QB coach: Josh Freeman has “burning desire” to improve


For the Buccaneers to make strides in 2012, it’s going to take more than new coach Greg Schiano’s discipline.

Mostly, they need Josh Freeman to go back to being the Josh Freeman of 2010.

Freeman regressed badly last year during the Bucs slide, but his new coaches say they can tell Freeman is determined to fix it.

He has a burning desire to be good and to be great,” new Bucs quarterbacks coach Ron Turner said, via Mark Cook of PewterReport.com.  “And he doesn’t just talk about it. He comes in and does it. He has accepted the coaching that we have given him – the technique, the scheme, the fundamentals – all of things we are working on he has accepted and embraced them, and he is working extremely hard to improve.”

Turner and Schiano have been drilling fundamentals since they arrived, though that’s not solely because of Freeman.

“We have and not just because of Josh, but that’s because that’s what we believe in,” Turner said.  “I believe, and coach Schiano believes, and we believe as a staff, that you win with your techniques and fundamentals. First time I met him [Freeman], we started talking about his techniques his fundamentals and what I believe.

“He has embraced it. If you work hard to master the fundamentals now then you don’t have to worry about them come game day. They become second nature and improves you accuracy and improves your play.”

With the expected bounce from a new staff, signing wide receiver Vincent Jackson and drafting running back Doug Martin to go with LeGarrette Blount, the pieces are in place for Freeman to take a huge step. The fact he himself seems intent on doing so may be even more significant.

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  1. If VJ has a similar desire and Williams is done sulking, lets go. getting rid of Winslow, was a great move

  2. Don’t forget signing one of the best O-linemen in the NFL to help him out, giving him probably the best guard tandem in the league in front of him, with Nicks and Joseph.

  3. I’m not a Bucs fan, but this is the kind of attitude you want in your QB. He was badly coached and the whole atmosphere sounded negative, which was reflected in their record. A fresh start will do him and the Bucs good.

  4. The guy better because his TD-INT ratio and win-loss record should make him more frowned upon than Mark Sanchez!!!

    The only reason why Mark Sanchez looks like someone that people want run out of town is because of the NY Daily News quotes from the teammates that don’t like him as their quarterback.

    I like Manish Mehta and as an Indian guy I am proud that he represents our nationality well as a sports journalist, but his story was arguably the start of Sanchez’s potential downfall in New York.

    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are truly the most seldom in media criticisms among all NFL teams.

    Just because it’s not “interesting” or “gossip worthy” team anymore it doesn’t mean that the team deserves to be unscathed of scrutiny.

    This is true. You deserve scrutiny when Greg Schiano as a college coach coming into the pros is arguably the least accomplished one. You also deserve it when your quarterback performs as poorly as he did and when Aqib Talib deserves criticism for the way he’s conducted himself in the public eye.

  5. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Freeman was one of the only players on that team last year who was actually trying at the end of the season. The offensive line was asleep, the WRs were jogging through routes, and there wasn’t a back anywhere near the field who could pick up a blitz. That team was completely listless, uninterested, and lazy at the end of the year, except Freeman kept actually trying to do something. Yeah, lots of picks, but loads of those were forced balls with the team down 20 with him actually trying to do ANYTHING to catch up.

    The kid’s always been a hard worker, and he just “feels” like a leader, for whatever that’s worth. As a Bucs fan, I’m still pretty optimistic about him as QB of the future, largely because the infusion of talent on offense this year should mean he actually has (A) people to throw to and (B) time to throw. VJ, Nicks, and Doug Martin should be huge this year.

    Freeman spent the offseason prior to his second year (the excellent 2010 season) hanging out at the Bucs facility, working out and watching film. He’s always been dedicated; looking forward to seeing what that leads to this year.

  6. I believe they call that “burning desire” herpes, and I don’t doubt it seeing as he went to Kansas State.

  7. Guys like him want to be able to run when in trouble and pass when not. The problem with that is, you never get great at either. The passing game suffers as wide outs get tired of seeing the QB run when they are wide open and defensement get tired of pass blocking only to see the QB try to go around end and get tackled.
    I’ll give Cam his due for being able to both well last year, but defenses learn quickly and he will not be as effective this year.
    I’d like to see him concentrate on the passing and let the running backs do the running.

  8. @rajbias

    Please dont even begin to compare sanchez to freeman. If the jets had freeman under center, you would of been to 2 superbowls by now. Finally the Bucs have some coaching and veteran pieces on the team…now watch freeman do work!!!

  9. @scubasteve4930

    Yes, a real college coach.

    22 INT vs. 16 TD is unacceptable no matter where you play!!!

    Are turnovers an underrated offensive art???

    Apparently, it’s only when Brett Favre, Daunte Culpepper, and Josh Freeman do so.

  10. Freeman is going to play great this season baring injury.

    I look at it this way, Freeman has pretty much carried team(s) on his back and done well for himself. He pretty much proved it in his first full year in the NFL that he can indeed sling the pigskin. What exactly do we think he can do with a good/average staff? Far better imo.

    Now, having some major help (pro-bowl level guard Nicks and the phenom VJ), combined with a no-nonsense headcoach/staff, I honestly don’t believe Tampa fans will see the same play as last season.

    A superbowl may be too much to ask for right away, but the team IS on the right track, and should have the ability to produce a 10+ win season with all the new weapons at their disposal.

    I blame last seasons failures on Olson’s lack of gameplaning, and Rah’s inability to process-gametime decisions. The “babying” of players was also an issue.

    ALL of these issues are fixed to some extent with the hiring of Schiano and his staff.

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