Larry Fitzgerald wants to go to outer space


As a wide receiver, Larry Fitzgerald is out of this world.

One day, he hopes to escape gravity as easily as he escapes cornerbacks.

The Cardinals wideout, during a break in his offseason work in Minnesota, said he has goals beyond the football field or the atmosphere.

“I try to make decisions .. within my means,” Fitzgerald told Darren Urban of the Cardinals’ official website. “I want to go into orbit. But it costs a million dollars right now and that’s out of my budget. In a couple of years, when that [price] comes on down a little bit, I will do that and try it out, but right now, it’s on my bucket list.

“It’s just not feasible right now.”

Fitzgerald signed an eight-year, $128.5 million contract last August, with $50 million guaranteed.

So technically, he could easily afford some space travel, for himself and his entire team.

17 responses to “Larry Fitzgerald wants to go to outer space

  1. Just think if T.O. was just 10 percent as smart with his finances as Fitz is… He wouldn’t be as much as a joke off the field as he is now. What a waste…

  2. Reason # eleventy billion why Larry Fitz is awesome. But c’mon Larry, you can splurge a little…can’t take it with you!

  3. But the IRS finds a way to get a fair chunk of that moola. Plus, he’s not “making it rain” like some guys do.

  4. Hey cooklynn17, I understand that you probably don’t watch a lot of Cardinals games… That must be why you would say something like that because if you watched Cardinals games you would see that he goes across the middle every single game!!!

  5. Just like Megatron, I’m glad to see this guy not spooging his money away.

    But I’d go to space. Take a lady friend, a make a wish foundation kid, or just even yourself. I’d rather see him go to space then headlines saying he bought 3 new cars.

  6. Larry goes across the middle all the time and it’s a nightmare for defenses. I hope he gets to look down on the earth someday. I’m quite sure he will.

  7. Part of Roger Goodell’s plan for NFL globalization – Arizona Cardinals vs St Louis Rams on the moon 2013!

  8. I believe Larry when he says it’s not feasible right now. Most of his pay is going into his retirement account (for tax purposes) and the rest of it is being taxed with at least half going to uncle sam. On top of that he likely has larger than normal bills to pay.

  9. Well if he wants to visit another planet, he can just spend some time talking to the Bears’ WR Marshall before their next game.

  10. It’s already been more or less addressed by other posters, but I believe it bears stating: He didn’t say he couldn’t afford a trip to space; he said it’s not in his budget, Darin.

    Very big distinction, and one that far too many NFL players fail to make.

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