Fans making clear that they want lower prices

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The push to give NFL fans who attend games more continues to overlook that they’d prefer to simply pay less.

The point was hammered home for us on Sunday night and Monday morning, when ia space-filling item about the steady drop in paid attendance since 2007 racked up more than 150 approved comments.

But since in many respects the NFL sets the agenda for its coverage by talking not about dropping prices but by adding bells and whistles, no one in the media seems to be sensitive to the burgeoning uprising of fans who are voting with their wallets.

And so, while it’s critical to make the in-stadium experience at least as good as the home experience, the bottom line is the bottom line.  Unless and until owners are willing to give up some of the windfall that comes from $13 tubs of stale popcorn and one beer that costs more than a six-pack at a store, more and more people when faced with the prospect of schlepping to the local stadium will borrow a quote from Lee Corso and stay home.

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34 responses to “Fans making clear that they want lower prices

  1. They’re trying and thinking about everything BUT lowering ticket prices.

    But they keep swinging and missing, surprise!

  2. I’m a media member who has been to a lot major sporting events, so maybe I’m spoiled. But I haven’t paid to attend NFL game in 7 years, and don’t plan to ever go again – except maybe as a one-off treat for my kids if they clamor loud enough.

    I only attend minor league baseball and hockey. NFL has succeeded in making itswlf the greatest TV sport – so much so that, even if cost was the same, TV coverage is a better view of the game in a more comfortable surrounding.

    I can’t imagine ticket prices ever coming dpown far enough to entice me – even remotely.

  3. i for one have long preferred the at home experience over attendance at a sporting event. the food, beer and parking is cheaper, nobody spits on me but my daughter, the only stupid person pretending to understand football and talking really loud is terry bradshaw. why pay to not really be able to follow the action as well as from your couch? plus my wife is really hot. totally outkicked my coverage. i can save the money and buy her something to keep her from realizing this.

  4. All those fans that root for the players to hold out and “get their money” just dont get it. These guys make 10’s of millions of dollars to play a game that several years ago only paid them a few thousand dollars and they had to work 2nd jobs in the offseason.

    As the salaries continue to soar to ridiculous heights, the fans pay the bills while players like Drew Brees are “disrespected” when they get offered an $18 Mil/ YR contract because he thinks he deserves $20.

    The same people who root for the players to hold out and get paid ridiculous contracts are the same ones who cry about ticket prices the very next day.

  5. I personally don’t want all those stadium “bells and whistles.” The NFL could lower the prices and make up the revenue by allowing fans to purchase a season pass to watch their teams games over cable or the internet by some means other than satellite TV. We live in a much more transient society now than when the NFL first developed the TV rules. I am a Dolphins’ fan by birth and a die-hard Saints’ fan having lived in NO for many years. I live in Florida, entire life up until the past few years, I grew up watching the Fins until the NFL decided my area should be a Jax market. No more Fins on TV except the rare occasion. I live no where near Jax. And of course, the Saints are also rarely on TV here. As a result, many weekends I don’t watch any football, and have lost interest in the Fins except in passing. So its the NFL’s own failure to adapt that affects the fans and ultimately their bottom line. My point being, rather than considering adding a team in London, the NFL could actually grow the fan base for some teams by having more viewing options on TV, while at the same time, lowering the price of attending a game.

  6. I wish it were only the price of admission for the game. It’s also about the 45 year old guys living out their pathetic lives by getting belligerently drunk 4 hours before a game then yelling obscenities for 3 hours during the game.

  7. I haven’t been to a game in years.

    Considering I had to pay, on average, close to $400 per game for me and my wife to attend (Philadelphia, Stubhub) I forced myself to just move on and enjoy the television experience at nice sports bars in the area. (Philadelphia has quite a few)

    When a 3 hour game costs as much as a monthly car payment- yeah- it’s time to make a brazen adjustment for the better.

  8. imagine how popular the team would be who has a winning record and lowers ticket prices.. Im sure that would be one Team supportive crowd!

  9. It’s just as bad at a theater… a soda that is a dollar in a convenience store is six or seven bucks at a theater. I’d feel guilty charging so much in either situation if I were the owner.

