Dion Lewis apologizes for arrest

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Like Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, Eagles running back Dion Lewis was arrested on Saturday.  Unlike Peterson, Lewis publicly has apologized for the incident.

“I want to apologize to my family, the Albany community, the Eagles organization and fans, and to the NFL for my involvement in an incident this past weekend.  It was never my intention to cause any public alarm or damage any property,” Lewis said in a statement released by the Eagles.  “I am sorry for any embarrassment and inconvenience that my actions have caused.  I am committed to continuing to conduct myself in conformance with the high moral, ethical and professional standards that I have my entire life and of which so many others rightly expect of me.  Because the matter is still in the hands of the court system, I cannot comment any further.”

Though Lewis doesn’t admit to any specific crime, his apology comes off as an acknowledgement that he did something he shouldn’t have done.  He is charged with falsely reporting a fire and reckless endangerment after allegedly pulling a fire alarm when he and his older brother couldn’t get into the lobby of a hotel in Albany.

The fact that Lewis has apologized and Peterson hasn’t doesn’t mean that one guy is taking responsibility and one isn’t.  In Peterson’s case, it’s still not clear there’s anything for which he should be apologizing.

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  1. Which one pulled the fire alarm? I am assuming they weren’t holding hands and pulling it together.

  2. If these arrest become such a problem, why don’t the NFL/ owners put some type of provision in their contract, where they can take money (enough to make a point) away from these guys..clearly these guys don’t get the point

  3. kingbeason52 wrote:

    If these arrest become such a problem, why don’t the NFL/ owners put some type of provision in their contract, where they can take money (enough to make a point) away from these guys..clearly these guys don’t get the point
    Because the CBA specifically doesn’t allow that. CBA explicitly gives the Commish power to fine players for conduct off the field. Teams can too to a very minor extent, but only for certain things (all of which are listed in the CBA). Being morons off the field and getting arrested is unfortunately not one of them, unless a team can show that it is conduct detrimental to the team.

  4. I didn’t even read a word of this report and I’m going to comment anyways. I’ll make about as much sense as you knuckleheads that rag on the Lions…He did it! He obviously is not accepting responsibility, I don’t care what he says! He just doesn’t get it! They need to cut him! What is going on with that coaching staff??? Fire them all! There is no discipline! This player has lost control and the coaching staff has lost complete control too!!!!!!!!

  5. kenny328usa says:
    Jul 9, 2012 1:53 PM
    It’s been real Dion. Best of luck with the raiders lions or bengals

    Right, because being an accomplice to someone who pulled a fire alarm is not ok, but having a franchise quarterback who was convicted of running underground dog fights and tried smuggling marijuana in a water bottle is fine.

    P.S. How’d that dream team work out for ya?

    Bengals and Lions fans

    (Raiders are still kinda bad but atleast theyre on the upswing)

  6. In other news this will be the only time Dion Lewis is mentioned 3 times in one day on PFT!

    QUOTE: “The Trust Will Come Out”

    It was a Holiday Inn Express not a Hampton Inn!


  7. Dion Lewis has some talent, and with his exceptional pass-catching ability and overall versatility- he fits well into what the Eagles like to do. I’m still skeptical about him being the guy to take some of the massive workload off of McCoy’s shoulders. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Birds seek a more polished and proven spellback to do so before the start of the season.

    This organization doesn’t take distractions lightly, and although this seems like more of a minor arrest…Dion’s stock undoubtedly just took a hit.

  8. Movie: “Liar Liar.” Jim Carrey/Lawyer gets phone call from a client who got arrested and needs “legal” advice.

    Carrey takes phone from secretary and screams “STOP BREAKING THE LAW A@#$!” classic.

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