Welker, Pats still very far apart


With slightly less than a week to go before the window closes on a long-term deal between the Pats and receiver Wes Welker, a source with knowledge of the negotiations tells PFT that the two sides remain very far apart, “literally and philosophically.”

Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe reported over the weekend that the gap is roughly $6 million in guaranteed money.  Shalise Manza Young of the Globe followed up with a report that the two sides plan to work to close the gap this week.

Our source says that there may not even be much discussion this week, given the divide.

If they don’t get it done, Welker would play under the franchise tag this year, and then the Pats would have to decide whether to give him a 20-percent raise over his $9.515 million salary to tag him again in 2013.

Meanwhile, Tom Curran of CSN New England joined PFT Live on Monday to talk about the situation, how it compares (or doesn’t) to Randy Moss in 2008, and various other topics related to the team Curran covers like that nasty stuff on the outside of Boston baked beans.

That was supposed to come off as a compliment.  Oh well.

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12 responses to “Welker, Pats still very far apart

  1. all this bs one minute theyre near one theyre very far apart…same thing is happening in chicago with forte..just SMH

  2. I can see him walking away from the Pats next year. It’s happened to a lot of good players on that team that left because of contract disputes.

  3. It wont get done and I can bet my life on it..Sorry Wes Welker..You are no Fitzgerald..You are replaceable..Dont mess with the Pats

  4. Welker is playing with fire. Tom Brady could be pulling in $30M/yr but he took pay cuts year after year and restructured his contract so the Pats could spread the love.

    I’m past the point of caring about Welker. He’s been a great slot receiver and I appreciate the relationship with Brady, but enough is enough. When the Pats dump his ass he wont have 50 receptions with his new team, he’s a function of the system. And Wes, you dropped the Moneyball, if I haven’t forgotten then the front office sureashell hasnt forgotten either.

  5. Welker is replaceable..The Pats will use you up until they are done with you…then bye bye. It’s just the Patriots way. They are not going to pat a slot receiver all that money, Welker has benefited because of the Patriots system not the other way around.

  6. On any other team Welker could have 50-60 catches but he’d get nowhere near the stats he gets with the Pats. But that could be the reason they have to pay him . He makes it work,he’s great in their system he’s where he needs to be every time. Im a Bills fan so have seen how it works quite a few times

  7. Hey Wes, did you get your tickets to the gun show? Jeez.

    Great story, unwanted too-small/slow slot guy blossoms into league’s #1 (in some respects, statistically anyway) receiver, gets to carry Brady’s jock strap, finally makes his financial nut because the the skinflint Pats finally get hoisted by their own salary-cap petard, and and AND gets to go back to being the #3-WR-wh0-somehow-leads-the-league-in-receptions in his final or next to final season, thanks to “the otherworldly*” Brandon Lloyd.

    Wes Welker’s success is the best argument for Brady’s greatness. What are the odds someone speaks his name once in 2012, if he’s still with the Dolphins?

    Great story. Go Pats.

    * = per Dave Dameshek

  8. There is no incentive for the team to move. They have him locked up this year, next year if they choose, by then he’s 58 years old in NFL years.

    If that plays out, Wes makes over 20 mil in the next two years on top of his career earnings to date.

    Shut up and play, Wes.

  9. ghengy says:
    Jul 9, 2012 7:31 PM
    Welker is playing with fire. Tom Brady could be pulling in $30M/yr but he took pay cuts year after year and restructured his contract so the Pats could spread the love.
    And if TB wanted 30 mill a year…he wouldn’t be a Patriot either. That’s something I’ve always appreciated about him. He’s paid quite well, but doesn’t have to be paid THE BEST at his position.

  10. This is a tough one. Really makes you wonder what Welker would get on the open market. There are only 3 or 4 other QB’s in the league that are going to get him as many balls (as accurately as Brady)… but for those teams (like the Saints) Welker would be worth a ton, right? He’d have 100 catches on the Saints.

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