No deal imminent between Ravens and Ray Rice


With the clock ticking toward next Monday’s deadline for franchised players to sign long-term deals, you can tell who has leverage, and who doesn’t.

Drew Brees knows he can squeeze the Saints, while Ray Rice apparently doesn’t have the same kind of juice.

According to Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times, “no deal is imminent,” for the Ravens running back.

If Rice doesn’t get a long-term deal by next Monday, he’ll play out the year under a $7.742 million franchise tag.

That’s not bad for the short-term, but it’s far from recent deals for Texans running back Arian Foster (five years, $43.5 million) and Eagles running back LeSean McCoy (five years, $45.615 million)

Rice has yet to sign his tender, and has worked out on his own away from the team.

“I miss it,” Rice said during cornerback Lardarius Webb’s charity softball game. “That’s one thing you miss is the camaraderie with the guys. As far as playing football, I know I’m always going to be up to speed.

“The best thing about my situation is that we have the same offensive coordinator. I miss the camaraderie. It’s sort of like the lockout last year. It’s sort of that feeling for me. I know those guys are working hard. I’m just happy to be out here with these guys having fun.”

Barring movement between now and Monday, he may just have a year’s worth of fun in Baltimore.

7 responses to “No deal imminent between Ravens and Ray Rice

  1. The value of RB’s seem to be decreasing as the passing game flourishes almost everywhere and low draft picks & free agents just jump into prominance. That being said Ray Rice has been a huge portion of their offense the last few years.

  2. I don’t get why people act surprised here. This is how the Ravens work, and if they deem you worthy of the franchise tag you will get a long term deal from the team.

    Look no further than C-Mac and Suggs (forgot if Ogden and Lewis were ever tagged, if they were add them to the two above) both played years under the tag and eventually got their long term deals. Ray Rice will get his, and it’ll be in line with what the market dictates, not what Rice and his agent dictate. Either way Rice will get his long term deal eventually.

  3. I think he’ll get the 7+ million for this year, they’ll slap the franchise tag on him next year and only have to pay him 9+million, and then cut him loose after that. Ray Rice for 2 years for only $16 million is a good deal, and chances are he won’t be worth much more after 2 years anyway. The Ravens will ride this donkey until it’s legs give out and then take it behind the barn and blow it away, and all for a great price.

  4. The Ravens fear that the league has figured out how to stop Rice. The secret is to key on him at the line of schrimage. Thus his production drop in the last half of last season, into the playoffs where he did not contribute like he should have. Seven million for someone who is going to be just average unless he can figure out a way to over come the way the league is defending him, that’s a nice payday and he should be grateful.

  5. Keep on hating, haters. Rice will be a raven and yes he’ll still carve up your defenses

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