Dolphins emphasizing tempo on offense


New Dolphins coach Joe Philbin is telling his players that their offense needs to be fast.

That’s not to say Philbin is trying to put nothing but running backs and receivers who run 4.3 forties on the field (although that would be nice), but Philbin says the offense needs to be fast between plays: As soon as the last play is done, get the next play called, get lined up and go.

“It’s very fast, non-stop,” tight end/fullback Charles Clay told the Sun-Sentinel. “We want to get plays off with 20 seconds left on the play clock. . . . It’s not much time in-between plays, and on top of that it is a lot of switching formations. There are a lot of different things we’re doing.”

Philbin coordinated an offense in Green Bay that had a lot of success with an up-tempo attack, but a big part of that success was having a quarterback in Aaron Rodgers who was able to read defenses at the line of scrimmage and get the ball where it needed to go. If Matt Moore, David Garrard or Ryan Tannehill can do that, Philbin’s offense will succeed in Miami, too. If not, not.

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  1. Imagine Andy Reid getting a play off with 20 seconds remaining on the clock.

  2. I’m excited to see what Coach Philbin can do in Miami. This isn’t a star-studded team by any means, but they could catch some teams off guard like buffalo did. My money is on Moore getting the start. Smart kid, good arm.

  3. Finally!!!!!!

    Throughout all of dolphins history, the opposing D could always count on a leisurely observation of the play setup….

    Maybe they’ll get somewhere this year

  4. The prospect of Philbin creating a similar offense to what we’ve seen out of Green Bay in recent years is exciting. Obviously the talent level on the Packers offense is off the charts and Miami doesn’t have an Aaron Rogers, but what if Matt Moore sunrises us all with a flash of brilliance?

  5. Ross might have actually stumbled upon a solid coach here after whiffing on several other candidates as of late. Can’t give him any credit though…coach Philbin was the last guy standing there. Better to be lucky than good sometimes. It’s pretty obvious that since coach showed up we have been getting a lot more respect from the media and the players seem to be responding well. Everyone always talks about how we haven’t had a good QB since Marino left. But we haven’t had a good coach since Jimmy. Pretty exciting to be a fin fan. Future looks to be in good hands. Go dolphins!

  6. Quick offense, Miami temps in the 90’s. Should tire out defenses quicker. Maybe an extra 2 wins if the Phins can keep that tempo up all year.

  7. Philbin was absolutely not the last coach available. Ross has much to do with the public perception changing in Miami as he and Ireland have allowed media access/interviews and have signed off on doing Hard Knocks with HBO. Ireland/Philbin has been regularly available to the local media as well as Philbin emailing a buffoon to set him straight on calling him a liar (Brian Biggane sp?).

  8. If the Dolphins are serious about fast offense, hire Colt Brennan. Check out his stats vs Luck and Tebow. Brennan can move inside and outside the pocket, run no-huddle plays and can run-and-shoot with deadly accuracy. Just ask Davone Bess. Get with it and hire a guy who can put some sizzle back into the Dolphins offense and get the team back into the win column.

  9. As a Dolphin fan since Joe Robbie formed the team, I am very happy with the way management is running things. Since Ross came into the picture, the Dolphins have been open to the fans and press, and Ireland has done a good job in the draft. Things that did not happen with Parcells here. I also think we got the better of the coaches available at the time. Philbin is making all the right moves to bring this team to the top of the AFC East. He seems professional in all he does and his up tempo offense is exactly what I think we needed. Now the season comes and I am excited. Get off Ireland/Ross’s back and lets enjoy it.

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