  10. Many of us fans just don’t care for the direction of the game. Started two years ago with the fines for hits that someone in the league office decides is OK or Bad. Then more and more players getting into off field bad situations and then running their lips about how they are misstreated or understood. Then the lock out and the players don’t want to practice, don’t want to do this or that. Now the topic of bounties and all the law suits. Does the fan going to a game really feel he or she is getting their money worth. Love fantasy football but how many players are more concerned with their stats , than winning or losing a game. For the four hundred bucks it cost me to go with inflated tickets I can watch at home just as easy. Love football but not where the NFL is heading with no regard toward the FANS.

  11. Ah, yes. the prerequisite photo of EverBank Field with only a few fans in the stadium … I can’t seem to remember that play with 40 players on the field, though. Hope they flagged someone for too many men on the field. Of course, the other stadium shots are when the game is actually being played. Way to play the cheap Jaguar card. Putz.

  12. I’m a Jets fan. I had season tickets in the old Giants stadium. I did not get tickets in the new stadium because they are so expensive and PSLs are a complete ripoff and are just plain greedy. Tell me why I should pay so much money so I can enjoy the “steak house” restaurant in the stadium? Why would I go to the game and do that? I can do that at my local restaurant at home if i want and not deal with traffic. I’m going there to sit outside, be in the elements, and go crazy for my team.

    Who cares about these luxuries unless you are just a business owner trying to impress people who don’t give a rats a** about football?

    Just some peanuts and a beer please! Lower prices now before it’s too late

  13. Not charging season ticket holders full price for pre-season games would be a great start.

  14. Call me cheap I don’t care. But I would rather watch the game on my 60 in flat screen being able to see all the amazing camera views and replays….than pay $30 to park, $50 for a ticket, $20 for a beer, and a headache of a drive home to watch my team play.

    The only thing I will miss is the tailgating.

  15. I am convinced by watching behavior, that the league has little interest in the in-person spectator. They are little more than window dressing. I believe that stadiums will get smaller in the near future and designed to accommodate the tastes of primarily luxury patrons. Indoor only stadiums with plush seating, food served at your seat, wifi, valet service, Texas-sized viewing screens and waiters not security guards patroling the stands. To the luxury buyer, price is never an issue and other sports are aiming their offerings more and more to this level of customer.

  16. The bottom line is the bottom line says it all: Seeing an NFL game is becoming, because of the price, more of a once-a-year type of thing. I certainly can’t afford more than one a year.

  17. went to a Browns game since they have been back and it cost me $60 for seats that I wasn’t sure if it was people or ants running around down there.

    Ridiculous. Ridiculous and never again.

    I have Sunday Ticket and I will utilize that from now on. The sad thing is I love live football, but for the experience I was go to high school football games (random high schools in NE Ohio) or college games (Akron Zips) where I can sit closer. Good seats, cheaper food, and cheaper tickets.

    And that Corso clip gets me every time. I actually saw it live…kinda. I had it on the channel on the DVR and when I saw it on a blog I reqound it 10 minutes and saw it. Funny.

  18. I could pay for the NFL ticket or go to one Eagles game a season. It’s not rocket science

  19. i’m happy that fans go and provide a good stadium atmosphere for the folks watching at home. but the price of a ticket and the headaches associated with getting there, parking, and getting back are too much for me.

  20. Been wanting to go to a game for years. But when I add everything up, the outrages costs make me put it off again. Unreasonable prices keep the average fan home.

  21. I’ve all but given my season tic up because of 7.50 beers and concession stand works that try to rip you off cause they see you have been drinking..after buying a stale pretzel for 5 bucks..I’ve had it Mr.Lurie..Change your prices and the convicts that work behind those stands

  22. Its the ticket prices that turn me off. I would love to take my family of four to a game but nosebleed seats are at least $100 a ticket, so I am already starring at $400 just for the tickets, If the tickets were cheaper and parking wasn’t $20, I would probably be more inclined to spend more on food and drinks. Just to see one game, I could take my family on a small vacation. They have priced the regular fan out of going to games. $200 for the Sunday ticket all year, every game. I tailgate at my house and still go on the vacation. LOWER THE TICKET PRICES!

  23. I am a season ticket holder for the Giants and love going to games mainly for the tailgating. Can’t get that at home. But I don’t go to all 8 regular season games for 1 reason or another and do love watching some at home. As much as I love going if the Giants were to raise tickets significantly I would sell. I was only able to get them after 15 years due to PSL. Many passed on getting them or sold tix. A rise in cost would drive me home to Redzone as well.

