Hardin says Peterson received evaluation of facial injuries

Whenever anyone claims that they were roughed up by someone else, the question becomes whether the injuries required medical attention.

In the case of Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, the answer is yes.

Attorney Rusty Hardin, whose media tour began on Tuesday (and hopefully it will last into Wednesday, when yours truly guest-hosts The Dan Patrick Show), Peterson received treatment from a physician on Tuesday for facial injuries suffered during his Saturday arrest.

Hardin said on ESPN’s NFL Live and separately on KFAN radio that Peterson has bruises “from where he was hit” several times, and that his shoulders were “wrenched.”  Peterson’s father, Nelson, has said that Adrian suffered a black eye.

On KFAN, Hardin claimed that Peterson “didn’t push, touch, or shove any police officer.”  Hardin also said that the police “jumped” Peterson while he was “calmly leaving” the club in Houston.

Hardin also claimed that multiple witnesses will corroborate Peterson’s version of the events.

That said, Hardin said that the case has no racial component, and that all of the officers involved were African-American or Hispanic.  Hardin acknowledged that Peterson had been drinking, but not enough to justify the treatment Peterson received.

Though the surveillance video (which has yet to be released) could go a long way toward demonstrating what did, or didn’t, happen, if there’s anything other than clear video evidence of Peterson touching, pushing, or shoving a cop, it will be impossible to prove that Peterson is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, especially if those witnesses testify in court that Peterson didn’t do anything wrong.

Hardin said that he plans to present information to prosecutors on Friday, in the hopes of persuading the powers-that-be to drop the case.

If they won’t drop the charges, Hardin says there will be a trial.

“[Peterson] is angry, [and] he does intend to fight it,” Hardin said.

Here’s the reality.  The Houston district attorney’s office has real crimes to prosecute.  If Hardin plans a dream-team style assault, and if the evidence is anything other than obvious, the prudent move for the prosecutors would be to punt on first down.

19 responses to “Hardin says Peterson received evaluation of facial injuries

  1. You gotta love the system we have managed to create.

    Lawyer best advice in a situation like this. Turn your client into a victim as much as possible. If he even did it (whatever “it” is) if you play the victim that will cloud the investigation no doubt.

    We’ve become the Red Coats (see movie The Patriot), the British leaders running a war like a company with ethics, processes and a paper work trail, while an upstart country beats the empire and they sit back and ask “How did that happen?”. Because you put a process in place that is not needed, it’s blah blah and it tied your own hands.

  2. In his mug shot his face doesn’t look too bad but cops know where to hit you where it won’t noticeably show. When I was 19, I was [stupidly] breaking up a fight outside the hard rock as police were trying to clear the area after closing time. I was mistaken for the agressor and they tried to arrest me, knowing i did nothing wrong I panicked and resisted as best I could, was thrown on the hood of the cop car and punched repeatedly in the back of the head until I stopped ‘arguing’ .. At the jail I felt so mistreated and helpless I wouldn’t calm down, the end result was me face down in the middle of intake with them trying to hog tie me. When I wouldn’t generously offer up my feet to be tied to my hands, the back of my ankle was stomped down on with enough force to break it. The next day I was released with NO court date, a broken ankle and tender to the touch knots all over the back of my head. I foolishly never pursued any legal action and about two months later I saw on the news that a group of inmates at the Sacramento county jail had won a judgement from the city for enduring cruel and unusual punishment at the hands of sac sheriffs deputies upon intake at the jail.

  3. Too bad there’s no photo taken shortly after the arrest that would show the injuries. Hey, wait a minute…

    Possibly the smile obscured the signs of injury?

  4. Please, before we trash the player or the police….lets have the video come out for everyone to see. We all know it’s going to leak out sooner or later. Until then, let us all hear who was at fault. When the video comes out, we will all be able to pass judgement. That is what each side claimed from the beginning.

  5. “unless there is clear video evidence it will be impossible to prove Peterson is quilty beyond a reasonable doubt”.

    Yea right the sworn statements of 2 or 3 cops never convicted anyone lol.

  6. Its a Police State ya’ll, better get used to it. If they will do this to Adrian Peterson then they will do it to you.

  7. “That said, Hardin said that the case has no racial component, and that all of the officers involved were African-American or Hispanic. ”

    What, African-Americans and/or Hispanics can’t be racially motivated to commit brutality on another African-American?


    This just goes to show you that racism is alive in America…and still generally accepted.

  8. With corporate owned Private prisons taking over you’re going to start seeing a lot of questionable police/court rulings. Shame that the only time you really hear about it is when someone of high profile gets snared in the trap. I’m not saying AP is innocent and a victim though. I don’t really blame the police out right, but laws passed to make sure these prisons stay full.

  9. Amazing how it’s never anyone elses fault other than the police. No one ever takes credit or blame for whatever happens to them that is bad. Spill coffee in your lap, even though you were driving and putting on make up…..HIRE A LAWYER! Fall into a fountain while texting….BLAME THE PEOPLE THAT LAUGHED AT YOUR FOOL SELF!

    Play the A.I.C. (Athlete Immunity Card), if you happen to own one, when you, the athlete, decide to bow up in front of your friends and women. Or just hire an expensive lawyer that knows more loopholes than a hangman.

    Quit taking up for your ‘idols’. There’s only one idol. Yeah, we all know who that is….yourself. Think AD cares what all of us are saying on PFT? Think he’s got in his mind, “Yeah, they got my back!”? Just worry about yourself. Worry about your job, your family, your future. Because I know AD doesn’t care one bit about you.

  10. I’m happy to hear this won’t be about race so the real issue of most cops being short-tempered unaccountable aggressors will be at the forefront.

  11. @southlake2alameda

    Yeah, most cops are idiots. But nobody cares about your story.

  12. So what do the breathalyzer results say? Was he drunk off his butt as one side says or stone cold sober as the other says? Release the results and we’ll know whose story is more likely true.

  13. Apparently all you cop lovers haven’t seen the video of the Rhode Island cop putting a roundhouse kick on a WOMAN’S head as she sat on the ground with her hands cuffed behind her back. There are some good cops, I’m sure; by and large, they’ve become a fraternity of gutless cowards. Remember the mace party on the protesters out west? Wankers….

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