The PFT Preseason Power Rankings are off and running


Yes, we finally have surrendered to the temptation to craft space-filling crap during the sssslow period of the offseason.

But hopefully you won’t regard it as crap, especially if you’re not a Browns fan.

Our team-by-team season previews, done in the same format as the Joe-Piscopo-in-Johnny-Dangerously  “they made us write a season preview magazine once . . . once,” officially have launched, with the 32 write-ups rolled out based on a consensus ranking of the 32 franchises.

First up, the Browns at No. 32.

Enjoy, especially if you’re not a Browns fan.

14 responses to “The PFT Preseason Power Rankings are off and running

  1. Wow, you don’t have the Jag’s here like the rest of the media? Guess you have an actually looked at stats to determine we had the #6 defense last year. Gabbert is going to surprise a lot of people this year. That said, keep us about 27 but ahead of StL, Miami, Indy and TB.

  2. I don’t see the Browns as being worse than the Jaguars, but that may be it. If it isn’t right it is very close. We haven’t shown anything yet. We have question marks at QB and Richardson hasn’t shown whether he can be an NFL runningback and we have no true #1 WR a rookie RT and no guards. 32 is about right and I am a diehard Browns fan.

  3. All 5 Jags fans are celebrating as we speak….

    “We’re number 31, we’re number 31!

  4. I expected Browns at this spot: very tough division, and no one knows how good Weeden is (Richardson? Who gives a crap about running back these days? If you don’t have a “great” (that is, big name) WR/TE corps, you are a “bad team” even if you have a good defense. Which is why the Dolphins will be ranked 31, 30 or 29 at the highest–good defense and running game, but no franchise QB and “terrible” WR/TE corps. Plus they play the “awesome” Buffalo Bills twice a year!

    So, based solely on QB/WR/TE “weaknesses”, I have it:
    31. Jags
    30. Vikings
    29. Dolphins
    28-1. everybody else.

  5. This is RIDICULOUS! Yes the Browns have a few question marks and the strength of schedule is the 4th hardest this year. But for to be 32nd? How can a sane person say that the Colts and (especially) the Jaguars are better?! Talent alone, Cleveland should be ahead of them.

  6. Absolutely! I even question if the Browns are even a real NFL team…I bet #1 or #2 in the College BCS could beat Cleveland! Possibly # 3 or 4…

  7. Depends on whether they play QB-Roulette. If they settle on one and stick with him, by the end of the season, there might be some hope for progress. If Holmgren jerks the spot around, then 32 is about right.

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