Pierre Thomas has high hopes for Saints’ backfield

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New Orleans running back Pierre Thomas knows the Saints are a passing team first and a running team second, but he’d like to point out that the Saints can say something few other NFL teams can: They go four deep at running back.

Thomas talked to the Saints’ website about the fact that the four running backs in New Orleans combined for 2,013 rushing yards in 2011, with Thomas gaining 562, Darren Sproles gaining 603, Mark Ingram gaining 474 and Chris Ivory gaining 374. And while Thomas knows the reality of the Saints’ offense means no individual player in New Orleans is going to lead the league in rushing, he believes the Saints can have the best backfield in football.

“I am very excited to get things going and get back at it with these guys,” said Thomas. “I have always felt good about this group of running backs. I feel we have something special. Each one of us brings a unique skillset. We are trying to be the best backfield in the league. I see the excitement in these guys’ eyes. They are fired up.”

Other teams have 1,000-yard rushers, but no other team has a group of running backs with the combination of skills that Thomas, Sproles, Ingram and Ivory bring. Thomas can make a case that he’s a part of the best backfield in the NFL.

13 responses to “Pierre Thomas has high hopes for Saints’ backfield

  1. Alrite! some good news outa new orleans! The Saints are gonna host and win the SB this year boys…….! Bounty Smounty! The Saints defenders under new DC SpaggNOLA will hit even harder than last year….ha ha…Geaux Saints!

  2. It’s funny how nobody really talks about this… Not a Saints fan at all, but there is probably not a deeper/more talented RB group in the league.

  3. I actually do like all their RB’s and I think this year, SF 49ers will give them a run for their money. Gore, Hunter, Jacobs and LaMichael James.

  4. 6th ranked rush offense in 2009, 6th again in 2011. People who spout off about the Saints being nothing without Brees are ignorant, this is a multifaceted offense.

  5. It is good to hear him up and about and in good spirits, however….when your team touts a “deep backfield” what they’re really saying is ” we wish we had a healthy Adrian Peterson!” :-p

  6. It is a fact that N.O. has lots of talent and be a threat to any team. But YES, I am so worried that they have not signed Brees yet. Brees is a great QB and he helps hold the team together making it so strong. Even him playing under the tag for a year will not be the same if he knows he never sercured that long term contract he wants.

    Just can’t figure out whats the hold up with this being the last week to make that decesion. Even with all the talent, backfield, receivers, etc. you still need a QB to make it all gel together.

  7. @mdd

    you don’t thnk Brees’ presence makes the lives of these RBs a little bit easier? if defenses weren’t scared to defend the run because Brees would torch them, i don’t know that the run game would be nearly as successful.

    Even the Colts could run a little bit when they had Peyton because defense went all out to stop the pass. once that threat (Peyton) was gone, the rushing stats declined along w/ everything else.

  8. @mdd

    you don’t thnk Brees’ presence makes the lives of these RBs a little bit easier?


    The Saints lined up in plenty of situations where the opposing defense knew they were going to run last year and they still couldn’t stop them. Keep in mind this team was usually sitting on big leads by the second quarter. They’ve also had one of the best offensive lines in the NFL 5+ years running.

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