Cliff Avril is optimistic about getting a deal done

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We’re less than a week away from the deadline for franchise tagged players to sign multiyear deals with their teams and Lions defensive end Cliff Avril is feeling optimistic about his chances of signing one.

That’s what he told Adam Schein of Sirius XM NFL Radio on Tuesday, anyway. Avril said over the weekend that negotiations were ongoing with the Lions so this would seem to be a sign that a breakthrough looms just around the corner. A fuller look at his comments, however, paint a different picture about the need to buy a congratulatory balloon bouquet.

“I think we are moving closer. We are progressing. But there are still things that need to be ironed out, like the numbers,” Avril said.

Oh, just the numbers. That’s good. We’d hate to think they were getting bogged down on the type of paper that the contract would be printed on or which side pays for the bottled water for the press conference announcing the deal. It’s just those pesky numbers, which you might also know as the only thing that ultimately matters in the discussion of a new contract.

There hasn’t been any moment since Avril got tagged where it felt like player and team were in the same neighborhood when it came to the preferred value of a contract. Despite Avril’s perch on the sunny side of the street, we’re not betting that changes at the 11th hour.

5 responses to “Cliff Avril is optimistic about getting a deal done

  1. Cliff is a by-product of Mr Suh

    Without Suh #92 would be just another DE not demanding the numbers he want to iron stuff with

  2. For this deal to get done, I think Cliff would have to accept the Lions deal on the table (or close to it).

    The Lions have other young pash rushers coming to the end of their contracts, Willie Young and Lawerence Jackson, who both have shown tremendous potential. I think the Lions are very content to reevaluate who to pay after another season of evaluation.

  3. The Lions aren’t going to budge from their offer, at least not substantially. They have Willie Young, Lawrence Jackson, and also drafted Ronnell Lewis as a DE this past April. Lewis and Young will fight to replace his spot next season when Avril becomes a free agent, unless he has an outstanding year.

    And 11.5 sacks isn’t considered outstanding. If he can generate something around 14 or 15 for the season, then the Lions should/would consider him indispensable and make a commitment to a long term signing.

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