Here come the PFT Preseason Power Rankings

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We’ve resisted for weeks the temptation to resort to contrived, space-filling crap during the slow time, but like my air conditioner during Saturday’s 100-degree open-air sauna, we’ve finally surrendered.

Starting Monday, we’ll roll out the PFT Preseason Power Rankings.

It’ll be a gradual climb, with two teams unveiled per day, starting at No. 32 and culminating with (you guessed it) No. 1.

It’s not a predicted finish to the 2012 season but a snapshot of where every team is right now.  Inevitably, some will climb and some will fall.

We used an objective method for devising the inherently subjective list.  The five PFT writers (MDS, Gantt a/k/a TT-bone, Alper, Silva, and yours truly) listed the teams separately, and then MDS broke out the abacus, applying 32 points for each first-place vote, one for each 32nd-place vote, and a sliding scale in between.

We’ve divvied up the 32 teams, with each franchise getting a closer look that will be reminiscent of the team-by-team previews from the one-time-only 2010 PFT Season Preview magazine.

I’ve got the first team, which also is the last team.  The full write-up will appear tomorrow morning, unless I find a way to blow the deadline.  TT-bone has No. 31, which will be unveiled Monday afternoon.

And so it will go, until the top team is named on July 24.

Yes, it’s space-filling crap.  But at least we admit it.

5 responses to “Here come the PFT Preseason Power Rankings

  1. Is this the part where yall just go with the 2012 draft order because of a lack of creativity, predictability, and don’t want to look stupid like ESPN?
    I hope not.
    Teams who should be low who will be high: Saints (bounty distraction), eagles (Vick loves turnovers and is slowing down athleticism wise), Denver (manning will not make that team much better), and Bengals (didn’t beat a single team with a winning record).

    Teams who should be high but will be low: Chiefs (stacked everywhere but quarterback and interior offensive line, should be clear favorites to win the afc west), Cardinals (awesome defense last few weeks, offense should be improved), Bears (they were rolling before injuries killed them), and cowboys (offense should explode with emergence of Dez Bryant as a leader and a revamped secondary).

    Oh, and the browns and jaguars should be the two lowest teams.

  2. It is space filling crap. But we will still read it. If you’re an NFL fan, this website is like crack to a junkie.

  3. “Yes, it’s space-filling crap.  But at least we admit it.”
    Well put Florio, well put.

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