Cassel gets booed at All-Star celebrity softball game in K.C.

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Some in the city that is hosting baseball’s All-Star game apparently don’t believe the local quarterback should be playing in football’s version of the event.

At Sunday’s All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game, held at Kansas City’s Kauffman Stadium, fans booed Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel during player introductions, according to Gary Bedore of the Lawrence (Kansas) Journal-World.  Per the report, fans then provided “polite applause” prior to Cassel’s at-bats.

He wasn’t the only player to get a rough reception.  Kansas basketball coach Bill Self heard the boos from the Missouri crowd, too.

“I didn’t think it would be great,” Self said.  “When I left the bus to go to the batting cage, I didn’t feel a lot of love walking through the crowd.  I thought it’d be pretty much like it was.”

Self tried to quiet the noise by hitting an unlikely home run, but it didn’t work.  Self was booed as he rounded the bases.

ESPN will air the game on a tape-delayed basis, after tonight’s Home Run Derby.  Checking to see whether and to what extent Cassel was booed at least gives me a reason to watch it.

15 responses to “Cassel gets booed at All-Star celebrity softball game in K.C.

  1. Typical classless KC crowd booing the hometown QB and the only national championship winning coach within a 200 mile radius.

  2. I don’t get the hate on Cassel… I really don’t remember a good better qb in KC in recent years…

  3. Here’s the real problem with Cassel in this type of event. Suppose a freak accident happens and Cassel is lost for the entire season . Kinda like Terrell Suggs has been lost to the Ravens for atleast half a season. How would true Chiefs fans feel??? How would Cassel feel???? The Chiefs for the first time in a long long time are truly loaded with talent. It would be a shame for Cassel to play in a dumb event like this and have a season ending injury wouldn’t it???????

  4. I watched it online and they booed Self more than Cassell. Missouri an Kansas st fans I assume. There was applause when he homered.

    Cassell played third and made some nice throws for which he was applauded.

  5. I’m no Cassel fanboy but I don’t get why some many hate the guy. He’s had a different O-coordinator every year (once he had 2) since arriving here. Not to mention Haley was his HC all the while. Give the guy a little bit of a break, he’s what we’ve got this year, for better of for worse.

  6. chuckxx says:
    Jul 9, 2012 8:37 AM
    Here’s the real problem with Cassel in this type of event. Suppose a freak accident happens and Cassel is lost for the entire season . ……. It would be a shame for Cassel to play in a dumb event like this and have a season ending injury wouldn’t it???????

    Jesus man, it was primarily a charity game. You can get hurt doing pretty much anything if the right chain of events happen. What would you say if he rolled off his couch while taking a nap and dislocated his shoulder? (Scarily that happens more often than you think) As long as these guys are not doing anything overtly dangerous, then I have no problem with their off season activities. I am sure nobody in the game wanted to be hurt or hurt anyone else as I highly doubt there were bounties out on anyone.

  7. It’s not Cassel’s fault that he stinks, Pioli traded for him, so Pioli should be taking the heat.

  8. I don’t get the Cassell hate at all. First season in KC he struggled and the team was lousy.
    Year Two didn’t K.C. go something like 12-4 while Cassell put up a 27/7 TD/INT ratio and made the Pro Bowl? They lost in the playoffs but what the heck; massive improvement over the season before.
    Then last season they lost so many key players early on; Moeaki, Eric Berry, Jamaal Charles, eventually Cassell himself, that 2011 team never really had a chance.
    He may never become a great QB but his second season shows there’s something to build upon. Last year was just a mess; hardly his fault.

  9. mizWho fans = MUrons.

    What a classless, garbage fanbase of slack jawed yokles. They’re just jealous, and tired of being eternal losers in EVERYTHING.

  10. I hope Cassell has a great year this year and has them all eating their boos! But then, no one will admit it was them. As stated previously, he did very well 2 yrs ago and last year, watched players drop quickly before he did! Give the guy a break…..and it wouldn’t kill you to give him some support!

  11. Yeah, I was there. Probably didn’t look too good on KC to have the hometown QB booed – felt bad for Matt. As always, the QB gets too much of the blame (just wish for a day when we’re contenders and the QB can get too much credit, for a change!)

    The Bill Self mixture of boos and applause was strange. I get there are Missouri fans around here, but Self is the leader of the only nationally-competitive in the area (this includes Columbia). You’d think some applause would be in order for a guy who brings some of the only positive athletics attention to the region. Oh well. Bill got the last laugh – and an uproar from the crowd, complete with fireworks – for his homer. Nice moment.

    Now if you REALLY want to hear boos… tune into the homerun derby when Cano hits tonight.

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