Ed Reed sends message to Ravens


Ravens safety Ed Reed continues to act like a guy who may not show up for work without a new contract.

After his musings about retirement went nowhere earlier this year, Reed boycotted the team’s mandatory minicamp.  The Ravens have, by all appearances, yet to show any willingness to extend Reed’s contract, which expires after the coming season.

Now, Matt Vensel of the Baltimore Sun points out that Reed has sent a message to the team, Twitter style.

The Ravens need Reed now more than ever, given the torn Achilles’ tendon suffered by linebacker Terrell Suggs during the offseason.  And so Reed likely thinks the team eventually will realize that, and extend a contract that will pay him a base salary of $7.2 million in 2012.

Though no one seriously expects Reed to not play football when the time comes to show up for training camp, he seems to be serious about taking a stand.

It’s hard to blame him.  This could be Reed’s last chance to get paid, and with the Ravens hoping to push through to the Super Bowl without Suggs for all or a big part of the season, not having Reed would hurt more this year than it ever would have hurt before.

What’s that, you say?  The Ravens don’t have the cap space to sign Reed over the long haul?

For starters, a long-term deal could actually cut his cap number.  Second, any team that needs to create cap space can create cap space, if the team really wants to create cap space.

So use your leverage, Ed.  You may never have it again.

38 responses to “Ed Reed sends message to Ravens

  1. I love me some Ed Reed, but he’s starting to piss me off with this stuff. Not talking to your bosses is a lot more disrespectful than your bosses paying you “only” $7 million dollars.

  2. Ed Reed deserves the money, but will he get hurt again? That’s what the Ravens are thinking, but then again, they don’t have the cap space

  3. I can understand these guys are very special but when so many are unemployed or underemployed this just goes to show how out of touch with reality these sports stars are.

  4. The Ravens will continue to humor him, and not redo his contract because he is one bad hit away from a wheelchair. You don’t give 30-something safeties big contracts. Finally, no one player is above the team. If he thinks otherwise, he is welcome to sit out. The Ravens have won without him or Ray before, and will continue to do so.

  5. So use your leverage, Ed. You may never have it again.
    Yes, because that is exactly what the sport needs. More multimillionaires holding out for more money.

    I love how you “encourage” Ed Reed to behave like this when he is making $7 million, but yet you were so quick to bash a guy like DeSean Jackson when he complained last year because he was making like $500K.

  6. Start fining him the $30k per day (or whatever it is) the day camp opens. Send him the 5 day letter with about a week prior to game 1 of reg season. No money this year/owing Ravens a couple hundred thousand and still owing a contract year to the Ravens may change his attitude.

  7. No reason for Ed to talk to the bosses about money, thats why he pays his agent.

    Ed should get a new deal. Nobody wants to see him in another uniform.

  8. Pretty weak move. $7mm is more than enough for an aging safety. If I’m Ozzie Newsome, I let Reed sit at home and make nothing. I’m sure he has enough confidence in his roster that he’s not going to let anyone win that game.

  9. Ed Reed’s playing days are almost over. He talked about retiring 3 years ago. He talked about retiring 2 years ago, and he talked about retiring this past offseason. In the meantime, he has incurred numerous injuries and shown that his body is wearing down quickly.

    I appreciate everything he has done for the Ravens, and he is one of the best safeties to ever play the game, but the $7 mil he is making this year is as much as he should be making, and given his current age, physical condition, and injury history, he does not warrant extending his contract beyond this year for more than he is currently making.

    He is probably posturing to make more money this year and will retire at the end of this season anyway. He is a Hurricane, after all.

  10. Hey, Ed, we could use you down here in Washington. We have an owner who is willing to pay. And you don’t even have to relocate!!

  11. There a say:

    The cemeteries are full of people who couldn’t be replaced.

    Anybody is replaceable. Especially a 30yrs+ safety. Quite frankly, I think it’s rebuild time for the Ravens. If we think we can with the SB with this squad, we are wrong…

    Our chance was dropped by Lee Evans in New England early this year.

  12. Why would they give him a new contract with more money? He gets hit by a gust of wind and pulls an ACL. Most fragile player I’ve ever seen.

  13. This is just Ed being Ed. He’ll be at camp. Nobody in his right mind will sit out and give up 7.2 mil.

  14. More and more players feel they run the show….becareful out there among the English.

  15. Is it just me or does demanding a new contract shortly after openly musing about retirement seem disingenuous? Ed Reed is a terrific player who can still play at a high level when healthy, but its not unreasonable for the team to be concerned giving this guy a chunk of guaranteed money and extending him.

