Police seeking other suspects in three new Anthony Smith murder cases

Getty Images

Last week, prosecutors surprised former Raiders defensive end Anthony Wayne Smith by plopping three new murder charges on his rap sheet as he prepared to face a retrial on a separate murder charge.

This week, the authorities say they’re seeking more suspects in the trio of fresh charges arises from cases that are more than a decade old.

We are still trying to identify other persons,” said Martin Mojarro, who leads the investigation into the 1999 murder of Kevin and Ricky Nettles and the 2001 death of Dennis Henderson, via the Los Angeles Times.

The Nettles brothers allegedly were kidnapped from a car wash by two people posing as police officers.  They were found shot to death the next day, with their hands tied and signs of torture.

Henderson allegedly was abducted by “several armed suspects.”  His body was found beaten, stabbed, and apparently tortured.

Smith has been jailed without bond while awaiting a July 17 arraignment on the new charges.