Amy Senser sentenced to three-plus years in prison


The wife of former Vikings tight end Joe Senser has been sentenced to three years and five months in prison as a result of her conviction on two counts of criminal vehicular homicide.

Amy Senser struck and killed Anousone Phanthavong last August while he was filling his stalled car with gas on an interstate exit ramp. Her lawyers had asked for probation based on her lack of a criminal record, in addition to a new trial after the jury’s verdict, but the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports that Judge Daniel Mabley was skeptical of her claim that she hit a barricade and not a human being.

“This isn’t about me. I hope you can believe me that I never saw your son that night. And if I had I would have stopped to help him. I take full responsibility for his death. I wish I could go back to that night and change things. I don’t know why, I don’t know why … our fates have come together but if you let me I will do whatever I can to honor his name,” Senser said in a pre-sentencing statement to Phanthavong’s family.

Sentencing guidelines allowed for between 41 and 57 months in prison, putting Senser’s sentence on the low end of that range.

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  1. She didn’t claim that she hit a barricade and not a human being. She claimed that she thought she hit a barricade. Big difference. Funny thing is, the jury believed her but convicted her anyway.

  2. These people are complete liars. They were dishonest with law enforcement from jump street.

    After killing this poor guy, she went home & parked her car in the garage & didn’t get back to police for 48 hrs, long after traces of alcohol were gone from her body.

    Then originally, Senser ran interference for this wife saying he was driving then admitting she was after the 48 hrs.

    Unlike Dante Stallworth who called 911, waited for police, apologized & was especially remorseful to the family of the victim. Stallworth took his punishment like a man & admitted his mistake from minute one.

    This woman deserves every bit of jail time she gets.

  3. The funny part of the sentencing guidelines is that if your caught with a gram or two of an illicit drug and have either (a) committed any type of crime of violence including possessing a firearm or (b) got arrested for past drug crimes, even if a low level street dealer. You can be designated a career criminal and you get 210-260 instead of 30-40. System is ridiculous

  4. She was found guilty. Her statement shows she still feels she is innocent. She probably would have gotten less time if she admitted her guilt and asked the judge for mercy. She got lucky. The judge should have thrown the book at her.

  5. Worst lawyer written statement ever. She would have stopped to help him??? Yeah, a woman is going to stop on the freeway to help a strange man. Riiiight. She and her lawyer are STILL lying. She deserves her sentence.

  6. Don’t send me to prison and I will honor your sons name? So even when you are done your sentence you won’t honor his name? Go serve your sentence and shut up you murdering selfish woman. Own up to your own actions.

  7. granadafan says:Jul 9, 2012 12:38 PM

    Worst lawyer written statement ever. She would have stopped to help him??? Yeah, a woman is going to stop on the freeway to help a strange man. Riiiight. She and her lawyer are STILL lying. She deserves her sentence.

    She meant she would have stopped to help him after she hit him, genius.

  8. phazard says:
    Jul 9, 2012 12:50 PM
    She gets 3 years. Donte Stallworth got what? 30 days?
    Knew this post was coming. Other than cars and people being involved, there is no similarity between the two cases.

    She left the scene and then attempted to obstruct the investigation even after she learned someone had died. Stallworth stayed at the scent to help and immediately admitted guilt.

    2) She fought the charges and insisted on a long and costly jury trial. Stallworth immediately set about making things right and accepting his punishment.

    3) Her accident was a direct result of HER actions. It was found that the Stallworth accident was the fault of the pedestrian who was breaking several laws and acting extremely irresponsibly at the time he was hit. That may not make a difference to you, but it does in the State of Florida.

    This woman insisted on going to trial because she thought her husband’s name and a high priced lawyer would help her beat the charge and get off scott-free, and only showed remorse AFTER she was convicted. Stallworth showed genuine remorse throughout.

    Believe it or not, judges factor these into consideration when sentencing.

  9. Yet Leonard Little still got to walk for murdering that lady whilst he was driving drunk. And he got to walk after his 2nd DUI as well. Go figure…

  10. Her only mistake was not killing someone in Florida. There, you get 20 years for firing a gun AWAY from a documented domestic abuser in order to scare him away from you, but you get minimal sentences or even WALK if you actually kill someone.

  11. This incident is a horrible tragedy. I feel deeply for the victim and his entire family. Regardless the punishment, NOTHING can be done to compensate for the tragic death. The article did not state whether or not substance abuse was an issue. It also did not mention if, in fact there was construction ongoing or situations present requiring signs or even whether or not a sign was on the scene of the accident. It also did not mention how dark it was or what kind of weather/visibility conditions were present. I was wondering about this nightmare that COULD happen to anyone: What if she was STONE SOBER and she DID hit a nearby sign and TRULY did not realize she had hit a human being? They MUST have some clear evidence of her callous behavior not mentioned in the article. If they did not have this proof or details it makes the incident even worse. I wish the article had included a few more details.

  12. If she only would have smoked weed that night she would have been driving under the speed limit, come to a full and complete stop at all stop signs, waited several seconds before accelerating at a stop light that turned green, and never would have gotten in that accident !

    Ahhhh the joys of alcohol …. drink responsibility (sigh).

  13. Stallworth was legally drunk (not by much), but the guy ran out right in front of him on a busy highway, and wasn’t near the cross walk. I think there was fault with both parties.

    …and Stallworth did the absolute right thing by waiting for the cops. He also paid a big settlement out.

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