  24. I remember when the players had to have off season jobs to get by. I don’t begrudge the modern players getting everything they can but the fact is that the working class people who were the foundation of the NFL have been squeezed out by the owners. PSLs, skyrocketing prices, – the whole 9 yards.

    It’s the owners’ way of saying ‘thanks’ to the people who were in the stadium for the 1st 40 years or so.

  25. PSL’s, Ticket, Parking, Food, Beer costs are becoming undoable in this economy. Is it any wonder that many fans are changing the digit on their $20 foam finger and staying home.

    If the NFL keeps heading in the direction of having the experience only available to those who will be able to afford it, stadiums will get a lot quieter.

  26. Just like most industries with union workers they will eventually price themselves out of a job.

  27. Considering I could buy a brand new TV and a couple of cases of beer for the same price as it would cost me and a few buddies to go to a game and get some snacks & beer, I just don’t see the point. In 10 years going to a live NFL game will be something only the upper class can afford, adding bells and whistles like WiFi will only raise the price of tickets.

  28. I don’t really care anymore. I got a nicer seat, no parking hassles, no rap music, no jerks to deal with. It would be VERY difficult to lure me back, even with lower prices.
    And the beer isn’t just more for 1 at the stadium than a six pack at the store.
    Icehouse at the Georgia Dome – $7.00
    Six pack of Icehouse at Kroger – $4.59.
    It works out to about a 1500% markup.

  29. I’m a Giants fan and my brother-in-law and his friends have been attending Giants games for over 30 years. He used to get me a ticket and I’d drive up there once a year to go to an NFL game, which was a real treat for me. I’m well-aware of how expensive it is to attend an NFL game, and I only went once a year. I don’t know how an average NFL fan can afford to go to NFL games…. you have the season ticket prices, then the cost of the PSL, then parking, then the gas to get there. That’s expensive enough before you start adding in the cost of tailgating supplies and in-stadium purchases. The NFL, once again, is short-sighted about what will keep butts in seats: Lower prices.

    One year, I watched a guy carry 4 beers back to his seat. The beers at that time were $7.50/each. So that was $30 in his hands… You can buy two cases (48 beers) for that price. I thought he was insane.

    Adding amenities at the stadium is NOT going to enhance the experience.

  30. The NFL long ago embraced the idea of screwing over the loyal fan at the stadium. Continuing to raise ticket prices is just a part of that. I know when Denver built their new stadium (and I’m sure this happened with other teams as well) the rabid fans who actually made the noise and made it hard on the opposing team got moved halfway up the stadium to make room for luxury suites, restaurants, etc. And now Denver wins a lower percentage of home games but there’s more food options if you’re a vegan, and that’s what’s important, I guess.

    Really, since the Super Bowl in Dallas where they tried to stick in a bunch of unsafe seats and charged people big bucks just to stand outside and watch the game on TV, it’s tough to imagine them getting any more dismissive of the ticket-holding fan.

  31. This is why I was always curious when they had negotiations between players and owners why the fans never get the opportunity to get involved.
    All this started when players were upset that owners were making too much money so the solution to the players was to get paid more money. It’s never been in the discussion that we should lower the price of the entire experience for the fans. Owners make less money, players are happy, right????
    Wrong, the players want as much as they can possibly get and they don’t give a damn about the fans either. They talk a good game but when it comes right down to it, if they really cared about the fans they would be speaking for us too.
    Here’s the thing, stop going, everyone in your NFL citys stops going……….they move the team to a new city. How about Omaha or or a place in North Dakota? There are plenty of places were there are no NFL teams for hundreds of miles, they will gladly build a multimillion dollar playground for adults to play in while they purchase over priced tickets, beer and food.
    How long before they make the home cities pay to watch their team on television?
    Profesional sports has turned into the monster it has become because we pay and don’t complain, at least not loud enough.
    In the mean time, here in Cleveland, we have a closer for the Indians that doesn’t understand why the crowds are so small even though we’ve been around first place all season.
    HEY PEREZ, WE CAN’T AFFORD IT. Think 2008 for just one minute and maybe you will figure it out.

  32. I pay just over $450 for a season ticket to an NFL team. Let’s put that in prespective, how much do peopel pay for Dish network and how much to people pay at a sportsbar weekly to watch games? I spend $40 for a ticket and tailgate. Plus I see the WHOLE FIELD not 20 yards like on tv!

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