Is Josh Gordon being overhyped?

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As we hear more and more about how many teams are interested in former Baylor receiver Josh Gordon and how high can go in Thursday’s supplemental NFL draft, it’s important to remember the guiding principle of April’s regular NFL draft.

Teams routinely are full of something other than chocolate.

During the regular draft, teams tend to say good things about players they don’t like and bad things about players they do.  So with such a groundswell of good things being said about Gordon, it’s hard not to wonder whether some teams are hoping that someone will use too high of a supplemental pick on Gordon.

The benefit comes not just from having a competitor urinate away a pick they could have used next April on a better prospect.  Having a team give up, say, a second-round selection means that there will be one less selection in round two next season, pushing players a given team may covet even farther down the board.

None of this means Gordon isn’t worthy of being taken in round two when it’s time for teams to decide when/if to sacrifice a corresponding 2013 draft pick for Gordon.  It only means that some of the teams who are talking him up may be doing so in order to ensure that someone takes him higher than he otherwise should go.

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15 responses to “Is Josh Gordon being overhyped?

  1. sup. draft means you give up a pick in next years draft. If you give up your 3rd rd pick in the sup. draft. You don’t get that pick in the 2013 draft.

  2. Has there ever been any stars come out of the Sup Draft? Maybe… just maybe Josh will break that trend. But who are we fooling here the sup draft is what it is… left overs.

  3. For players who might have ran afoul of the law(think terrel pryor) who were going to play college but were booted from their team or grades had them on the cusp of being in eligible.

  4. Forgive my ignorance, but why didn’t this guy come out in the regular draft? And what is the purpose of the supplemental draft?

  5. Sup-draft exists to allow players, who aren’t eligible to go back to school, but who missed filing for the draft, ( i.e. Getting kicked out of school in May.) to be picked by teams. Most picks will not be used, but if a teams does want to pick a player it must give up an equal pick next year. (i.e. Raiders took Terrelle Pryor in the sup. 3rd round last year, and therefore, forfeited this year’s 3rd) Hopefully that is more helpful than a thumbs down.

  6. Bernie Kosar was a supplemental draft pick. He intentionally filed his paperwork for the draft late and had to go into the supplemental draft while the Browns traded a load of picks for the Bill’s top pick in the next draft so that they could use that pick in the supplemental draft to get Kosar who grew up in Ohio and wanted to play for them. Pretty slick.

  7. Supplemental draft is a crap shoot just like the real one. Most famous players I can recall to come out of the supplemental draft are legendary Browns QB Bernie Kosar out of Miami (who declared for the draft late purposely so Cleveland could take him), Chargers nose tackle Jamal Williams (academically ineligible to play his senior year at Oklahoma State) and Vikings wide receiver Chris Carter (declared ineligible to play at Ohio State his senior year for hiring an agent).

  8. I just looked up to see if there are any notable players taken in the supp. draft, had no idea Cris Carter was one. The most recent notable guy taken was Jared Gaither

  9. I don’t understand this “looking up” thing or why I would need to do it. Can someone explain to me how I would look something up on the Internet and why I would want to do it?

  10. It amazes me how little so many commenters really know about the NFL and it’s rules. Not just the supplemental draft but free agency, the salary cap, and things like compensatory picks that just escape most of the readers. There is more to the NFL than bragging rights for your team and talking trash about other teams you know.

  11. The only teams I hear that are hyping the guy as a realistic possibility are Cleveland (who has a QB controversy completely based around his former teammate Kendall Wright not being available to them at 22) and the Redskins (because RGIII now runs the front office of that team apparently). The other teams are probably just doing their due diligence on the guy since if he doesn’t get picked up in the draft he can be signed as an undrafted free agent immediately. Honestly I can’t see him getting past one of the two teams I mentioned. I for one hope it’s Cleveland just so we don’t have to read more reports of their front office complaining about getting cheated out of another Baylor player.

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