Saints still waiting for Brees to respond to June 1 offer

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In May, Saints quarterback Drew Brees complained that the team wasn’t demonstrating a sufficient sense of urgency in contract talks.  Now, the shoe is on the other foot.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Brees’ camp still hasn’t responded to the last offer the team made, way back on June 1.

It’s widely believed that offer would pay Brees more than $19.2 million per year, making him the highest-paid player in NFL history.  (We’d hate to see how much the Saints would have offered if they weren’t sticking it to Brees for his involvement in last year’s CBA talks.)

Meanwhile, Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that Brees won’t report for training camp without a long-term deal in place by the July 16 deadline, which applies to players who have been hit with the franchise tag.  (The same source who said that Brees hasn’t responded to the June 1 offer also said that the Saints didn’t know about Brees’ intention to hold out of training camp until it was reported by ESPN.)

Mike Triplett of the New Orleans Three-Times-Per-Week-Picayune joined PFT Live earlier today to talk about the Brees situation and other Saints-related topics.  These new developments could diminish the optimism that a new deal will get done at some point in the next six days.

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28 responses to “Saints still waiting for Brees to respond to June 1 offer

  1. Guy broke Marino’s record, helped rebuild the Saints and the community when they really needed it. Give the guy a deal, the organization is going to anyway. why prolong it.

  2. Wait, wait, wait.

    Bress has been offered a deal that would pay him more than Brady, Rodgers and Manning?…………..

    …..and he hasn’t taken it????

    Mrplow3 needs an explantion.

  3. Shouldn’t he get a $23M average in the first three years of the deal. I pretty sure that is what the Colts gave Manning just last year.

  4. If it weren’t for his football savy, Brees would be another corporate moneygrabbing jerk we all hear about. Just another suit and tie guy that happens to lie a lot.

    It’s sad the guy is more worried about his money than the teams immediate problems at hand. They’re in one hell of a bind. Players suspended, coaches as well, draft was taken from them, replacing lost FA’s (Nicks). The LAST thing they need is a QB holdout.

    You would think he would have more love/loyalty for the Saints org, fans, and teamates.

    In the longrun, is a few million difference that much of a big deal? Richie-Rich, will still be rich either way.

  5. Right now Brees (under the franchise tag) counts for over $16 million against the salary cap… the Saints are about $2 million under the cap with at least 1 other player still to be signed… It’s not as simple as just giving Brees whatever he wants.

  6. Max compensation per player in the NFL should not exceed 5 million a year. Period. Now look at
    the many players that demand to be a 10 million plus a year. Greedy. Everyone will come back and say, market sets the price. BS. Its just greed.

  7. After he signs for whatever he signs for, all of us will forget it and we’ll start playing football. The only ones with issues with the contract will be Manning, Brady and Rodgers, who will call their agents and say “WTF?” 🙂

  8. This guy is losing respect fast. The Saints have offered him a deal that would make him the highest paid player in the history of the NFL and that is somehow not good enough for him.

    I get the guaranteed money thing but should a team be expected to pay a player that can’t play for some reason? Look at the Colts/Manning drama. They paid him $23M to do absolutely nothing last year and there were many who somehow thought they owed him an additional $18M just to see if he could even play. That is absurd. Players are paid to contribute on the field, not to simply belong to the team.

    Brees has done a ton for the Saints and the community as well, but that street runs both ways. He has been paid quite well during his time in New Orleans. Most of us could live very comfortably for the rest of our lives for what this guy will get in the first year of the offered deal. I think he is beyond selfish to hold out for more money. What was offered already makes it difficult to build a quality team that can compete for championships. (see: Manning, P.) By asking for more, Brees is forsaking the team, the rest of the players and the community.

  9. He used to be one of my favorite guys in the entire league. Clearly, I knew nothing about the real guy. Between the bounty denials and now the outright greed, I’ve reached my limit. Drew, can you explain to me how you wore out so much good will in such a short span of time?

