Buzz builds that Brees could play under franchise tag

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The upset of the year could be coming before training camps even open.

With the Saints and quarterback Drew Brees less than a week away from the deadline for doing a long-term deal, there’s a growing belief in some league circles that the lingering impasse won’t be resolved — and that Brees will ultimately play in 2012 under the one-year, $16.371 million franchise tag.

That would put the Saints in the inordinately difficult position of having to pay Brees $23.57 million (nearly 20 percent of the projected salary cap) in 2013.

Of course, it may not get to that point because Brees may agree to show up for training camp and the preseason only if the Saints agree to sweeten the one-year franchise tender by promising not to tag him again next year, setting the stage for an even more compelling free-agency land rush than the Peyton chase.

The pendulum could be swinging away from what was believed to be an inevitable long-term deal because the pendulum swung toward Brees on the $3.96 million question regarding the value of his franchise tender in 2013.  If the Saints aren’t willing to do a multi-year contract that takes into account the fact that Brees currently is looking at nearly $40 million over the next two years under the tag, it could be difficult if not impossible to put this thing to bed.

The smart money continues to ride on the situation being resolved.  But the smart money hasn’t been right yet on this one, and perhaps it shouldn’t be regarded as a shock if next Monday comes and goes without a long-term deal for Drew Brees.

48 responses to “Buzz builds that Brees could play under franchise tag

  1. No way he plays under the tag. Supposedly the Saints just caved and are gonna pay whatever according to local sports reporters. That may just be someone trying to break it first though so who knows. But I’ll say again no way he signs the tag after what happened in San Diego.

  2. I think Brees should zip his lips and play this year out, then get the hell out of dodge and lead a different superbowl contender come 2013. New Orleans is a very muddy situation right now and he could benefit from exchanging his dirty boots for a fresh pair elsewhere.

    Sorry New Orleans, but I’m afraid your gonna geaux back to obscurity.

  3. The riots that would break out will cost a lot more than a few million. Sign the contract, get this done.

  4. Let him play under franchise this year. If he sits out, even better.

    Next year, trade him to Cleveland for 1st round pick.

    The team will be bad with all the turmoil and no head coach. This will result in a draft pick high enough to select a new QB that isn’t an idiot.

    You can’t commit that much to one player – it is a team game. The saints have no choice but to cut this self centered QB loose and rebuild.

  5. I feel so bad for Brees – $16.371 million for one year of work. Must suck to be him.

  6. If Tom Benson doesn’t want to pay him then somebody else will and New Orleans will get to watch him lead another team to a Super Bowl. Pay the man, he has every reason to believe he should be the highest paid quarterback in the NFL. Peyton Manning just got $19 mil a year and he didn’t even play last year.

    For New Orleans fans, at least the Hornets look to have a bright future.

  7. I said this before but I don’t think it got posted. Brees has one ring and the record for most yards in a season, while playing for Sean Payton. Let’s see how he does without Payton. His value is highest now, so he needs to sign now, not next year.

  8. Oh yeah, forgot to say that Condon is an _____. Only cares about maximizing his commission.

  9. Greedy?! Really? He simply seeks long term security at the price he deserves, just like all the other effing upper echelon QBs. He is TOP 3 at the most important position. He’s being utterly disrespected if the Saints are not in the same ballpark in regards to figures. Cut him, yeah right…team game…yeah right…HE IS YOUR FRICKIN TEAM. Before Brees, the Saints have been doo for as long as I can remember and will be right on the way back to toilet without him. Oh and don’t mention Phillip Rivers in the same sentence as Brees, he is not on the same level. Brady, Rodgers, Brees, P. Manning (whatever order you prefer)…which one of these franchise QBs doesn’t have a long term deal?! No cap space? Make the space! That is the GM/Cap specialist’s job on any team. Other teams have figured out how to do it, so there is no excuse. His hands are on the ball on EVERY OFFENSIVE PLAY. THERE IS NO PLAYER ON THE SAINTS ROSTER THAT IS MORE IMPORTANT. NONE. I can’t believe Saints fans…you want to be crap again? You will be if you lose this guy. Stevie Wonder could see that.

  10. Does anybody really care about this? You know sooner or later this will get resolved. The media is always making things a bigger deal then they really are.

  11. First of all, they’re just messin’ with you. It’s already a done deal. They’re just timing it out for maximum effect.
    Second…I would rather take our chances with no coach than be the Chargers with Norv.

