Sam Huff says he wants to keep calling Redskins games

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It was announced last week that legendary linebacker-broadcaster Sam Huff would have a reduced role this season, only calling 12 of a possible 20 Redskins games.

But the 77-year-old said he wants to keep going, telling Rick Snider of he hopes to continue.

When the day comes, you basically hope you know it,” Huff said. “Everything comes to an end, but I’m going to do this as long as I can.

“Sonny [Jurgensen], Sam and Larry [Michael] are still on the air. Is it going to last all season? I don’t know. I’m going to see how it works out.”

Huff said corporate officials were concerned what the full travel schedule would take out of him, so the decision was made to pull him off all but the Dallas and New York Giants road trips, while he’ll work all home games.

“They think because I have age on me now I can’t do what I do,” Huff said. “Life gets shorter, and you can’t do what you used to do as a player, as a coach. That’s what great about broadcasting — you don’t get hit and you’re part of the game.”

Huff said he’ll continue to broadcast as long as they let him. Along with Jurgensen, he provides a history and color that many broadcasts lack, and one that makes up for any lack of polish that might come with it.

6 responses to “Sam Huff says he wants to keep calling Redskins games

  1. Being a Skins fan, I find it extremely difficult to listen to Sam Huff. He has no idea what’s going on in the league today or even the game going on in front of him. He takes Sonny & Larry of point with his off base or off topic interjections.

    Let’s get Riggo in there. Give Ken Harvey or Jon Jansen a shot even.

    Anybody but Sam. I’m tired of listening to the other teams broadcast on Sirius.

  2. “…he provides a history and color that many broadcasts lack, and one that makes up for any lack of polish that might come with it.”
    Nice swipe!
    His “lack of polish” has kept him in the booth on gameday for 3 decades.
    Huff will also be remebered long after the world has forgotten where Gantt is buried!

  3. I love Sam Huff, but he has become a terrible announcer. It is painful to hear him so unaware of his surroundings. He forgets what city the team is playing in, who is on the team, or what the rules are.

    He’s abilities have eroded significantly in his old age, and his fellow announcers have to educate or correct him constantly. Nowadays, he provides a very poor level of quality and I hope for his own dignity that this great Redskin steps down sooner rather than later.

    Riggo and Doc Walker are the only others I’d want to listen to. Both are experienced broadcasters. Riggo is a character and Doc would call it straight. With Sam gone, the broadcasting team would need some character so I’d lean towards Riggo. Doc would do an excellent job as well.

  4. There was a time when I chose to listen to the skins over the radio as opposed to TV because I liked to listen to Sonny, Sam, and Frank so much. Like most have said, however, Sam’s best days are far behind. I would like the idea of Sonny, Doc, and Riggo however.

  5. I love Riggo, but I don’t want him anywhere near our booth. He’s the anti-homer. Which is great for his show, but not for a home team cover.

    Doc is good. HATE Michael. I’m a little tired of Sonny, too – even though he’s fine.

    Srsly, tho. Sportscasting in the Nations Capital is horrible all around.

    I have to say, my fav coverage has been Kenny Albert and Joey T in pre-season.

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