcorn?”, have a party for them and his/her friends at the house to watch the game.

    Fans have the control here, but they don’t care. “What can I possibly do? I like going to games.” Perfect. Typical fan (and American). I want, I want, I want. I need, I need, I need. I can’t say no.

    Let’s go people. Wake up and do something for yourselves for once. We all love the NFL. We would all love to go to games. Until we come together and stop buying tickets, however, these prices will never come down.

  106. Sad really..Sure the recession, economic downturn is having an effect, but, I would have to agree with those who argue the game is becoming pansified.

    The game was always about rivalries. It was more enjoyable to watch these guys try to hurt each other each week, but now they all come together at the end and Kumbaya the heck out of each other.

    The hate is all gone. Combine all this with the NFLs need to have the same big teams make, and conveniently win Super Bowls all because these teams sell the most merchandise. It’s all business. It’s no longer a sport. Sad really.

  107. I agree with most of you in your complaints. I also seen several people complaining about Stubhub. What about Ticketmaster and them beating you with all of these rediculous fees? When you get done with the fees, you could have bought an additional ticket. And please don’t forget the ticket owners who keep their season tickets and haven’t gone to a game in years. They supplement their income by gouging real fans who want to go to the games by charging ridiculous amounts for the tickets. Or they try and sell the seat licenses on the Ticketmaster site for the amount of a new house. There is plenty of blame to go around.
    I do have a hard time with player’s making the salary that they do as well. Don’t push your child to be a highly sought after (and needed) brain surgeon. Push him/her into athletics or entertainment. That is where the real cash is at. The whole situation is nauseating.

  108. August 2008 the country began the worst economic downturn in the last 75 years. It is not by accident that attendance at games has declined starting then. TV is a good option, better in a lot of cases because of simple economics.

  109. If the players weren’t so greedy and opted to sue for getting a hangnail, then the ticket prices would be reasonable.

  110. I remember when the citizens of PA bought the new stadium for Jeff Lurie and the Eagles, Lurie said specifically that he wanted a more upscale clientele to fill the stands of that taxpayer-funded building. He promptly banned, then reinstated, the right for fans to bring in their own food. The point is, these places were purposed for the enjoyment of the 1%. I think the one thing owners overlooked was that once the luxury boxes were filled, the remaining 1% won’t enjoy sitting outdoors in the freezing cold to watch football games when they own a 120 sq. in. Wonderwall with home theater seating and access to gourmet catered food and cigars! This story helps point out that all business in the US will soon center around the needs and desires of the 1%, with the rest of us employed in various ways to meet them.

  111. Tickets are reserved for the boys who can afford it and hopefully get home safe with a designated driver and the rest of the boys could be vulgar loud mouth drunks. The price (tickets, food, beer, parking) is too high to bring a family. the experience is not family friendly. I was at a game with my wife and we were cursed at by drunk teenage boys whose fathers were encouraging them to “give us hell”.

  112. I was on a waiting list since 1996 for my Giants season tickets. Since that time they’ve built the new stadium and introduced seat licensing. They went through the whole waiting list and called me for “A Great Deal” on a season ticket package. For the hell of I entertained it and almost had a heart attack when they told me the price.

    I then proceeded to take my money I had saved and build a great home theater which now is the place where I watch all my games. Never looking back….

  113. Though what just about everyone here says is true, this is not a good development for fans in NFL cities. How long before we see quite a few games blacked out and then those blacked out games going to Pay-Per-View?

  114. Clearly an after-effect of commissioner Goodell’s ongoing plan to turn NFL football into flag football, and a spectacle reminiscent of the WWE.

  115. I predict that stadia like those in Phila, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, outdoor only, will be torn down before they reach 25 years old and replaced with much smaller, indoor facilities modeled after the one in Dallas to accommodate the luxury fan only.

  116. This year will be my eighth year as a season ticket holder. I REALLY struggled with the decision to renew again and, literally, waited until the last minute before clicking on the “Submit” button to do the deed (cursing myself as I did so).

    I’ve always loved going to see the games live, but each year it gets harder and harder to justify the expense. If I could get anything back for the swindle known as the PSL, I probably would have stopped a year or two ago when my son went away to school. Barring a major change, this is probably my last season.

  117. Goodell’s days are numbered as NFL commissioner. This will give the owner’s another excuse to can him if the other messes under his watch hasn’t already.

