Packers releasing financial data on Tuesday

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The Packers’ use of fake stock comes with a very real price.  Every year, they must give the world a look into the finances of a professional football team.

The books open on Tuesday for the Packers, with their annual report being released on Tuesday afternoon.

The numbers should be up for the fiscal year spanning 2011 through 2012, given that the Packers won the Super Bowl to begin last year and then went 15-1 during the ensuing regular season, the top record in the league.

Along the way, they raised $67 million by selling pieces of paper at $250 each that the team was required by law to explain “does not constitute an investment in ‘stock’ in the common sense of the term,” and that “anyone considering the purchase of Packers stock should not purchase the stock to make a profit or to receive a dividend or tax deduction or any other economic benefits.”

So, yeah, it was a good year.  Absent some reverse-Enron-style book-cooking, the numbers should reflect that.

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  1. It’s a not-for-profit corporation. No one bought the stock for financial reasons. Just like no one ‘invests” in their kids’ education expecting financial return.

  2. At some point the originator of this website will pull in his bitterness about the Packers corporate status and realize it is a good thing. Largely what he is saying is anyone who thinks enough of a team in Green Bay, Wisconsin(population just over 100,000) to give their hard-earned money to see it succeed is, well, nuts.(and likely stupid.)

    Fact is the team has been around since the 1920’s in this manner. Fans have known what they were getting for their stock since then. They get a professional football team to enjoy in a place where all the Fat Cats wouldn’t even think to go.

    If that bothers the originator of this website, well, so sad, too bad.

  3. My “fake stock” just gave me a right to vote for the board of directors. I just got my proxy in the mail along with my invitation to the annual meeting.

    If I don’t like management, I can vote them out. How many other NFL fans can say that?

  4. Rather than have a king/owner, we Packer fans “pass the hat” to contribute and support the team. The “stock certificate” is really a “receipt”, we know that, and we are proud to have home ownership.

    To parapharse Boromir in LOR, “Green Bay has no king, Green Bay needs no king”.

  5. We have three teams in Wisconsin. About fifteen years ago, we were worried about losing our baseball team. A new stadium solidified them for now, but in another 15-20 years, we’ll have to worry about them again. Our NBA team is trying to build a new arena to rain financially competitive. Without it, they could be gone.

    Our football team has had two losing seasons in the past 20 years. They’ve won 2 Super Bowls, 3 conference championships, 8 Division titles, and had 14 playoff appearances. They are completing their second stadium renovation in the last 10 years which will bring their stadium capacity to 80,000 and they’re one of the few teams who can fill that. None of this would be possible if the fans didn’t vote for a sales tax to support the team, and if they didn’t part with $250 for a piece of paper that allowed them to refer to themselves (mostly tongue-in-cheek) as owners. Ridicule all you want, you won’t hear any L.A. Packers jokes like the Vikings had to put up with, or that the Jags, Bills, Chargers, or Rams fans will have to going forward.

  6. Seriously already.

    Get over it.

    You’ve got a hardon for the Packers, the fans that support them, and the “non-stock” stock they sold to fund their stadium. We get it. It isn’t like you’ve missed an opportunity to gripe about it.

    But why not ask the more important questions: If this is such a fraud, such a waste, so blatant an pffense to your sensibilities, why do they keep doing it, why are the so successful at it, and why aren’t any other teams allowed to do the same thing?

    As you have pointed out many, many times, the Packers are printing money for themselves. Why aren’t any other franchises allowed to do the same?

  7. I love how you always try to hate on the stock. It’s not financial stock, it’s stock in the team. I do not want any money back from it. I do get to vote on the board members and go to the annual shareholders meeting. If you bought this stock to make a profit, you’re an idiot. If you bought it because you love and support your team… Congrats, that’s what it was made for.

  8. And yes packers fans have a zany devotion to the team. That’s why a pre season game at lambeau is like a playoff game in most other stadiums. Tip o the hat to steelers, raiders, seahawks, chiefs and jets fans for being badass too.

  9. To those that still don’t get it……The Packer stock is a souvenir and no different than purchasing NFL-themed vanity plates for your car. How much of a return-on-investment are you hoping to get from those?

  10. In the words of Kevin Greene: “It is time”. Time for you to let it go and move on. As much as you try, every chance you get, the masses are not rising up and joining you in leading a revolt against Packer “stock” sales. Why not take all the energy you’re wasting on this cause and find something a little more pressing and worthy of your time and effort. You will have a much more peaceful life.

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