Jaguars come in at No. 30 in PFT Preseason Power Rankings


Oh, it could be quite a year in the AFC South, since it has already made two appearances in the PFT Preseason Power Rankings.

The Colts weren’t the worst (that’s the Browns), but having Nos. 31 and 30 doesn’t exactly make it a banner year for the division.

The Jaguars were deemed third-worst in the league by our august editorial board. Given the mess they were last year, when they had to have set records for injuries, they have the opportunity to surprise.

Of course, that would depend almost entirely on quarterback Blaine Gabbert looking like something other than the skittish rookie he was a year ago.

Take a look at the full preview here, and let us know if you agree with our placement.

24 responses to “Jaguars come in at No. 30 in PFT Preseason Power Rankings

  1. I know the Browns aren’t great, but last place? Behind the Colts and Jags?? WAKE UP!!!

  2. Haters gonna hate! Jaguars were already better than that last year and there is no way in hell Blame Gabbert can be any worse this year. They had the 6th best defense in the league and only added good players. I’m tired of small markets getting hated upon. Can’t wait to shock the world. Keep on hating media!

  3. Looking solely at 2012, I think the Vikings are worse than the Jags.

    Ponder hasn’t proven to be an upgrade over Gabbert at this point, and at least the Jags have a solid defense.

    The Vikings have one of the toughest schedules in the NFL next year, and I have serious doubts that Adrian Peterson will be himself this year.

    There’s hope on the horizon… but 2012 is going to be a long season for Minnesota.

  4. People need to realize that they traded up to #5 from 7. Its going to be difficult to be worse than last year so I think this is a little low.

    Lower than TB?? We destroyed them last year and they go out and hire JDR 2.0!!

  5. @vikingsoxfrustration… Nice! I spit a little coffee on that one. Thanks for that. 🙂

    I’m calling shenanigans on this list already. The Jags should probably be in last place here. I’m not saying that to be mean and I definitely don’t wanna upset the Jag fan (singular…okay that I meant to be mean :-p ) but both the Browns and Colts look better on paper. Even if slightly picking nits for sure, but still.

  6. blackandtealforreal – you are correct, this is nothing but speculation. With the stench of Del Rio now in Denver, we will suprise a lot of peopple with how well we will do this year.

  7. The Jags aren’t very good, but #30 seems a bit too harsh. Minnesota appears to be getting worse and didn’t PFT just run an article about how the Rams have had the worst 5 year stretch in NFL history, how is St. Louis not in the bottom 3?

  8. “ghengy says: Jul 10, 2012 9:25 AM

    Well they’ll be dead last in attendance so #30 is about right.”

    WRONG. Higher average attendance than: Chicago, Arizona, Miami, Oakland, Tampa, St. Louis, and Cincinnati in 2011 and ticket sales for 2012 are ahead of last year’s pace. Get your facts straight.

  9. Until Gabbert is willing to take a hit to deliver the ball he’s never going to be a good QB. Way too gun shy in the face of the blitz. Has the tools, needs the toughness.

  10. Not a chance hoosiercolts. Don’t forget who the only AFC South team to sweep the Colts was last year.

    I love it that everybody is down on the Jaguars. 5-11 last year, and easily could have won four or five more games. They had the 6th ranked defense, despite starting third string DBs due to injury. They had the #1 running back, despite having no passing game.

    It will be funny to watch everybody eat their words this year!

  11. @hoosiercolts:

    Based on what? Andrew Luck. Blame your QB play all you want, but that defense of yours is built to play with a lead. If you can’t get leads, guess what.


    Based on what? Don’t get me wrong, they are not a top 25 team, but worst in the NFL? That team was 4-2 before they quit on Raheem, and better than their record indicated. Throw in some nice freee agent signings, and a RB that everyone seems high on, and a new coach with a new attitude (which was desperately needed), and I say the Bucs have 6 or 7 wins this year. Not great, but far better than the worst in the NFL.

  12. Jags look like they’ll have at least 4 wins, probably in the range of 6 or 7 wins. So I would say that will be more than Minn, St. Louis, Cle, prob Indy. So that puts them at 28. Also, Wash, Tenn, poss TB, and one or two AFC West teams are right there with them.

  13. These lists are very subjective to schedules. Which the Jags look to have a favorable one. I am not saying they are too high or too low. I do see they were ranked 6th in defense last year…nice. It’s just too bad they had a hard time scoring more than 14 points a game. Defense can keep you in a game, but you need to score to win.

  14. The Jags will be a lot better than the pundits think. These ‘experts’ will probably pick some bandwagon team like the Pats as number one, only to go out in the second round of the playoffs.

  15. This Jags team is hard to figure out. Lots of potential, but so much hinges on Gabbert, a new offense, many starters coming back form injuries (AluAlu, Cox, Knighton, Britton, Session ect.) and the defense holding up against a much more challenging schedule than last years. Throw in MJD not being happy and questions about the first rounds picks character…..and I honestly cant call this one. I don’t think anyone can!

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