  118. OK, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m in the minority here. I am a Ravens seasin ticket holder, and have missed two home games since the team moved to Baltimore in 1996. To me, there simply is no experience in the world like going to an NFL game. I love it. Is it expensive? Hell yeah! My upper deck season tickets are $750 per year, and that’s on top of the $750 PSL I paid for when the team moved here (that’s a bargain now…the same seats are now $2,500). I can assure you that I am solidly middle class and not rich.

    I think it depends on the market you live in. Here in Baltimore, we have had 164 straight sellouts (every home game in team history), and that is a matter of pride for me. Ravens tickets are a hot item here, and the team has a waiting list (a real one, not like in D.C.). Just like with other things in life, its all supply and demand. I get that Tampa and Jacksonville (wow, two whole years of sellouts!!) don’t have the demand, so the conditions there are different.

    I do absolutely agree about two things on this tread:
    1) Lower the consession prices. It’s ridiculous what they charge. I’ve also been to Philly, DC, Atlanta, Tennessee, and the old Meadowlands, and its the same crazy deal.
    2) Get rid of the drunks!! Do us all a favor…if you’re gonna get smashed, buy a 24 pack and STAY HOME. It makes the roads safer, and I don’t don’t have to put up with your stupid ass pissing on yourself. The Ravens will cancel your season tickets if you are a Richard Head twice. I like that policy.

    I’m rambling, but it boils down to one thing…if its important enough for you to be there, you’ll be there. If not, for whatever reason, you wont!


  119. Just looking at the sheer number of comments here should tell Goodell and the NFL there is trouble.

    1. The price of everything for a day @ the stadium is OUTRAGEOUS! From parking to tickets to concessions, it shouldn’t cost the price of your summer vacations to take your family to 1 game!

    2. We are tired of the greed! The prolonged lockout and pettiness involved did nothing to endear you to your blue collar, hardworking, fanbase! A fanbase that has been set back on their heels by financial blows from every side, only to watch players contracts reach the absurd, and the money made by the NFL soar, even as our games are being blacked out and the only way to watch them is to pay $350 to DirecTv for NFL Sunday Ticket, further lining the NFLs pockets!

    3. Goodell continually pulling his holier than thou attitude out and issuing HIS decrees is also a big put off! He fiddles with everything from rules, to suspensions, and more, and most fans have had enough!

    Your fans, the ones paying your salaries, are not the ones getting the “absurd contracts”, so how about you do something for all the people who line your pockets? Lower prices, or atleast offer family packs in the seats you can’t sell, or buy one get two or 3 half price? Offer deals on NFL Sunday Ticket, and drop the blackouts! You want your fanbase back…..WORK FOR IT!

  120. butthatmakestoomuchsense says:
    Jul 8, 2012 9:56 PM
    In 2007 Roger Goodell was given autonomous power to punish / suspend players, and attendance then started dropping.


    Yes, because when I’m choosing where to spend my entertainment dollar, the first thing I look at is how much power the man is charge of the product has over those creating the product.

    You’d have a hard time coming up with a better example of “correlation does not equal causation”.

  121. My girlfriend is a huge football fan, as am I, and I thought it would be nice if we both went to our first pro football game together. THEN…I went on the ticket sites, found out the prices for that, the parking, the concessions, the gas…and it was ridiculous.

    Pro Football has been, since its inception, a sport which appeals to the blue collar crowd. It is the hard working men and women who tune in, buy the merch, and cheer for their beloved franchises. The league’s popularity was built on the backs of the construction workers, the truck drivers, the sales clerks, the factory laborers, but these days the live experience can be afforded only by the doctors, the lawyers, and the engineers of the world. This is a sad state of affairs.

    By the time I was done adding up the costs for me and my lady to attend ONE game, I could buy a decent five day cruise with all the food and drinks we could want. That is unacceptable!

  122. A game played by rich people for rich people any more.

    A declining economy, rising ticket prices and an aging population that is losing it’s desire to go and freeze their butts off, or put up with obnoxious people or have found better things to do.

    Not a prescription for success.

    Most of the younger crowd has already found something to replace football in their lives.

  123. If I weren’t forced to buy preseason tickets with my season tickets, I would still have them. However, I got fed up with having to pay for preseason games and then giving seats away for free.

    As far as regular season games, I liked to attend the best matchups, so I was making nothing (and often losing money) on the 1-3 regular season games I’d sell during the year. When you factor in stubhub or ticketexchange charges it’s pretty difficult in some cities to make even a few dollars on a ticket in the secondary market. And selling on Craigslist is just a stressful and time consuming process.