  10. “Those who fail to learn from their mistakes, are destined to repeat them” or something like that. Bree’s has never forgotten the infamous 2005 season when, playing out the season under a franchise contract with the San Diego Chargers, he suffered a potential career-ending injury to his labrum after being tackled while on the ground by a Bronco player. That pretty much drives his quest for life-long security for himself and his family as he nears the end of his career.

  11. Brees will sign at the last minute. Since Payton cannot have contact with anyone in the organization, perhaps Brees and Payton are figuring out how to go about the season…you know, since brees is not under contract.

  12. mrplow3 says: Jul 10, 2012 4:40 PM

    Wait, wait, wait.

    Bress has been offered a deal that would pay him more than Brady, Rodgers and Manning?…………..

    …..and he hasn’t taken it????

    Mrplow3 needs an explantion.
    I have posted about how the “Drew Brees needs an explanation” joke is tired and overplayed, but this sir, is freaking awesome. Literally made me lol.

    I almost ALWAYS side with ownership during holdouts/player greed, etc. However, try putting yourself in Brees’ shoes. Typically, (good) QBs have long careers during which they get to sign multiple extensions/lucrative contracts while demanding “fair” market value. In Brees’ case, he’s never had the option of being healthy AND in a spot for a BIG contract. I understand he’s made a lot of money under his current contract, but when he signed it he was coming off of a major shoulder injury at the tail end of a year in which he was franchised.
    I get all of the people talking about how insane that amount of $ is, and I agree. But if I’m one of the best at the most important position of the most popular/(probably)profitable sport in America, I would expect to be compensated as such. 99.9% of the people reading this story and these comments would as well.

  13. People posting that Brees is greedy need to wake up. The owner of the team is a BILLIONAIRE. The team is trying to low-ball (that’s right I believe anything less than $19 million a year is lowballing) a guy who brought their first and only Super Bowl. The same people who think that Rodger Goodell has been fair to the players. Unbelievable. Has it occurred to any of you that Brees is worth MORE than the $19 million a year because he PUTS BUTTS IN SEATS, because he TAKES THE TEAM TO THE PLAY-OFFS over and over? Any idea how much money the NFL makes off his jersey, the TV rights to the games he plays in?

    Take a business class some time people. Brees is a STEAL.

  14. Maximum profit for an NFL owner should not exceed $25 million per season. Period. Maximum profit for the NFL should not exceed $75 million. Period. Lawyers should not be allowed to earn more than $100,000 per year. Period. Doctors, $200,000. Period.

    Do you see just how ridiculous that kind of anti-American sentiment can get?

  15. This whole episode, and every other one like it, is absolutely absurd. Let’s get some perspective, shall we? $20 million, huh? OK, if you make $200,000 per year…which most of us would agree is a very nice living…you need to work 100 years in order to make $20 million!! 100 years!! So, here’s what I want in my perfect world…my direction to Mr. Brees and his peers…play your little game, cash your checks, and shut the f*&k up. How can the average sports fan, who probably makes something like $50k per year, possibly care about a guy complaining about being offered over $19 million?!! Perspective!!

  16. Used to have a lot of respect for Drew. Great competitor, great player. But when he says he’s waiting for the Saints to make him a serious offer that’s just a f*ckin joke. Being the highest paid player in NFL history isn’t good enough?! Hey Drew I’ll support you if a 1/3 of the contract is goin to finish the parts of New Orleans that STILL haven’t been rebuilt. But we all know it’s not so eat sh!t. Oh Peyton got this so give me more. And that’s why the average person can’t afford to take their family to a game. Cuz the next guy to get paid: Drew got this, which means I get more. Where does it end? Shut your mouth, sign your $100m plus contract (poor guy) & play football.

  17. Interesting to me that when Peyton Manning was in contract talks he was commonly referred to as a greedy swamp boy? Refer to Brees in that form and the post gets lost. Things that make you say hmmmmm

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