First Adrian Peterson “arrest video” shows nothing useful

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As we explained on Saturday, multiple persons witnessed the events culminating in the arrest of Vikings running back Adrian Peterson for resisting arrest.  And of those multiple persons, multiple persons recorded some of the action on their phones.

One of the videos has surfaced on

And here’s hoping they didn’t pay too much for it.

The video shows a Sasquatch-style glimpse of Peterson as he is being walked out of the Houston nightclub where the resisting-arrest-arrest occurred.  It contains none of the video or audio preceding the application of handcuffs to Peterson.

The best view of the key moments is expected to come from the surveillance camera(s) in the club.  Plenty of people pulled out their phones once the incident happened; the challenge will be to find images (and perhaps sound) of things that happened before it occurred to anyone that it would be useful to start recording.

12 responses to “First Adrian Peterson “arrest video” shows nothing useful

  1. He got arrested, so what!!!!

    The media shouldn’t care about this because we know it doesn’t want to!!!

    Let’s go back to what the media wants to cover: Tebow-Sanchez, Rexy baby!!!

  2. I’m sure AP was doing nothing wrong at 2:30AM and was arrested for no reason because every police officer is corrupt and I hate them. Until, of course, I need them.

  3. I myself being a cop for seven years know that resisting arrest is an attached charge to something else. So what was the initial infraction that escalated into that he had to be arrested for?

  4. The question is why does off duty cops working in a capacity as a security guards have the right to function as police officers in that setting?

  5. What I see are a LOT of people still in the club which means the cops singled out AP. I dont see him putting up a struggle. And for you legally challenged folks out there, “resisting” is a secondary charge. You cant charge somebody with resisting arrest that hasnt been flagged for something else, I’d sue the hell out of the Houston PD if I was AP, they acted inappropriately.

  6. Ghengy knows everything about the case from articles and a garbage cell phone video so nothing else is needed. Did you ever think that maybe something else happened before the cell phone video that warranted this secondary arrest? Let the proper people handle this case.

  7. The fact that HPD immediately dropped the assault charge SPEAKS VOLUMES.

    It is safe to say that there was no push, and that they were trying to arrest him on completely false pretenses, which could explain why there may have been some resistance.

    Also, a couple of people here need to check themselves. Peterson was out having dinner and drink with family members. He did nothing wrong. Unless you consider asking for a bottle of water as you leave a bar a beat down and arrest worth offense.

    Frankly, I hope the Houston PD gets slapped with a massive lawsuit if there was no push. (Which I’m 99.99% sure there wasn’t.) How many people in Houstan have been falsely arrested and imprisoned for a “push” that never happened? If the answer is one or more, Peterson needs to send some lawyers down to Houston with guns blazing.

  8. AP gone send so many laywers to that police station, they gone come in there an open up a branch office, .. That off duty dummy started a mess against a 100 million dollar running back WITH NO PRIRE history of being a trouble maker. AP is a good guy. The cop is the dumb guy. An the club owner is just plain STUPID cause he had a very RICH custermer in his club an didnt know how to be nice an get paid

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