  12. Watch Brees become the first guy to become damaged goods twice while playing under the franchise tag.

  13. If Brees gets franchised, and Romo chokes at the end of the season…

    Mark my words, Brees will be a Cowboy in 2013

  14. Drew Brees going to play the 2012 season I understand how he feels about getting hurt again he been with the Saints from 2006 the offense took care of Drew Brees he had no injuries. I’m sure they can continue to do so the Saints Organization are not afriad to sign Drew Brees to a long term contract but without money enough to cover him. We know every team in the NFL hoping Drew Brees walk away from the Saints what they fell to realize that Drew Brees are a WHODAT player. Brees will get a long term contract in 2013 we need him to win the Super Bowl the contract will be done.

  15. It will get done. No need to get your pantes in a wad who dat nation. Bree’s will be a Saint for the rest of his career. Unless of course there is a strange manning situation creep up on the last year of his interact and Bree’s gets hurt and the saints win only 2 games and get the first pick and draft some phenom…..

  16. Dude is greedy. Tag him this year, bounce him to Cleveland (or some other perrennial loser) next year. He has the only ring that he will ever have. I freakin’ HATE Phillip Rivers, but the Chargers did better in that deal than the Saints. Brees didn’t win that trophy…the TEAM that he played for won it. But now he has a God complex. He needs to be cut loose.

  17. Someone explain to me why we are supposed to feel sorry for a guy that will make 20 million this year to play football?

    Not a good year for Brees. Helps forge CBA that ends up completely screwing his franchise. Then when he doesn’t like playing by the rules he helped draft he goes into cry baby mode.

    The guy is a fraud, puts on a big song and dance about being a good person, this and that but ultimately is just another d-bag with a mole on his face.

  18. Good for Brees. Apparently, everyone loves capitalism unless it applies to football players. I hope he gets every penny that he can get on the market. That’s how the free market works.

    While we’re at it, let’s get rid of this socialist wage-capping BS that the NFL employs. No salary caps, no rookie wage caps, and no draft. Players should be able to sell their talents to the highest bidder. It’s the American Way.

  19. The Saints have offered Brees the richest contract in NFL history, so they are not dropping the ball.

    No chance Brees is not going to sign long-term deal before July 16 deadline. A) he wants to play for the Saints the remainder of his career; and B) it is extremely risky to risk millions in the event he signs the franchise tag deal and gets hurt this year.

    Also, the Saints are a contender for years to come with Brees because they have a ton of talent and just about all of the best offense in history of NFL is back this year. They lost their 3rd or 4th best wide receiver and lost one of their all-pro guards, but replaced with another pro-bowl guard (not much drop off there). Graham and Sproles are only going to get better this year (Graham young and improving greatly still and Sproles in 2nd year in system).

    Why would Brees give up playing in this offense and playing in Payton’s system (Payton will be back next year and Carmichael is running Payton’s system this year). Also, Brees is a hero in the community and his marketability for sponsors is highest with his New Orleans hero story.

  20. People who say Brees (or Welker) should get at least $Xm in the first two years because that’s what they would get under the franchise tag are completely missing the point. The franchise tag is not supposed to be what players ‘should’ be paid, it’s supposed to be an increasingly high cost designed to encourage teams to either give the player a long-term deal or let them hit the open market. What a player *should* be paid is more or less what they could get on the open market, plus or minus either a premium or a discount depending on how much the player wants to stay at their current team. The second-year-running cap numbers are just fantasy.

  21. Drew is playing this out like he should. Why would he do this any differently? Any team he plays for will toss him aside when he’s done so go get the money while you can. He has worked too hard to do anyone any favors. Watch the Saints pay him no matter what.

  22. capitaloffense says:
    Jul 9, 2012 10:54 PM

    Every QB in the league has his hands on the ball every single offensive play. I guess except for the occasional wildcat.

  23. Capitaloffense, your passion is to be commended but I’m not sure who or what you are upset at. The Saints have offered Brees the highest contract in NFL history. That includes Condon’s other client, Peyton Manning. To my knowledge, the Saints and Brees don’t disagree on the length of the contract. The Saints have every interest in having him retire in New Orleans. It was Condon who wanted to front-load the contract for more guaranteed money in the first year, and the Saints happily gave in. As far as I can see, it’s a mystery what Brees is holding out for.

  24. @capitaloffense

    “I can’t believe Saints fans…you want to be crap again? You will be if you lose this guy.”

    If you think any of the above whiners are Saints fans, you’re mistaken. Saints fans have been PAY HIM ALREADY for months now.

  25. Greedy?! Really? He simply seeks long term security at the price he deserves, just like all the other effing upper echelon QBs. He is TOP 3 at the most important position. He’s being utterly disrespected if the Saints are not in the same ballpark in regards to figures.
    But they were in the ballpark at $18 mil. That’s higher than Brady’s average yearly salary (5 years/$78.5 mil), and Manning is only guraranteed this years $18 mil salary(5 years $96 mil). Drew wants to earn more than these two, not be in the same ballpark.

