Reggie Bush agrees Ryan Tannehill will be third quarterback

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The buzz out of Miami has been that rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill will be a minor player in the Dolphins’ quarterback competition.

Several media reports have pushed Matt Moore and David Garrard as the contenders for the starting job with Tannehill taking a back seat as he adjusts to life in the NFL. The team hasn’t made any public proclamations on the matter, but one of their players agrees with the media’s take. Reggie Bush told Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald that he thinks Tannehill is ticketed for the third string for the time being.

“I would probably agree with you on that,” Bush said. “Ryan can watch the veterans and learn. When he gets the call, he’ll be ready.”

Jackson shares the widespread media view that Garrard is the leader in the race at this point, although Bush did not share his thoughts on that part of the question. He’s coming off a serious back injury, though, and he’s definitely not the long-term solution at the position. Moore has salvaged some lost causes in Carolina and Miami, but he’s never been the starter over the course of an entire season.

Given those realities, Tannehill’s spot on the depth chart could change fairly quickly even if he does start the year at the bottom of the pile.

19 responses to “Reggie Bush agrees Ryan Tannehill will be third quarterback

  1. The fact that Tannehill, no matter how young, can’t do better than second or third string on this terrible Dolphins team shows you just how unworthy he was of a high draft pick, let alone the 8th overall pick in the draft.

  2. I am glad this kid is getting millions to sit on the bench. They are going to finish last with him playing or with him not playing in this division

  3. I absolutely cant believe they took this kid where they did. Never should a top ten pick be riding the bench like he is set to do. They could have upgraded at so many positions. Instead they went for the sexy pick

  4. Haha. The man got beat out in the pre season last year by Blaine and this is miamis best option. Oh and we will take henne for good measure as well.

  5. Carson Palmer sat his rookie year, so did Aaron Rodgers, and Jake Locker sat last season. In a perfect world all rookie quarterbacks would be able to sit their rookie season, soak everything in play when they are truly ready. Luck and Griffin don’t have the luxury of sitting behind a capable veteran like Tannehill does in Miami where they actually have two solid veteran quarterbacks on the roster in Garrard and Moore.

    The plan all along was to bring Tannehill along slowly and not throw him in from day one. It is a good plan by the Dolphins and when Tannehill steps on the field as the week one starter in 2013 he will be much better of for it.

  6. It doesnt seem to concern folks in Miami that the #8 pick in the NFL draft can only muster the #3 QB deepth chart. And thats while practicing in shorts and T shirts. Guess Im missing something here but Tannehill was over hyped and over drafted. After Jeffery signed Garrard I was convinced the fish would draft a rush linebacker at #8, someone who could start right now, not have to be wait three yrs to get his feet on the ground. But the WR position is wide open in Miami so maybe Tanne can crack the lineup as a WR? So typical of the Miami front office. Dumb and dumber

  7. Tannehill is third string behind the guy Gabbert sent packing from the Jaguars. He was drafted two spots ahead of Gabbert and is two years older as well.

  8. Tannehill can’t even make 2nd string in an offense called by his college coach?!? Maybe QB’s like Cam Newton and Andy Dalton are the exception, but this seems like a real disappointment. It makes you wonder if the Peter Principle is at work: Has Tannehill risen to the level of his own incompetence? He WAS a wide receiver for most of his career…

  9. Since he won’t be the starter, the Dolphins should give him some reps at receiver and punt protector just like the Jests are doing with Tebow.

  10. The guy has been a pro for less than 4 months! Com’on people, we knew he was a project. It’ll work out or we’ll cut him. It’s freaking July for crying out loud!

  11. Philbin’s scheme might have been best run (this year) by Henne. He took a lot of blame but the previous coaching staff was utterly clueless when it came to coaching players. They were all about their “scheme” and their “plays”. With a decent effort at coaching to his abilities, Henne would have been far better than he seemed to be. Not saying he should have been the long-term starter, just that he may have been better than Garrard or Moore. Who knows for sure? Maybe Garrard still has some talent left or maybe Moore can put a whole season together. I just hope Tannehill turns into a decent long-term option for the Dolphins. The QB situation has been pretty bad for quite some time–except for the Pennington error/injury free year.

  12. @nublar7 I completely understand you saying that rookie should be able to sit behind a vetteran but 2 of the 3 quarterback you named are busts. Carson Palmer is okay but can’t keep the ball out of the defenses hand and Jake Locker’s rep speaks for itself.

    Now for him to be a first round pick in the position with the most problems since Marino left, he should at least be 2nd round. He will probably end up starting the last half of the season hopefully after the dolphin go 2-4 behind Matt Moore and David Garrard

  13. Everyone seems to think Garrard is bad because Gabbert “beat him out” Based on Gabberts horrible play last year, the Jags front office made a bad call to let Garrard go.
    Also Tannehill at #3 isn’t a big deal. I expected this, he is competing against a former pro bowler and a guy who proved himself to be capable last season, not to mention the staff must not want to force him into action of he’s not ready (like the Jags did with Gabbert). I expect him to be a good qb in a year or two when hes ready.

  14. Training camp doesn’t start for another 3 weeks and not one Pre Season game has yet to be played. also, Coach Philbin said clearly he wasn’t making a QB decision until after the 2nd Pre season game. Please tell me if I missed the Press Conference where Coach Philbin has already named a Starter. Why waste time talking about who’s the starter and the depth chart when the QB competition doesn’t start for another 3 weeks?

  15. Blaine Gabbert won 4 games last year and Matt Moore won 6. So that rookie should sit argument is dead. What Gabbert now has in his favor is 14 games of live NFL Reps under his belt going into his 2nd Season. That is the position you want your young QB to be in. The Dolphins should do the same with Tannehill. It just makes sense.

  16. All you naysayers…wait and see. Tannehill will be the future QB of the Phins, perhaps not Marino type but certainly good enough to be compared to Griese. After all Griese & Morrall took us to the “PERFECT SEASON”.

  17. You are talking my language my friend. That was my first year as a Dolphin fan at the age of 7. Earl Morrall, Bob Griese, Paul Warfield, Larry Csonka and Jim Kiick…..PERFECTION!! Whether the naysayers like it or not Coach Philbin is going to put his stamp on this team and it will look totally different from a Tony Sporano run team….Thank You football gods.

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