More details on Josh Gordon’s Pro Day workout

Supplemental draft prospect Josh Gordon wrapped up an impressive individual Pro Day showing on Tuesday, running a forty time in the low-4.5s at 6-foot-3, 220 pounds and some change. It didn’t end without a little bit of a scare, though.

Tony Pauline of and TFY Draft Insider reported that Gordon pulled his quadricep muscle on his second forty-yard dash attempt. According to Rob Rang of CBS Sports, the injury was specifically to Gordon’s left thigh, so he only ended up running the forty once.

Gordon did finish the workout, though, confirming that the injury isn’t a concern. Citing a league source, Rang reported that Gordon exhibited some stiffness during post-forty route-running drills, but “caught the ball cleanly” throughout the workout and demonstrated the ability to secure passes over his shoulder.

Adam Caplan has a few more details. Gordon measured in with an incredibly large 82-inch wingspan, and ten-inch hands. As passed along before, he’s 6-foot-3 1/8-inch tall and 224 pounds. Particularly for an NFL wide receiver prospect, Gordon is a big boy.

Per Caplan, the Seattle Seahawks, Chicago Bears, Kansas City Chiefs, Indianapolis Colts, San Francisco 49ers, New England Patriots, Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints, and Washington Redskins were among the teams in attendance, in addition to the five clubs mentioned previously.

UPDATE: The Oakland Raiders were also there.

This Josh Gordon coverage is probably overkill, but baseball’s Pro Bowl can’t possibly be more interesting.

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  1. Baseballs “pro bowl” decides home team advantage for the world series. Little respect. That was probably the lowest you have allowed yourself to go. Just because the NFL pro bowl is a shameful shameful circus doesn’t mean you have to hate on other sports. I think you are jealous.

  2. Actually, it’s not more interesting than the MLB All-star game, there Florio….

    Baseballs’ All-star game actually is worth something (World Series Home-field advantage), unlike the useless NFL Pro Bowl.

    Don’t compare apples to oranges

    That being said, I’d take Football all day long over Baseball

  3. Hopefully the Browns pick this guy up with a 3rd round offer but if H&H are sold I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see them offer a 2nd.

    Cleveland would probably pickup a WR in next years draft anyways – why not get him now? If he would have played this year at the same level he did 2yrs ago he’d prob be a 1st round selection…

  4. That a meaningless exhibition baseball game played in July has a direct effect on baseball’s championship event played in late October / early November is one of the most ridiculous and contrived stipulations in all of professional sports (why should the , and it boggles my mind that people can use that provision of the contest as a positive in any sports-related argument.

    Or maybe someone can explain why having great players from bottom-feeding teams such as this year’s Twins or Rockies potentially deciding who should get home-field advantage in the World Series is a great idea.

    The hypothetical NFL corollary is Steven Jackson of the 2-14 Rams scoring a game-winning touchdown in the Pro Bowl to give the 9-7 Giants home-field advantage over the 13-3 Patriots. It just makes absolutely no sense whatsoever when one actually writes it out.

  5. I really hope the Bills take him. Buffalo has been known to develop talent better than almost or maybe anyone in the league over the last few years and this guy doesn’t even look like he needs much polishing.

  6. Baseball might be played for home field advantage but watching the players in the game it’s pretty evident that they don’t care about the actual game.

  7. I got the Patriots using a late 2nd on this guy. I don’t think he makes it to 3rd round… Wouldn’t mind seeing him teamed back up with RGIII but I don’t think if you are a good team at the back of the 2nd round, you let a free catch like Gordon go by.

  8. Baseball allstar game was a blast it was owned by the san fransico Giants….. was a great gm.Go SF Giants And Go SF 49ers and can’t 4get my Indiana Pacers..

  9. i know the 9ERS invested a first rounder & have upgraded the wideout position through free agency but, with the word being this guy is legit, then why not make a move to get him in the 3rd round, the 9ERS already have a extra3rd round pick this year & he may beat out ginn or kyle fumbled our superbowl away williams, & i hope moss is the real deal like the word around camp is but, you never know it still randy moss!!

  10. Hopefully the Browns pick this guy up with a 3rd round offer

    I got the Patriots using a late 2nd on this guy. I don’t think he makes it to 3rd

    The Dolphins will draft this guy in the 3rd rd.

    Not a chance in hell. Can I say hell on here? I hope I can, because I spent way too much valuable company time on this garbage to have it deleted by the censors.

    First off, consider that Stephen Hill, who is slightly taller and considerably faster than Gordon, and never an off-the-field concern, went in the late second round in April.

    That said, the real reason Hill didn’t go in the first and the reason Gordon won’t come off the board until the fifth or sixth round on Thursday is his 40 time. Though Gordon is a big fella and 4.52 isn’t a horrendous time, the precedent set in April doesn’t paint a pretty picture for Gordon’s draft stock. What GM’s made very clear in April’s draft is that straight line speed is now the name of the game in terms of wideout draft stock.

    April’s draft saw the 49ers take smallish speedster AJ Jenkins, a guy with a third round draft grade from most experts, in the first round, over Stephen Hill and Reuben Randle: players not quite as quick, but larger and considered better prospects. In the third and fourth round, we saw undersized speedsters DeVier Posey, TJ Graham, and Travis Benjamin, guys thought to be 7th round or undrafted talent, go above guys with 2nd and 3rd round grades like Juron Criner (5th), Tommy Streeter, and Marvin McNutt (6th).

    Maybe the NFL is changing, and I’m an idiot for thinking my mock draft addiction makes me a better judge of talent than an NFL GM, or maybe somebody actually did drug the War Room Kool-Aid, but either way, this trend doesn’t bode well for Josh Gordon’s draft status, and it shouldn’t shock anyone to see the Colts (or whoever has the highest pick in the supplemental draft, it’s confusing as hell) pick up Gordon for a seventh rounder Thursday.

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