  26. Saints fans have a pretty short memory. Before you became the feel good sweethearts of the league your team defined the word joke. That all changed when you were able to somehow get this guy. You better have those paper bags ready to stick over your heads again if Brees walks.

  27. Mark0226
    I agree with both your posts.

    Look, I’m not Brees’ biggest fan but I don’t blame the guy for not wanting to play for 16 mill when the Broncos gave a guy 19 mill or so and he won’t have played in over a year and a half by the time he suits up for his first regular season game.

    But if the reports have been true that he’s been offered long term deals with more average per year, I cant’ see what the problem is with getting it done unless the guarantee isn’t what he wants.

  28. rajuncajun28 says:

    “So many jealous Saints haters above….must be sad to be a fan of a pathetic team along with your cashier job at Walmart….”

    Jealous of what?

    A team that’s never made the playoffs more than 3 years in a row? A team that’s only had 11 winning seasons since 1967? A team that has only won their division 5 times since 1967? A team that has never won their division 2 years in a row?

    My team was also an expansion team in the 1960’s. My team has won their division 18 times. They’ve won their division as many as 6 years in a row. They’ve won more playoff games than the Saints have played in….

    Sad when fans of a team that has won so little in their history act like this team is one of the NFL’s greatest franchises…

    I’d rather be a cashier at Walmart than live in denial like you.

    Back on topic…

    Drew Brees needs to realize that if he gets what he’s asking for their won’t be enough cap space to provide him with the tools to be a winner.

    How will he perform if they have to cut/trade most of his Oline, his star receivers and a running back or two?

  29. At Sdcameron: are you serious ? You are glad the chargers kept Philip rivers over drew brees ? How many Superbowls has each won? Brees has won a Superbowl and Eli Manning has won 2 Superbowls who was traded for Rivers. Brees is greedy ? What about Peyton Manning or Micheal Vick or Tom Brady who command similar contracts? Each Quarterback gets paid market value for winning and setting performance records like Brees has, aka most passing yards in one season in NFL history. Plus rookie contracts are now structured lower so that veteran players who are successful and accomplished can get paid more is what the original thought was. Most NFL teams will give almost anything for a franchise quarterback especially one who was won a Superbowl and is the all-time single season passing leader. Come on think about it…if a player proves they are are irreplaceable and they should get paid like it.

  30. The deal could’ve been done but that greedy agent wants to really fatten his commissions..Brees and his greedy agent is holding this deal up.

  31. THis sounds like wishful thinking from NFC South opposing team fans….Brees will get a contract this week, and the rest of you can go back to licking the Saints’ heels as they get another NFC South Championship…Brees will get his contract.

  32. sufferingbirdsfan says:
    Jul 10, 2012 6:13 AM
    Saints fans have a pretty short memory. Before you became the feel good sweethearts of the league your team defined the word joke. That all changed when you were able to somehow get this guy. You better have those paper bags ready to stick over your heads again if Brees walks.

    “somehow” got this guy??? No one wanted to give him a shot. The dolphins were the only other team and they didn’t even want him. Not one person can say they knew back in 2005 how good Brees would be. The Saints went all in back then to get him and he out played that contract like no other. So at least get your facts straight.

  33. All these idiots saying “Pay the man” and “He deserves it” are the same clowns moaning about ticket prices. And for those geniuses that say “I don’t care…I don’t buy tickets” don’t you understand that these ridiculous salaries raise the prices of everything from Pepsi, Chevrolet and Budweiser? To advertise during NFL games these companies pay millions. Who do you think they pass these costs on to? Greed has this once great nation circling the drain

  34. Brees is very supersticious and has made it clear he won’t play under tag. When he broke passing record last year, his attitude changed, he started whining about everything and is now displaying how greedy he is. He wants more than Brady & Manning, but just because he’s had 3 great seasons (all during bountygate??) and he broke a few records doesn’t mean his entire 12 year career warrants bigger bucks. He’s put New Orleans back on the map in his 6 years there, but he has not had a stellar career overall. Saints have enough problems to overcome without having their QB making demands and pouting. Get over yourself Drew, make a deal and get back to work.

  35. Brees just opened three new restaurants in New Orleans this offseason, does that sound like a man who’s ready to leave the city? Come on man, who’s writing this stuff? Nobody knows the situation except the Saints office, Condon, and Brees. So unless one of them personally writes that the contract isn’t happening, don’t believe it. This is all just “filler” on a slow sports day.

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