    So, I gave up my seats and enjoy the games on TV. It’s a lot less stress, a lot of money saved, and the experience is still pretty great.

  124. let me ask u guys this…when i was in atlanta, the upper bowl seats for the Hawks, ticketmaster charged like 5.00, the good seats almost 12. please explain to me how picking a section in the lower bowl compared to the upper bowl costs 7 more per ticket..It is s if your rich and can afford good seats, we will take more of your money than the average fan who sits in the upper deck..this is not a liberal thing, i am talking ticketmaster, what a disgrace they are..
    thanks Steelers, used to send a self addressed envelope plus 3.00 order just dropped over 120 in fees for 2 games…what a joke…I live is wisconsin, i donated 50, got Badgers football tix for 600 for 2 seats, compared to NFL prices, what a steal

  125. I don’t think the NFL want’s Joe Sixpack in the stadium any more. He doesn’t spend enough money , so they are perfectly happy to see him and others who can’t/won’t spend lots of money in the stadium, to stay at home and watch on TV.

    They just want you to go online and purchase licensed merchandise, walk around giving them free advertising and stop your whining, because they dictate the rules.
    For now……

  126. Football is a blue-collar sport. The economy is weak, unemployment high and good paying jobs to support a family are difficult to find if not impossible for some. The expense of going to an NFL game for 3 hours should not rival a mortgage payment or family trip to Disney. Owners should just rip out the bleacher seats and have nothing but luxury suites. Heck, the audience at the Super Bowl last year looked like they were plucked out of Chamber of Commerce annual party or some shareholders meeting – not real fans. Want more people to show up at games? Slash ticket prices and ease up on the concessions. You will sell more tickets as well as more concessions.

  127. Don’t forget, more luxury boxes and less general seating also means more money the home owner keeps and doesn’t have to share with the league. So we are going to see more and more Luxury seats added.
    The owners also get to ask more in T.V. money beacuse more folks are at home watching so they win there too.
    Maybe if they also get a law passed that says you cannot charge more than 150% of face value for a ticket, that more people would buy them.

  128. I went to a Browns game since they have been back and it cost me $60 for seats that I wasn’t sure if it was people or ants running around down there.

    Ridiculous. Ridiculous and never again.

    I have Sunday Ticket and I will utilize that from now on. The sad thing is I love live football, but for the experience I was go to high school football games (random high schools in NE Ohio) or college games (Akron Zips) where I can sit closer. Good seats, cheaper food, and cheaper tickets.

  129. and the vikings just SUBSIDIZED a billion dollar stadium.

    i can’t help but laugh at all of you who almost were willing to cut off your dongs to keep that team in MN. none of you will be able to afford to go to the games.

    hope it was worth it, morons.

  130. chazatlas says:
    Jul 9, 2012 3:30 PM
    I think more and more people are coming around to the fact that the war of the 1%/them versus the 99%/us, is real.

    Gee, how about playing that class warfare card! You must be a dumocrat. I am NOT a part of the “1%,” and I have season tickets. Stop being an idiot and commenting on stuff you have no idea about. I just heard the bell, so you can go to gym class now….

  131. I attended my second ‘Skins game in 2008, fifty years after my first. Cousin gave me an $80 seat next to the main TV camera on the FedEx upper deck for the Cowboys. Could barely see the players, froze my ass off in a 35 mph 20 degree wind, couldn’t stand the interminable TV timeouts, and was overrun with countless drunks everywhere. And, of course, the ‘Skins lost. As usual. Thanks, Danny.

    Two guys made so many trips to get beer and get rid of it that I suggested they just buy the beer and dump it straight into the urinal. Sure would have made their staggering a bit easier to handle.

  132. Same phenomenon that beset the airline industry is a sense. It’s just not that much fun to fly. Hassles abound at the airport. Lock down security. Production of I.D. at every turn. Disappointment with scheduled flights being canceled or delayed. Maybe the bags make the connecting flight maybe they don’t. Just another of the sterling American institutions circling the drain. Greyhound, here I come.

  133. To many fans are sitting in the stands and getting a concussion from being financially ripped off, in order to reduce the concussions fans are suffering from, they choose to watch the game from the inexpensive cost of watching the game on TV, the cost or 2 stadium beverages equals 12 at home, and the stadiums only have fat cushion recliners for the ‘fake fans’ in the luxury box. no waiting in line to take a whizz or a crap, not to mention the 2 for 12 food equation.

