Robert Griffin III feels Redskins’ fans hunger for success


Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III knows he was drafted by a team with a rabid fan base, and he knows that fan base is sick and tired of all the losing. And he says he likes that.

Griffin said on ESPN Radio this morning that he embraces the enthusiasm he feels from Redskins fans and doesn’t feel pressure just because the fans in Washington are counting on him to be the franchise savior.

“It’s not my job to look at it as pressure,” Griffin said. “Who am I to tell them not to be excited? There’s definitely not going to be a lack of excitement for the team. It’s just up to us, as a team, to go out and be a team and provide everybody something to cheer for.”

Griffin said the experience of turning a traditionally weak football program into a winner during his college career at Baylor showed him how much that can mean to the team’s fans.

“The city and the surrounding area are definitely hungry for success,” Griffin said. “That’s something that I’m used to, going to Baylor University, and being in Waco and helping that community — not only myself but a lot of guys I played with — that shows you what happens when a community is hungry for success and you’re willing to go out and do what it takes to give them that success.”

If Griffin brings as much success as the Redskins are expecting, he’ll be the most popular man in the nation’s capital.

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  1. Homerun plays come naturally for a kid with the athletic prowess such as RG3…so I believe his focus should be almost entirely upon leading a methodical, efficient offense. Vick is the same way, but sometimes it seems as if he looks to take the whole field on 1 play. With guys like Santana Moss…and Desean Jackson for that matter…both of these QBs would benefit by simply getting the ball quickly to these YAC-attackers and marvel at how these gifted players can take a simple 5-yard pattern all the way to paydirt. A good QB plays to the strengths of his weapons.

  2. MDS is wrong about one thing, he already is the most popular man in the Nation’s Capital.

  3. I have a feeling RG3 is going to bust like any other QB they send to the skins.

    …Afterall, the team that was “smart” enough to hire Raheem Morris as DB coach, should be smart enough to win the Superbowl.
    (Laughing sarcasm off)

    All this hype of RG is nice, but it IS a team sport. If they think their secondary got burnt before, just wait.

  4. Haters will be sure he will be a bust. I happen to think he is the real deal and will be part of the Renaissance (that’s a big word that means revival for you Eagle fans) of this great franchise. I think there is very little chance that he will be a bust. There are some other pieces in place that haters are not yet aware of because they do not follow the team on a daily basis. I cannot wait for the season to start. Hail to the Redskins.

  5. RG3 will light up the score boards. Skins O is young and has great speed. Redskins have great times ahead!

  6. That last paragraph could be implying that he thinks Obama isn’t successful because it says “if he is successful, he’ll be the most popular man in the nation’s capital,” or something close to that.

    I’m not trying to start a political debate or anything. I’m just saying the last paragraph could be taken that way.

  7. He’s Sammy Baugh 2.0. Remember that as a rookie Sammy brought the skins to a title. Maybe we won’t get a title this year, but at least we can look forward to having a positive record for once.

    Oh, the nostalgia. On another note, I stop to wonder what Joe Gibbs would’ve done differently than Shanahan these days.

  8. I don’t know why he would feel any pressure. They only traded three first round picks and one second round for him. I hope he does well but not until his third season.

  9. RGIII, that’s because those fans have been waiting for you since 1985–when the shotgun blast of Theismann’s leg-break echoed throughout the stadium.

  10. Said it a long time ago brother…if you don’t like RGIII, something is horribly wrong with you. He’s a legend and will succeed.

  11. I don’t think it will come right away, but within 3-4 years, this kid will have success on and off the field the likes we haven’t seen since Namath.

  12. Maybe its cuz I just watched Dark Knight last night with my wife, but the whole time I was reading this article I kept thinking about that one line from the movie:
    “Rg3 is the hero Washington needs right now, but not the one they deserve.”

    Personally I got nothing for or aginst the Redskins, and I hope Griffin does well, I just wanted to let Philly, Dallas, and NYG fans know that they missed a crucial opportunity to drop that line on Redskins nation.

    Moreover, Like I said, I hope he does well, but if I was from DC, I couldn’t help but be a little worried about the hype that’s starting to build around Griff. the way the media’s talking about him, I can’t help but feel if I’m a skins fan, I’m going to be disappointed if his first NFL pass isn’t a 70 yard Hail Mary to himself.

  13. The worst thing that’s happened to the Redskins, their fans and RGIII is Cam Newton. They will expect him to have a similar season and have forgotten that P. Manning & Aikman basically sucked their rookie seasons. The fact that Shanny has declared him the starter already just puts tremendous pressure on this kid. I hope they have patience if he throws 28 picks (Manning’s total) his first season.

  14. As much as they HOPE he’s a success, Skins fans should be cautious, If Dallas, or anyone else in the east would’ve drafted him, theyd be cosigining everything the doubters are saying.

    skins fans: die hard, prematurely optimistic

    Skins fans: let hope cloud their opinions of the NFL

  15. donterrelli says: Jul 10, 2012 2:31 PM

    Easy for him to say now, but if he fails the fans will call for heads to roll.

    Obviously donterrelli has never been to the DMV. Everyone always rags on Redskins fans for being so overwhelmingly optimistic every year, but part of that (endearingly) obnoxious optimism is an overwhelming “stick with it” attitude.

    Washington fans almost never call for heads to roll. Even after 3 miserable years of Jason Campbell under center Washingtonians still largely had a “Wait for it…”, “Next year is our year…” mentality. Prior to that, Redskins nation called for an ancient Mark Brunell to step aside so a young Campbell could get a shot, but no one ever hated the guy.

    Similarly, in 2009, It took a 5-15 run over Jim Zorn’s last two seasons as an NFL head coach before DMV residents really started calling for his head.

    Griffin should be very good, but even if he isn’t, he is going to be The Guy in Washington and the Next Great Hope for Redskins fans for at least the next three years.

  16. Jahbird, I hate to disagree with you, but I think the Nationals’ Bryce Harper is the most popular guy in DC right now. And he should be! What a playah!

  17. I’m sure the Redskin fans are hungering for success.

    But so are the fans of the other 29 teams that didn’t go to the Superbowl last year.

  18. Alright Giants, Eagles and Cowboys fans.

    You have two months. Two months to get in your “Deadskins”, “IRG3”, “FAIL”, “RGLeaf” or anything “Snyder” jokes that you have.

    Go ahead. Do it until you’re blue in the face.

    Because come regular season all of that garbage is over.

    There’s a new king in the NFC East. Get used to it.

  19. Did someone say “The Superdome?” Is the coach going to even be ALLOWED inside the Superdome? I don’t know. Drew Brees is pretty good, but major players will not be on the field because they were advocates of the bounty program.

    All I gotta say to the Sorry Saints fans: Paper or Plastic, because RG3 will be taking out the trash at the Superdome.

  20. Just remember the last guy that promised hope and change in the nations capitol.

    First round pick who likes to talk yeah I can hear the DC all over the NFL getting the players ready to welcome RG3 to the NFL.
    For the sake of the Skins I hope he can run and grows up fast.

  21. As a realistic/die hard Skins fan…Lets be smart and just ask for improvement at the QB position…So tired of people hyping this man up

  22. @tmkelly1

    Bryce is awesome, popular, and is all over local media.

    I’m pleased with the Nats success, and hope they continue to become more popular, but DC is and always will be a Football-first town.

    As soon as these guys report to camp, it is all RG3 all the time in the local media. The Skins have been awful for two decades, they’re still driving local media (which is in turn driven by the desires of the fans). Imagine if they start winning…no contest.

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