  16. “Ed should get a new deal. Nobody wants to see him in another uniform.”

    Bill Belichick does!!

  17. Ed may think because he’s one of the great ones, they’ll give in, but he needs to remember one thing. He’s dealing with Ozzie, a greater one of the great ones. So his perspective is not that of a star-struck Dan Snyder or Jerrah….

  18. Ed should get a new deal. Nobody wants to see him in another uniform.

    Want to bet on that? The Bengals would like to see him in another uniform (outside of the afc).

  19. Reed sure is going about getting a new contract the right way. Having injury history the past few years and contemplating retirement sure makes him look like a great long term investment.

  20. tomtravis76 says: Jul 9, 2012 3:11 PM

    No reason for Ed to talk to the bosses about money, thats why he pays his agent.

    Ed should get a new deal. Nobody wants to see him in another uniform.

    I do.

  21. Ed should honor his current contract, I am sick of him and MJD always wanting their deals re-done.

    The players always rip the owners/team for not honoring contracts yet when it comes to a player both the players and the media turn a blind eye.

  22. Man, as much as I’d love to see this cripple the Ravens (and it would, badly), I seriously doubt that they don’t get this ironed out in some way before Sept. It pains me to say it, but they’re too good of an organization to let this fester too long. (But please, be our guests and screw this up if you’d like!)

  23. I get that the economy is tough, but don’t jump on players for wanting to cash in. The NFL and it’s owners use players up like paper cups. Trust me, outside of a few star players on each team, every owner considers his players completely disposable. “Oh, our RB blew out his knee? Might end his career? Get me another one”. Just because the players know the risks doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try to get as much compensation from their billionaire owners as they can. How many young developmental prospects get hurt in the preseason that then never get a chance in the NFL? The league throws those guys away, yet the player has that injury for life. If Ed Reed can squeeze an extra couple million out of his owner’s wallet, then why not.

  24. If you’ve seen the famous clip of his halftime speech while at Miami, you have no doubt he will be back. If you haven’t seen it, just hit up youtube.

  25. steelcityrapist says:
    Jul 9, 2012 3:21 PM
    Im gonna tell my boss im not coming in til im paid more money!!!!!!!
    Cant wait to see how that goes.
    That’ll teach him. Those burgers aren’t going to flip themselves.

  26. Oh, your comfortable at home Ed? No problem. The Ravens could use that 7 million dollars. Thanks for the cap space to re-sign Ray Rice. Enjoy retirement, Ed. Thanks for the memories.

  27. The guy is set to make 116% of the franchise designation for a safety (6.212M) as an over-30, non-contact safety. He can’t tackle anymore because it might cripple him, and honestly, he gives up almost as many big plays as he makes. We love you in Baltimore, Ed. We appreciate everything you’ve done. But there are younger, better players that are first in line this year. If you don’t want to play for 7.2M, just stay home.

  28. Bye Bye Eddie boy….maybe you’ll have time to shave now. You have a contract. Honor it or just fade into the sunset….and work on that yard too! What a mess.

  29. You’d look great in a Pats uni, Ed. C’mon up to the Ground Round Foxboro and have a chat with old Bill about defense.

  30. Reed doesn’t love playing football anymore, it’s obvious so it’s time for the Ravens to spend that money on some fresh blood. I know, I know, thumbs down from Reed family members and those with their heads buried in the sand.

  31. certainly has played some great ball, but age/injuries could mean the Ravens dig in their heels and say “honor your 7mil deal or stay home.” Wouldn’t that be refreshing ?! instead of caving in. Guys like Revis have ruined pro sports, memememememememe . Pats TEAM approach is the way to fly imo.

  32. as a longtime Ravens fan and a big time Ed Reed fan but this is not a easy situation that he or the Ravens are in….For Ed what if the Ravens call his bluff and he has to sit home or even worse change teams, that perfect picture he painted on with his tweet will be out the window…for the Ravens it really don’t get any better than Ed Reed….Hell just about every DB coming in the league modeled their game after him, myself included while I played safety…and for the guy who doesn’t believe the Ravens are relevant for a Superbowl, how can yu call yourself a fan wn they have practically the same team they had last year, we know what kept them out the Superbowl and if they get Suggs back before seasons end, we are there…They drafted Courtney Upshaw and he was a projected top 20 pick he fell to the 2nd round, he will be playing inspired his whole career because of it so watch out for them next year…hopefully Ed can be apart of it

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