  134. I know im late tot he party but ill throw my two cents in. I love the NFL. I also happen to really like MLB. But im not paying ridiculous money to attend the games. Sorry, its just not worth it especially in this economy. Both sports underestimate the resolve of the average fan. Were simply not going to bend over while you jack up the prices of everything to ridiculous levels. I will sit home and watch the games on TV. I refuse to give my money to these creeps only so they can turn around and charge PSL fees and all the other nonsense they look to rip you off. NFL makes their money off of TV and merchandise. the teams are doing fine because alot of them bank on the corporate fan. The casual fan and alot of the die hards stay home and watch it in HD. Its cheaper and less aggravating

  135. the CAUSE of the inflated prices is the increase of the cost to do business after the 2008-2009 market crash. the cost of business anywhere has gone up since the recession. 2007 was the peak of the US economy and people were on easy credit. food. transportation. regulation. raw materials have all since gone up which eventually makes its way to the stadiums, whether it’s a stadium item or an advertising item. prices go up. fan attendance declines because it’s insanely expensive.

    the EFFECT is seeing fans spend their money on TV’s instead of stadium tickets. the nfl is just as popular as it ever has been. it’s just being watched in a cheaper venue: a home.

  136. In case NFL teams were wondering where the upper limit was in terms of what fans are willing to pay for tickets/suites, wonder no longer, as they have found it. They can also stop wondering if fans in non-NFL markets might pay more. They tried that in Toronto, and the Bills have now had to cut prices to essentially what they charge in Buffalo in order to fill the building in Toronto on Dec. 16. Any revenue growth will have to come from merchandise and TV, because ticket revenues will be flat to slightly declining for the next few years at least.

  137. Read every comment on here, and I think the NFL needs to do the same. There is a thundering chorus of the same opinion.

    $300 to watch 13 minutes of actual football (WallStreet Journal study) and 2 hrs 47 minutes of nothing is NOT worth it.

  138. To take both my kids to a game will cost me easily $400 between $100 tickets, parking, hassle and over-priced crap food.

    No interest in going to games unless I get free tickets. It’s just not an experience worth paying for when the cost is so high.

  139. its alot better to watch the gm at a good sports bar where the food and drink is reasonable with a few friends on a really nice 80 inch television. thats is just of the reason for the decline, Roger Goodell trying to turn the league into a 2 hand touch league is also part of the problem along with the avg family not being able to afford to go to a gm these days not to mention all the foul language and drunken idiots that go to these gms. why bother.

  140. Many good comments ! The NFL was conceived and grew up on the backs of the blue collar fan.This has all now changed.The NFL has turned its back on the average fan who used to fill their stadiums.One thing only is paramount…..Total Revenue ! The NFL already knows about the number one complaint registered in regards stadium attendance……Total Cost to Attend [including parking and concessions].They have shown us over and over that they would rather increase than decrease prices, even in a declining attendance trend.They think they can overcome this problem in the short run by building luxury boxes and having corporations feed their black sheets and continue increasing TV Contract revenue.The NFL has studied pay per view economic models for many years and have not gone this route for fear of alienating their fan base…..this could soon change as we continue to see attendance decline !I believe that the NFL will eventually go to a 100 percent pay per view product that would cost fifty dollars or more per game !The networks would not even be a part of this travesty ! Remember Friday Night Fights that used to be free on the Networks in the fifties and sixties ?Now we have pay per view fights for 30 to 50 dollars….welcome the new NFL !!

  141. I can’t speak for other teams stadiums but for me its the atmosphere. The Silverdome wasn’t anything but big, but the fans were better IMO. They weren’t pretentious sports “scenesters” like at Ford Field. I mean if you can’t even get the players name right don’t bother cheering. “Go Stratford!” and “Charles Johnson” really? While FF is great to look at inside, the game itself has become secondary to other distractions. Blame the Lions record for what you want but Ive watched many bad teams at the Silverdome but at least the fans new more than 3 players names. FF is just another business fad of revitalizing rust belt downtowns so suburbanites like myself think they’re cool going to the ‘downtown’ scene. yes , there is more to do downtown pre and post game but Im there for the game itself.

  142. i agree that economy has to do with pricing of the tickets but, this nfl teams are a monopoly type of business. There is no pure competition who can compete with the team. pretty much they set there price as they see the demand for each ticket. The only way that they(stadium owner’s) will and could lower the price is if the fans stop buying the tickets and its products. But, till then; the people who can afford the tickets or the ones that sell their expensive tv to go and watch at the stadium are the ones to blame.
    is it worth it?

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