Bruce Allen salutes the owners he has known

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The folks who fill in for Peter King, writing Monday Morning Quarterback during his annual vacation, use the platform for a variety of things.  Redskins G.M. Bruce Allen made it an opportunity to darken his nose a bit.

Allen applauds at the outset of the piece several of the owners he has known and/or worked with.  The reflection flows from his attendance at last week’s celebration of the life of late Raiders owner Al Davis, who would have turned 83 on Independence Day.

“Al’s commitment to excellence was not only his motto, it was his daily routine,” Allen writes. “Although he was well-read on all global issues, his life, job and hobby were the Raiders.  Every waking hour, Al was trying to find a winning edge for the franchise he created, and he expected each employee to do the same.”

Allen also praises the Glazers, for whom he worked in Tampa, and Daniel Snyder, Allen’s current employer in D.C.

But the best story comes from an owner who never employed Bruce Allen.  When Allen’s father, George, worked for the Bears, owner George Halas taught young Bruce his “first cuss word.”

“‘You can only use this word on a really bad person, someone you really hate or who did something very very bad,'” Halas said, according to Allen.  “He then made me acknowledge that I understood, to which I responded: ‘Yes, Coach!’  After what seemed like the longest minute ever, he turned around and said one word with an intensity that I had never seen:  ‘PACKER.’  And then he added: ‘Don’t tell your mom I told you!'”

As the game evolves into a fantasy-football collection of individual names, it would be nice to have more of that old-fashioned hatred and loathing return to the rivalries in today’s NFL.

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  1. Halas did not have kind words for Bruce’s father when he left the Bears to coach the L.A. Rams after the 1963 season.

  2. There is plenty if hatred and loathing between the fans….read your own board for goodness sake! Lol

    The hatred between teams still exists. They just keep it quiet nowadays. With Free Agency it just doesn’t pay to hate individual players anymore (with a few exceptions). From a team perspective anyway.

  3. I’m a Raider fan and I hate EVERY other team in the NFL. If whoever reads this doesn’t feel the same way about their team,then you are not a fan.

  4. Right on, Phil.

    Villapiano was the prototypical Raider, IMO. He bled silver and black and hated every oponet he ever faced, but he’s a great man too and very caring.

    Hats off to Phil, he played the game the way it should be played, the Raider way.

  5. Joe, I have had the pleasure of becoming friends with Phil, and he’s and even better person than he was football player,and that’s saying a lot.

  6. Funny, when Bruce Allen does this its called brown-nosing. When Mike Florio does it, its called business engagement.

  7. philvil41 says: Jul 9, 2012 12:04 PM

    Joe, I have had the pleasure of becoming friends with Phil, and he’s and even better person than he was football player,and that’s saying a lot.
    I believe it, he seems as genuine as it gets.

    All the best to him from the great white north. 🙂

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