Oceanside names amphitheatre, community center after Seau

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Junior Seau never forgot where he came from, and now where he came from will never forget him.

At a tribute held Saturday in connection with the annual Samoan Cultural Celebration, Oceanside dedicated the local amphitheatre and community center to Seau, who died on May 2.

Seau’s sister, Annette Seau So-oto, told NBC 7 that the family is “overwhelmed” by the community’s love for Junior.

I wish my brother was here to see,” she said.  “He’s looking down on us right now, and he’s very thrilled. The family is overwhelmed and appreciates the thought, gesture, the city has put upon Oceanside; being able to recognize my brother and have respect.”

Hundreds of fans reportedly showed up for the dedication for Seau, an Oceanside native who became a perennial Pro Bowler at linebacker for the nearby Chargers.

7 responses to “Oceanside names amphitheatre, community center after Seau

  1. Yeahhh it was honorable of Seau to offer his brain to science, but that doesn’t make up for the fact that he selfishly took his life and left his family to suffer greatly because of it.

  2. I think there’s an appropriate amount of anger when suicides occur – that’s natural.

    But let’s also not write off the fact that when individuals are ill – depressed to the point of suicide – they are clearly not thinking things through rationally

    Perpetuating the stigmas of mental illness would be the worst way to “honor” Seau’s memory.

    More soldiers die by their own hand than in combat.

    11,000 people die in drunk driving accidents each year and millions of people rally to that cause.

    33,000 die by suicide.

    It’d be nice to see our culture put half as much effort into helping to prevent suicide as they do with drunk driving.

  3. “More soldiers die by their own hand than in combat.”
    I’d like ot see that stat substantiated.

    It’s too soon name anything after him. Because it’s too soon to say he suffered from a mental illness or was a selfish man who took his life and was too weak to fight through down times.

    (I have a hard time seeing good in a man or uncontrollable illness if you have the “sentiment” to text people “goodbye” moments before you do it.

  4. Those who are judging this man for actions taken under extreme angst should be ashamed.

    One can not speculate anothers state of mind moments before such a tragic act. It is what it is. Let the man rest in peace.

    It is a fitting tribute for the local boy who meant so much to so many. Seau was a great player, a legendary player.


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